Can satellite A505 - I use another power cord?

I bought a PWR + Ac Adapter Power Supply Cord which was listed as a replacement for the A505 series, which mine is. When I got there, I noticed that it displays the output as 19V, 4. 9A. My original Toshiba adapter shows the same voltage, but he says 4. 74A.
This slight difference won't hurt my computer?

Thank you


You can use this new AC/DC adapter with 4. 9A instead of 4. 7A.
The point is that the AC adapter must have at least 4. 7 but if it is more, it s no problem. If it won't hurt the computer.

Doesn t so you worry, have fun with the new AC/DC adapter. :)

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    The model Kensington 33197 (very useful for travel because it is lightweight and flat and can power/charging multiple devices at the same time) has two power tips Toshiba, including the N3 outputs (depending on the technical support of Kensington) 19V, 6a and 114W.

    Outputs of the PSU Toshiba 19V 3. 42A (so 65W).

    Tip N3 is safe to use, or will it FRY my T130?

    Hey Buddy,

    You can use another power supply if it has the same (19V) voltage and intensity or higher (3. 42A or later).

    So, it seems that the Kensington diet should work properly! :)

  • Can satellite A505 - I configure media buttons?

    Hi all:

    I have a question: is it possible to configure multimedia LED buttons "Play/Pause", "RW" and "FF" of my Satellite A505-S6965 to run a program?

    I know it's possible to do it with the 'eco', the buttons "mute" using the program "Support of Toshiba Button" and the "quick start", but this program offers no option to configure the three buttons that I mentioned above.

    If someone could help, I appreciate it very much, because I don't know where else research...

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey Buddy,

    You're already good. You can only configure the media buttons that you can find in the list of Toshiba button support.

    But for game, RW, FF, etc keys it of not possible to configure them. You can use them in Windows Media Player for example. That s as comfortable! :)

  • How can I make Firefox use another version of the installed Java runtime?

    For purposes of development, I have several versions of the Java runtime on my 64 bit Windows 7 computer. I try to keep the number of JDK and JRE installation to a minimum and I want Firefox to use JRE 1.7.0_21 (32 bit) because this happened with a version of JDK, I am forced to use another application.

    Firefox however use JRE 1.6.0_31 and is correctly reported as non-secure. It offers me the upgrade option, but I don't want to download and install a different JRE since I already said 1.7.0_21 installed JRE. I would prefer very just to be able to point Firefox so that JRE. I don't see an option to select a different JRE installed however.

    I tried to manually edit the file pluginreg.dat (I know, it says do not edit...) by changing the entries of JRE 1.6 and 1.7 of the JRE, but on reboot, my changes have been overwritten and was back at the old JRE. So I can't view some web sites (also company/internal) without having to change to any browsers.

    Please let me know how I can make Firefox use the already installed JRE 1.7.

    Firefox scans the registry to find the location of the plugins.
    If Firefox detects a plugin and not the other, then that means that the other Java plugin is not having a corresponding registry key.

    64-bit Windows:
    32-bit Windows:

  • Can Portege R400 - I use another CPU on the new motherboard

    My motherboard is fried, and I ordered a new motherboard from a supplier.
    My question is; I could use another treatment.

    Well, generally upgrading the CPU isn't really easily on laptop motherboards.

    First, you will need to ensure that the new processor would be in line with the socket. Then you need to check if the motherboard chipset would support the new processor.
    Finally, there could be a problem with the BIOS of the motherboard.
    The point is that the BIOS has not been tested with the other s CPU and so nobody will be able to tell if your laptop would go without problem after these updates.

  • My iPhone will not charge with another cable or adapter. iPhone 5. I mean this as bluntly as this can be explained. NO OTHER POWER CORD OR ADAPTER.

    my iPhone 5 will not charge with any other combination than the exact cord and adapter, I received with the phone. I tried all other options.


    I do not understand, not the cable no longer works? Why you want to change the current mix?

  • Can satellite A100 - I use Vista 32 bit to Vista 64-bit product key

    I need to install the 64 bit version of Vista on my laptop Satellite A100PSAARE sn: 17177793 Q that comes with recovery CD OEM Vista Home Premiun (32bits).

    The code of the label is not appropriate for the installation of the 64-bit version and I want to get one that would be ok.
    Do I have to buy a update to get this code? Where?
    Can Toshiba provide me with the right code?

    Andrea Gasparetto


    The product key on the underside of the laptop is an OEM key. This means it belongs to the preinstalled version of Vista and t can be used with another version that you can buy on the internet or computer stores.

    So if you want another version of Vista you have to buy a copy with the product key for your local computer store, for example.

  • Can satellite A30 - I use a similar motherboard?


    It is long since I have been on this forum and I missed a lot.

    I want to ask you a few views of experts if there are possibilities to replace a different motherboard for an old unit that is no longer supported as Satellite A30 - 921.

    If ever, can you specify who or what unit is closely similar to this one, so I can still use the chassis of the Satellite A30 921. I know it's complicated, but any ideas are much appreciated.
    Thank you.


    If you want to replace the motherboard, you need the same motherboard. It of not possible to use a motherboard of another model.
    If you have a Satellite A30, you need a motherboard from a Satellite A30.

    You can get motherboards an ASP or ebay for example.

    Good bye

  • Can satellite C655 - I use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fans?


    I have a Satellite C655 I bought and a year and a half ago. In recent days the fan was shot in a lot more than usual. I hear the fan or fan on the left - the quietest, one on the right is always quite calm and on.

    I'm not under any big programs - that the internet or Word, but it happened on all 30 seconds or more and can sometimes slow down the computer and the little blue circle in Word 7 will begin to turn around.

    I hope it's the fan should be cleaned and I have no intention to remove anything to try it myself. I use the computer for work, so I need all the time and would have to do some schedules to have a tech guy staples or Best Buy Geeks do it for me.

    Can I use a vacuum cleaner on the vent below and next to remove all the dust - this would help or am I asking for trouble? Is it possible to clean the fan without pulling off the cover/keyboard?

    Of course, any help is appreciated. It's my first post so if you need additional information, please let me know. Thank you very much.

    Your only way to get pure is using vacuum or compressed air and blow out the dust.
    If the laptop must be cleaned on professional way, it must be dismantled. It is the only way to get full access to all modules of cooling. Please this should be done by authorized only service.

    In any case, try with the vacuum.

  • Can satellite M70 - I use all hard drives 2.5 "?

    All HDD 2.5 "can be put in Satellite M70 or they must have specific dimensions? For example, I thin on Samsung spinpoint [model:].

    It will be OK for my laptop?


    As far as I know the Satellite M70 was available with hard drives SATA and IDE hard drives. If you have a SATA HDD, you can use this HARD drive.

    The Satellite M70 takes to load only SATA150 (SATA1) but this isn't a problem. All SATA2 HDDs runs SATA1 mode and are 100% compatible.

    Good bye

  • Can satellite L300 - I use the microphone as line-in port?

    On Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLBGE, there are too many plugs: microphone and headphones.

    I would like to copy and transform in digital music from my old analog tapes thorugh an audio cable and a former recorder. Before, I use a desktop PC, which was a line-in Jack (I use Sound Recorder). But the laptop has only two Sockets mentioned. Can I use taken mic as line - in one? At the present time, I installed Windows XP.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Did you check your user manual? I doubt that this is because there, I created the following information:
    Standard 3.5 mm mini jack microphone allows the connection of a microphone or any other device for * audio *.

    This means that you can also connect other devices to input for audio recording. ;)

  • Satellite C50D - Is used to power-is it dead?

    Hi, I can't get any life out of my laptop. He is cut off while watching something on youtube. I tried the procedure with lead and holding it to the battery and hold the power button / stop, but nothing. I also bought a new outlet and installed that and still nothing. I have no lights when cool, so no sign of life. ANY IDEAS.

    If no power light turns on when you connect the AC adapter cable / CC, the motherboard or DC in the laptop may be defective.

  • Can satellite L350 - I use the the L300 recovery disk?

    Mate has a L350 who is tired and unfortunately has no recovery disk. I could use my recovery disc for my L300 model or making worse it?

    You can try, but may be missing drivers or it can BSOD according to differences in hardware.

    You can run from the HARD drive recovery? Press F8 when Windows starts and choose the option to repair/restore.

    Otherwise, you will need to buy a replacement for Toshiba recovery disc.

  • If I do not have a Blue cartridge can HP 3210 I use another color?

    HP 3210 if I use a different color instead of the color ink cartridge, it claims it can ruin my printer? There are 5 different color ink cartridges for my HP printer 3210 all-in-one. YELLOW, LIGHT BLUE, BLUE, PINK and MAGENTA. Now my blue ink on the right is empty, but I have no blue to replace it by this time. It will not be printed unless all the cartridges are inserted but allow me to keep a vacuum to. I have a new cartridge of LIGHT BLUE and PINK. Can I use one of these colors for now or it will mess up to my printer?


    Light blue (or cyan) does not have the code for the Blue cartridge, printer does not print anything just.

    Kind regards.

  • Can satellite M30x - I use Windows 7?

    Does anyone has installed Windows 7 on a M30X? People keep telling me that Windows 7 gives a new breath to the older laptops, but it seems difficult to find the correct drivers in the absence of support from Toshiba.

    I'd be interested to hear about the experience of the people on the M30X or similar, the two performance they get with Windows 7 and also advice on the pitfalls to avoid when installing!

    I have a M30X-129 with extended memory to 1.5 GB, otherwise as originally configured, running XP. I intend to do a clean install of Windows 7.

    Hey mate,

    Theoretically, you can install Windows 7 but you've already written it might be a little difficult to find any Windows 7 drivers for this good old classic. In addition, I doubt that Windows 7 run faster than Windows XP. More rapid than Vista but XP is still the best OS for old computers.

    In your case, I'd be happy with preinstalled OS to Toshiba. Everything works with these parameters, and so you can have fun with your laptop. :)

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