Can I get a larger scale FYI color (F6) when you change the picture monochrome or grayscale?

Hi everyone - thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

With a regular color photo, in the color window (F6) you can get information from 1 to 255 for values R, G and B, which is very useful. However, when I convert to monochrome grayscale, scale and then goes from 1 to 100, which is a significant loss of sensitivity. There was a time when the converted monochrome image showed a scale of 1 to 255, but I don't have enough attention to how I realized that.

Anyone know how I can convert my full color image in monochrome or grayscale, but keep the color scale of 1 to 255 instead of 1 to 100? Or better yet, if you use the scale of 1 to 100, is it possible to add a decimal point so that you can get for example 53.7 instead of just 53 or 54?

much appreciated,


Look in the Info Panel... you see the displays? See the small triangle there? Click on it to access the options to change the display. Select RGB and the display will show 0-255. You can have the display of the first to be 0-100% and the second to be RGB that will give you 0-255.

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    Use this as my guide, _Linux, _and_Mac

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    That the error is the result of a corrupt .net Framework installation.

    -Click on the Start button
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    Put it on (buses) and send to her.

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