Can anyone tell how I can configure the desktop as the default screen that appears when I connect to Win 8?

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Can anyone tell how I can configure the desktop as the default screen that appears when I connect to Win 8 rather than having to go from the first layer redundant 'start-up '.

In fact, if anyone can tell if there's a free windback to an earlier version of Windows (7) who has not all layers unnecessary and icons, I would be really grateful

Your best bet is to switch to 8.1, that allows you to boot directly to the desktop, and then use a menu like debut8 to replace the old Start Menu and hide the side of the metro.

If your computer comes with Win Pro 8, you may be able to demotion, otherwise, you will need to buy 7. Before you buy 7, I would recommend go to the computer manufacturer's website and see if there are any Windows 7 drivers for your computer. You may lose certain functions - sound, network, video full resolution - if there is no driver.

The first option is easy and allows you to keep the improvements in performance and safety 8.

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