Can't add audio to editing in adobe first

I can listen to audio in the preview window, but it won't let me import it in the timeline. It started just randomly happening out of nowhere part and I don't know what to do.

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FAQ: Why no audio or video will not at the track where I let down?

It's your answer.

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  • How can I add audio files for my adobe muse Web site?

    I'll be weekly by adding audio files to my muse site created and I wanted to know how to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    You must add the files for download on your site of Muse, the option of the file menu.

    After you have added files, you can link the files with any text or page content. You can use the same method to load audio files every week.

    Thank you


  • How can I add a link using the adobe reader software?

    How can I add a link using the adobe reader software?

    Hi johnny05,

    This isn't something you can do with Adobe Reader. To edit a PDF file, including adding a link, you must use Acrobat. We invite you to try Acrobat DC for 30 days; You can download a trial of this page: Download Adobe Acrobat free trial version | Acrobat Pro DC.



  • How can I add/install a new application Adobe Creative cloud on my computer? My Department uses VIP device licenses for education.

    How can I add/install a new application Adobe Creative cloud on my computer? My Department uses VIP device licenses for education.

    I have a set of applications Adobe CC that comes from a package installer. A new plan should be created just to install the additional application?

    What update of applications (for example, the transition to the latest version of Adobe first Pro 2014)?

    I'm sorry.

    Applications must be made through Packager only.

    You can create packages for them, if you wish.

  • How can I add change the color of background/first plan the Configurator?

    How can I add change the color of background/first plan the Configurator?

    No matter if you mean the Configurator application or a panel created with Configurator, you would probably have to post the question on the Configurator Forum.


  • How can I apply the downloaded content from Adobe first Elements 10?

    How can I apply the downloaded content from Adobe first Elements 10? I have download all content in a file called AllContent1 (2.95 GB) file. Everytime I open Adobe first items 10, a pop-up box appears saying that "a small set of content (Flash movies, titles and menus templates themes, etc.) has been installed.» You can install all the content by inserting your DVD content or download. You want to install now? YES/NO? I have also subscribed to $49 for 20 GB of storage, which makes me a member over a year. Any help would be appreciated thank you very much.


    MirzaO wrote:

    How can I apply the downloaded content from Adobe first Elements 10? I have download all content in a file called AllContent1 (2.95 GB) file.

    Download a two files. A small end .exe, the other .7z, wide, fine. You must run the small .exe file and will decompress the .7z big file to the correct locations.

    See you soon,.



    Insanity is hereditary, get you your children

  • How can I add audio to tabs using advanced Actions?

    I used the following tutorials to create a slide tabbed with navigatiion locked in Captivate 5.5 (I use Advanced Actions to activiate the continue button only once you click on all the tabs).

    I have audio intro associated with the slide, which plays on enter. Does anyone know how I can add audio to each tab by using advanced Actions? When I tried this, all audio files played at the same time, above the other.

    I appreciate all help.

    Recently, I blogged about the control of audio objects, maybe that article could help you:

    Here is another example, where I used a lot of audio attached to all kinds of objects:

    The idea is that you attach audio to an object that can be invisible to the user (I explained I have a special highlight for this purpose style) and you show the object action advanced, which means that when the audio will start playing. You probably also will have to stop audio (to avoid the two clips play together) when the user clicks on another tab, in which case he has not done. So if you have 3 tabs, you have 3 audio objects and with advanced actions always show you an audio object and hide the other 2.


  • Can I add a second account to Adobe Digital Editions

    I have two accounts of adobe reader. One for family, one for staff to use it. The computer has my personal account on this subject. I would like to add the family account to add books to my wifes corner. Can do not seem to know how to do this

    Hi manobird,

    If you use an ID to install ADE, you cannot download an e-book from a site in ADE if you used a different ID.  This is how the digital

    Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 has been set up to prevent unauthorized ematerials copy.  ADE you indicates that the HELP section.  You cannot add a second ID of ADE either, for the same reason.

    What you CAN do is to change the users and allow the ADE wearing the same ID that you used when you downloaded the ebook.  For this raise ADE, then use the CNTLSHIFTD key combination, you will withdraw the authorization of ADE.  Loved ADE and reopening of what ADE and it should ask you allow.  At this point, you can enter the second ID, and ADE will take off from there.  BUT, do not forget that all other ebooks you have downloaded in ADE with the first ID won't be accessible not so much that repeat you the same process and return the ID of the first.

    I hope this helps!

  • Set the default font formatting for the "Add text" content editing tool (Adobe Acrobat Standard XI)

    We have recently updated for Adobe Acrobat Standard XI.

    Our users take system generated a PDF file and customize them by adding images and additional text. Generally, they always use specific fonts when adding their text formatting options.

    Unfortunately, we have not been able to find a way to set the default value for font formatting options when you use content editing tool "add text". You're still stuck with the Minion Pro police to 12 points.

    Therefore, whenever the user adds a new text, they must select the text they have just added and then change the font options in the pane of formatting content editing tools. It would be really useful to be able to define the police by default once the formatting options and added new text would use these settings.



    We've added the feature in Acrobat DC to pick up the nearest police to the neighbor during "Add text", as a user would add text that would be in the style of the existing content, and that the replication manually existing values is a tedious exercise. However, once the user changes the police or its size, Acrobat remembers the changes for the rest of the editing of the document session. That works for you?

    You also asked for a default font and the setting of all of the documents and Acrobat sessions, user defined manually. Is this correct? If so, unfortunately, is not possible at present, but we can grasp this feedback and evaluate it for our future releases.

    Kind regards

    Ankit - prom

  • How can I add a product to my Adobe account or locate serial number by using the Windows registry?

    I can't find my receipt of e-mail on my purchase of CS6 end 2012. (I had a long illness, packed things away and now experience some loss of memory) I want to start again use my CS6 and thought that I would be able to go to my Adobe account to retrieve my serial number. However, my account does not show the order or registration of CS6 under my products even if I received an email from Adobe System Incorporated, welcoming me and thank me for my purchase. Cat officers do not find the corresponding product to my e-mail and refuse to make exceptions or provide assistance to a disability or illness. They say that they must have the right email address associated with the product or a proof of purchase! Other software companies have helped me to locate the serial number by using the Windows registry and then had me answering security questions. I even offered to fix the Adobe email thanking me for buying the CS6, but they said, it would not help! Does anyone know if/how I can add the CS6 to my account and get partner to my email address? Maybe Adobe cat could help me? Also, does anyone know if an encrypted version of the serial number is indeed somewhere in the Windows registry, which make possible for Adobe to help me, if they were ready? This software was very expensive and I don't understand why they won't help me if they could.

    Belarc Advisor | PCWorld

  • How can I add audio to a slide show of multi-state object?

    I'm completely new to all this, so I couldn't have phrased that properly.

    I have three pictures I created an object state slideshow with. Each photo has the other two images in a smaller form as buttons so that the user can tap those to make the image appear.

    All my pictures are of animals and I would like to fix a button on the main image that will play an audio track of the sound of this animal.

    But every time I add sound to the State, the small images I used for the buttons stop working.

    What is the problem? Help, please.

    Hi Nicolas,.

    I thought about it. I added an invisible setting and used on the image as a button to the next State.

    NOW I can go to the photo of a different animal and also power press the "speaker" icon as it is sound.


    Thanks anyway!

  • How can I add options for editing the menu in Microsoft Money 2004 drop-down?

    On the tab edition shows cut, paste, copy.  The Edit tab on Money 2004 helped me empty checks, remove any transactions, etc. What should I do to do to have these in the Edit drop-down?

    original title: do I have to do something for the software Money Plus sunset to see ALL the editing features.  I have no verification of changes in the characteristics such as Void, delete transaction, etc.


    Post the question on the link below...

  • How can I reinstall photoshop elements 12 and adobe first items after my computer was given to factory settings

    How can I reinstall photoshop elements 12 and first 12 after that my computer was given to factory settings after malware?

    Hi Norsa123,

    Please download Photoshop elements 12 and first elements 12 from the link below and install it with the serial number.

    Other downloads

    Kind regards


  • Add audio to slide shows using 11 items and itunes.

    Updated to 11 items 9

    Running Windows 7

    I make a slide show and would like to add audio from my itunes library.  When I click to add audio and browse my itunes library, nothing shows after that I click on the album. In an older version, I would like to change the file to a WAV file and it would do very well.  The new itunes doesn't let me do it onlyl to an AAC file (don't know what it is) when I'm trying to say it is protected and cannot change it.  How can I add audio files to my slide show using itunes?

    Thank you

    Once, iTunes doesn't have a way to get their music in programs, as before, at least not directly.

    At the time, the workflow was to go to iTunes, create a Playlist for the necessary music from iTunes, then burn it to an Audio CD. Once this is done, we take this CD in a program like the free Audacity, RIP CDA, then Save_As WAV format, choose 16-bit 48 kHz PCM/WAV. These WAV files were imported in pre.

    At some point, they have loosened things up a bit, and many had no problem with a direct Import from iTunes.

    Now of course what they do now, but many, like using music from other sources, rather than iTunes.

    Neale has linked to a conversion request, but I've never used. OTOH, if Neale recommend it, then it should work perfectly.

    In addition, according to Adobe:, AAFC is an Audio Format supported.

    As I rarely use any music from other sources, beyond SmartSound, I haven't stayed current on the operation of iTunes.

    Good luck


  • How can I add white space between areas that contain text fields? I use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.  I'm trying to change an existing PDF. I need to add white space between areas that contain text fields to allow these text fields to be developed and not

    How can I add white space between areas that contain text fields?

    I use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.

    I'm trying to change an existing PDF. I need to add white space between areas that contain text fields to allow these areas to be developed and do not overlap the text and the text below fields.

    For example:

    1. 1.


    1. 2.


    1. 3.


    1. 4.


    The space between each 'progress/strategies' increasing needs. A text field is under each of them. If it's a Word doc, I could just press on enter. What is the best way to do this with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

    There is no easy way to do it. You need to move the text fields more apart and if there are static elements, then you will need to use the tool edit text & Images to move them, separately.

Maybe you are looking for

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