BlackBerry Storm 9500 Blackberry Smartphones - USB charge the question and problem of missed calls log

Dear all,

first of all Hello to everyone and that being said, I * fact * search both Google in general as well as this forum, in particular, prompt even to Vodafone was not any help, here I am, stuck with 2 problems with my BB Storm 9500 (.141 firmware, user of BES, Vodafone Germany) and it drives me crazy. Maybe someone here can help me.

1. is it possible to load the storm via a USB cable connected to a computer * without * be disconnected from the network?

Forcing me carry the charger around like a heavy phone (while previous models of BB) user authorized to charge by computer/USB without being offline.

2. What can I do to see the missed calls in my call log?

For the moment, I don't have the option to log in the missed calls message window, but to see them I have to unlock the storm via password I try * very * inconvenient (btw, the option to view missed calls directly in the call log was yet another function available with earlier models of BB).

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!




Hi all

It turns out that everything reported were caused by a screwed up political IT... that being resolved, everything works like a charm...

THX once again all for your support and advice.



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    Thank you.

    You should be able to charge two devices using the charger, the charger in the car or the USB cable.

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    1. Options > device > application, scroll to BlackBerry AppWorld and delete it.
    2. Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart.
    3. Now, using your BlackBerry browser, go to the and redownload the AppWorld. It will update your BlackBerryID as well.
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    2 live radio it works?

    3. How can I disable a missed call messages?

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    Hey goddess72, welcome to the forums!

    Here's an attempt at some answers for you:

    1. do not know... I have not really tried to watch TV on my phone.  I hope someone else can answer that for you.

    2 live radio... What you mean?  Are you referring to a specific application?  I know that there is a program called Slacker Radio which is available in the United States who are supposed to be great (as I am across the border to the North, I don't get to use it ).

    3. press the green phone button.  Upward at the top, click the call button (the one in the middle), press the BB menu button, scroll down to Options, and then under call to the log, select None.  You will always get messages that you have missed a call (as with other phones), but you will not get a message you record Messages more.

    4. to change your icon screen before (homescreen) order, select the icon you want to move up, press the BB Menu, select move, then just place it where you want and click on the screen, or press Menu of BB to confirm the move.

    I hope that helps answer some of your questions!  Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions!

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    they are on the device or sd card?

    If they are on the sd card, try to remove the sd card and reinsert and your phone reeboot.

    If it dosent always works, try to connect to the card on the computer using a card reader and see if you can access the data, otherwise the data is probably corrupted and you need to format the data and restore from a backup, if you have a.

  • BlackBerry smartphones HELP! The device memory that is missing!

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    If I take a picture with the camera and tap Rename, a box will appear with the full path in the memory of the device, which is supposed to be "device memory/home/user/images". I can't access that more. I also can't access "Device memory/samples" that contains the ringtones and images.

    Wipe it and reload the operating system, but you will lose all the images on the device memory making (which SHOULD in the future be saved on press card!).

    I guess however that you renamed the "device memory/home/user / ' directory, you can go back and do it again, I don't really know. I never met anyone who does. It's looks like it's like deleting a directory, that's what you were doing.

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    Whenever I'm on a phone call I accidentally press some buttons (silence, speaker, numbers...).

    This one on time that I did something really weird as put keep the person I was talking to and asking at the same time. While he was on hold but to talk too.

    I read somewhere it was because of the LED and detectors, but I really need to make this decision because it's boring realling and me to spend too much money.

    How can I block the screen when I'm on call? But still access to the phone when I need to? (Like checking a certain number or more)

    Thank you.

    You can get a lock screen app for calls, which detects the phone call in action and lock screen automatically.

    Check the AppWorld or for a search.

  • BlackBerry smartphones HELP! trying to transfer contacts, sms texts, call logs, etc.

    I recently got a new 8120 pearl from T-Mobile to replace my 8100 Pearl of AT & T.

    I was running desktop manager 4.6 but upgraded to 5.0 for the switch.

    My old Pearl (8100) ran v4.5.0.110 and the new Pearl (8120) was running v.

    I thought (oh how naïve) that I could just switch devices easily and elegantly with Desktop Manager, but my new camera has yet to be recognized by my computer.

    I went to swap devices in DM 5.0 and it all downloaded and stored on my drive.

    .. .but then he couldn't find my new Pearl.

    I went back in time (!) and DM 5.0 removed from my system and installed the DM that came with my new Pearl (4.3), hoping that it needed just an earlier version of the software to make it happen.

    No luck.

    Then I came across a thread that said I had to install new drivers USB (version 4.6) to make my PC will not recognize my phone.  I installed the drivers and they uninstalled my DM 5.0

    So I re-installed the DM (5.0) and tried again.  No luck.

    Now, my girlfriend is shouting at me saying: I was on the computer all day (on our day off) messing around with this stupid phone.

    Please, for the love of God, help me.

    I am running Windows XP.

    Thank you


    Just to put the closure of this thread... I finally solved the problem, but in reality a harder time of it because of the thread you told me to follow.  The issue ended up being my usb drivers are not correct for the new device.  I did what the thread asked me to do this, install the drivers that came with the RIM software and these drivers my system crashed and I ended up having to do a full system restore.  I went to the Microsoft Windows Update Catalog and found the right drivers, installed, and then installed the Desktop Manager and everything is hunky-dory.

    Thanks for your help.


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    -Launch Xcode → click on create a new project in Xcode → select Application under tvOS → Application unique view, and then click Next. Fact

    - In the product name field, enter a unique name such as KodiAppleTVforYourNameHere (done, but I have a problem I can not find the answer to...), and then click Next → create

    The 'organization' identifier is empty and I do not know what to enter and the tutorial says nothing...

    - In the drop-down box team, select your personal team and click the question difficulty to solve problems of commissioning. You will ensure that you are connected to Xcode with a free Apple Developer account. You can learn how to do it using this tutorial.

    I get a "no provisioning profiles found.

    When you click on "solving the problem", I get a pop up saying "no device - create a profile doesn't require" fitted with a registered in space subscribers.

    Then I went to the Member Center and can not find the place where to save a device... nor can I find detailed (for a novice like me) instructions on how to do it.  I tried to follow these instructions, but had problems as shown below.

    1. go to

    2. go in the "Member Center". (This is not an option that I see...)

    3. go in "Certificates, identifiers & profiles." (Went straight to this...)

    4 Select "Devices" on the left navigation. (nowhere to be found... and am stuck here...)

    .... 5. click on the sign "+" to add a device.

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    Have you ever this resolved? I'm having the same problem.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Re: Charging the battery

    Should my Bb7130g be completely drained before recharging? Or I can even when partially exhausted recharge? Thank you.

    The battery that come with 7130 is Li - lon. You can charge battery Li - lon to any time you want.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook: Hide the Horoscopes and games

    On my PC, if I delete a Horoscope or Farmville (or any other stupid game that my friends play) my feed - I have the option of never seeing this app again.  On my Blackberry, when I connect to Facebook, I'm getting bombarded stupid game feeds and Horoscope apps from activities of others.

    Is there a way to BLOCK the unwanted App info to appear on my Facebook for Blackberry App and just see real Newsfeeds and updates?

    Thanks in advance!

    Yes, you need to go to the facebook page of the application.
    somewhere in the lower left corner, you'll have a link "block this application".

    blocking is stronger than hide.

  • BlackBerry smartphones, I forgot the question

    Been so long just using my 8530 I forgot this stupid simple part. I bought a new curve of 9310, has 3-7 OS on it. Can I activate first of all that the update of OS or update 7.1 OS first activate it?

    Thank you.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    You must first activate... many levels OS later need for subscription of BIS data adequate to receive the update.

    Good luck!

  • Schedule of blackBerry Smartphones, day of the week and no weekends

    I need to make a call every day at the same time, Monday to Friday. How can I configure the calendar for Monday by induction Friday and not the weekend?

    Thank you

    Go to your calendar, select the day you want to start everything for example today, Agu.4 Monday 2008. Select your time as a normal date, set your details as usual, now under Select weekly recurrence, you will see a planner 7 days pop up. S M T W T F S.  "BOLD" of the Agenda 7 letters are selected days. Choose the days you want to be, below that you will see the END of installation: choose never, this will make continue nonestop unless do you stop by going in your calendar and removing.

    Hope this helps

  • Asian characters of blackBerry Smartphones suppression of the East and the font support.

    It will give me more space App or just more regular internal memory?

    Removal of additional languages, you don't need is a good idea and should increase your memory App space.

    Banish him.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones ONLY transfer Contacts between Blackberry's without all the data and settings again BB

    Anyone know if there is a way ONLY to transfer all my contacts from one Blackberry to another Blackberry without transferring all the data and settings to the other Blackberry with the device switch Wizard?

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    If you have a full backup of the old Blackberry, use this .ipd file to restore only the contacts on the new device.

    If your contacts are up to date in Outlook do a one-way Outlook for contacts device synchronization.

    Thank you


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