Bluetooth speaker for iPhone

I make phone calls on my iMac via FaceTime, I like to use the speaker.  Problem is that if I need to get data from the keyboard of the iPhone, for example, a menu option. This of course disconnects me Mac, losing my speaker.

(Unless someone has a suggestion on how to work around this problem), I decided I have external Bluetooth speaker (s) to pair with my phone.  Can we do a quote from r for inexpensive good quality bluetooth speakers use this way?

Thank you

Me too!  I click on a phone number on a Web page and facetime makes the call, but there is no way to display the keyboard to navigate in a menu system.

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    Hi cyberxxxaos,

    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    Looks like Personal Hotspot is periodically disconnect when used between your iPhone and iPad Air. As he worked with before reliability, we'll see if some troubleshooting makes a difference.

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    You want to hear the voice of the TV and speakers at the same time! I think that it is not possible.

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    You do not have. This isn't a feature of iOS. It has never been.

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    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you could not use Bluetooth speakers and I'll be happy to answer your query. Let me ask you;

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    According to the guides use the Bluetooth of Hitachi speakers, you must install app speaker Hitachi Wi - Fi and then check if you can hear the sound. In addition, you can visit the website of the manufacturer of the computer support and install the latest audio driver for the same model of computer that you are using.

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    • THE attribute Service to Bluetooth general
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    • Microsoft Bluetooth enumerator
    • Microsoft Bluetooth enumerator THE

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    [email protected],

    Thanks for the reply.

    Don't forget, you can surely join HP forums any time for assistance for your HP product.

    See you soon


    Happy to help you. I work for HP

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    Perform the actions recommended for repair/reissue apple support - 1. Toggle bluetooth, 2. turn on/off the unit, 3. remove the iPhone/iPad bluetooth connections - 4. Reset network settings - 5. Reset all the settings-, nothing works.

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    Model: ME898LL/A

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    Version: 9.2 (13 c 75)

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    Thanks in advance

    To use the Hotspot feature (that you described for the connection), you must use the instructions below.

    Share your Internet connection with Personal Hotspot - Apple Support

  • Bluetooth connection problem iPhone - audio system Nissan after upgrade iOS10

    After iOS10.0.2 iOS9 on iPhone upgrade, I got a cordially problem receive calls raise Nissan car audio.

    I can make a call without any problem. Bluetooth connection is stable. I can download address book e.t.c. But I can't receive a call. I see the incoming call on the radio shows. After pressing the button "answer" on the car Audio System, audio between iPhone and Audio streams car breaks down.

    But the cellular connection remains active. I need to rotate the audio output on the screen of the iPhone car for iPhone and back to the car. After that, I can continue my call via the car radio.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello StasV,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I know having a problem with calls on your iPhone in your car, it's not what you expect. The good news is that these steps will be useful for your problem of phone calls while using the bluetooth in your car. Go to settings > general > accessibility > routing of Audio calls and the value headset/Bluetooth Headset and retest your question.

    Audio routing call - the iPhone user Guide
    Help to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your car radio

    See you soon!

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    IPhone is the model of 5 s (10 iOS) and mac MAc mini end of 2014 (OS X EL Capitan - 10.11.4).)

    Cross the writeup here.  Make sure that both devices have Wi - Fi and Bluetooth connection 'On '.

    Use AirDrop to send the contents of your Mac - Apple Support

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    What bit system you have?

    64, maybe try to download this - iTunes 12.1.3 for Windows (64-bit-for older video cards)

    32, maybe try to download this - Download iTunes 12.1.3 for Windows (32 bit)

  • Bluetooth speaker no connection with iPod 5th generation

    Once solve you one problem, another pops up...

    A little more than a week ago, I bought an iHome iBT3, which is a protected against splashing, triangular-shaped speaker. It has bluetooth, which I used about three times now and it was working fine until today.

    The other day I had a problem with my iPod which translates into me trying the three methods; force reset, recovery of the device and reset all default settings. Although I have fixed my previous issue, when I tried to connect my speakers today, connected devices emerged as two things that I had never seen before. I chose the setting for iPod to 'forget' the devices and tried to connect my speakers.

    I watched for 15 minutes. The speaker tried to connect and connect and connect the iPod has tried to find the device, and they never linked between them; my iHome does not appear on my iPod and my iPod never read that there is a device in the region.

    I tried to force the delivery twice, the iPod and it has nothing and if it should happen again, I really, really don't like to restore my iPod because it took me two days and multiple handfuls of hair to do such a thing.

    Can I do to get my two devices to connect with each other?

    Thank you in advance.

    Update: The speaker is not connecting to my or my sister iPods.

    My father has a similar Bluetooth speaker if and which connects both of the devices.

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    How to pair you an Apple Watch to a Bluetooth speaker?

    Hi Timothy

    To connect a Bluetooth to your Apple Watch speaker:

    -Turn on your Bluetooth speaker in discovery / mode (follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer) coupling.

    -To your Apple Watch, go to the home screen (press the digital Crown), then press settings (the cog icon) > Bluetooth.

    -Your watch will now search for Bluetooth accessories that are in discovery / pairing mode.

    -Choose your Bluetooth speaker when it is shown.

    -If asked, enter a password or PIN.

    More information:

    Use the Bluetooth with your Apple Watch - Apple Support Accessories

  • Is it possible to hear a Bluetooth speaker and the internal speakers at the same time on the iMac with OSX 10.11.2?

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    I can only have my Bluetooth speaker on or my internal speakers on my outings Sound System Preferences.
    Is it possible to have both of them at the same time?
    Thank you for your patient

    To my knowledge, no.


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