Can't listen to the radio online streaming with Windows Media Player

Online Radio Web sites that use Windows Media Player - opens the player in a new window, but instead of buffering, said he plays but not output / sound. Certainly not security/pop up/firewall issue. Windows Media Player works fine CD playback, etc.



then, you definitely have a machine which both sound and you can establish a Internet. I think that it s a problem of pure mediaplayer (softwareproblem).

You have the following options:
1. reinstall your mediaplayer or update.
2. install another software mediaplayer like winamp or some other jukebox
3. .. no other options

Give some feedback, then maybe I can help you with your problem. ;)

See you soon

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  • Can't see video streaming with Windows Media Player

    I can't no longer videos of ased web using 'Windows Media Player'.

    the error message reads "Internet Explorer cannot Display the Webpage".  In my view, that he may have started after updating to IE7 or 8.  I can see some Web pages in real time player.


    1. Do you get this error with the weboages or this only happens with the Web pages with videos to incorporate in their?

    Follow the steps mentioned in the article below for the error message you get with Internet Explore.

    You receive an error message in Internet Explorer: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

    Let us know if this helps


  • How do I synchronize the underwater Nabaiji MP3 with Windows Media Player player


    I have a whole collection of music on Windows Media Player.

    I just bought an underwater Nabaiji MP3 player which is a 2 GB, so I can swim to the music as it becomes boring just to get on and off the track.

    It says on the instructions which are very vague and little "Store musicnin the menu root products"and"this player supports MP3 and WMA music files and this player is PC and MAC compatible and connects via a USB cable supplied with the unit.

    Then I plugged the USB and came Nabaiji MP3 icon.

    Because of the music I have on Windows Media Player, being much more 2 GB, I followed the depth in Windows Media Player instructions to synchronize the music chosen on the unit as follows:

    1. I made a playlist and title it.

    2. I sync to the device list.

    3. it will still play music on the device.

    As quite a novice in this area please can someone help me because I lost 11 hours so far and get to the stage where the PC almost took a hammer to it.  Very frustarting and might make you cry.

    All of the suggestions.

    Help, please!



    Try to add content from devices to your music library

    One main folder music is in one of them right click and select Add to library and that it points to the music library

    So WMP will read the library adding :/

  • How can I play the audio stream with Windows Media Player 11 AAC?


    I want to listen to a live stream of a Shoutcast radio station which is in AAC format. I want to play with my Windows Media Player 11 on Windows XP SP3. I still don't play. It seems that it is not supported by WMP 11, but if missing a codec, it should be automatically downloaded from Microsoft, since the option "Download codecs automatically" is checked in the options of WMP, and my security level in Internet Options is set by default.

    Y at - there a way or a codec plugin, so I can play the stream AAC on WMP 11?

    Thank you.


    Orban AAC/aacPlus Plugin will allow WMP 11 to play AAC streams. Note that you have to replace the http stream with icyx URL part, so to read your example AAC stream, you must enter icyx:// in WMP, via file - Open URL... (press Ctrl + M, if you don't see the file menu). Tim Baets

  • Cannot configure the pedal to work with Windows Media Player


    I need my pedal to work - something about Windows Media applications and find a .wma extension file, so I can test for medical transcription. Apparently, I'm supposed to have some sort of connector plug-and-play. What kind of pedal I have no idea. I have two and neither a no matter what brand name or marking, whether. I downloaded Express Scribe according to the instructions of the employer, but have no idea how to do to get things to work.

    Hello kbarr5050,

    1. your pedal has a USB connector to connect to the computer?

    2. what happens when you connect your pedal to the computer?

    Most of the pedal are Plug-and-play with a USB connection and should be detected when connect you to the computer. There are three controls which are usually Setup for rewind (right), play/pause (Center) and fast-forward (left), but you can configure them.

    a. If you have a CD you received with the pedal, follow the instructions in the wizard and install it.

    b. install Windows Media Player plugin pedal if the device does not announce a capacity inherent in the application. Download the Windows Media plug-in website of your foot pedal developer support as directed by the manual of the device or the help section (you need to contact the employer for information on this).

    c. open the pedal control application.

    d. Enter your key combinations you want in the corresponding fields in the pedal assignments tab.

    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Changing the length of mp3s with Windows Media Player


    Is there a way I can edit mp3 music files to remove empty sections?

    I would like to remove the empty space from the beginning or the end of the file.

    I know that I can do it in iTunes before you transfer the songs to my phone, but is it possible to change the original mp3 files that are saved on my laptop?

    I currently have version 12.0.7601.17514 installed.

    To do a quick search on Google, it seems that I might need to install a plug-in.  However, I don't know which is best for what I need or cannot be trusted.

    Thank you


    How to change your video and audio in Windows Media Player

  • Music streaming with Windows Media Player

    Have a new Smart TV, try streaming music from my laptop to the tv using "Play To". Streaming is set to automatically allow devices to read my media' and device (Panasonic Viera 40AS640) options allow all rankings of custom files. When I select any file of music in my library, and then select "Play To" it connects to the device, but when you select the file to read the error message "Media is not available" appears under the title of the track, replace the title of the Album and the name of the artist.

    Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do about it? Music plays well through Media Player to my PC speakers, I have Windows 7 and Media Player installed (Version 12).

    Chirs P

    The "Fix It" tool is useful and if the problem persists it is also running the tool from Microsoft FCS value too - follow the instructions on the page linked here...

    Anyway - glad to hear it works fine now. Having finally got "play to" work I find I use it rarely - I only listen to music (to a Marantz music player) and "Airplay" is much better for it - he plays the Siamese tracks seamlessly, and I like the system of library iTunes also. That being said, I'd rather 'play to' work not!

    Cordially - Ric.

  • How can I burn MVI video to a cd with windows media player format

    any help would be appreciated! is there a way to do this?

    any help would be appreciated! is there a way to do this?

    Followign links may be worth a visit:

    Windows 7 - burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player

    Windows 7 - burn a CD or DVD in Windows Explorer

    Windows 7 - burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Center

  • I have a new laptop with Windows Media Player 10, which does not recognize my MP3 player: this has happened once before and I was able to download Windows Media Player 9. Where is he now and can do it again?

    I have a Samsung YP - U2J MP3 player and until I had to buy a new laptop it worked fine with Windows Media Player 9.  The new laptop comes with Windows Media Player 10, which does not recognize my MP3 player that my COMPUTER recognizes it and says everything is fine.  Can someone help me?

    Hello Amaliada,

    Thank you for your message.  We will add your MP3 device manually.  Please follow the instructions below:
    Plug in your mp3 player and open Windows Media Player.
    Click in the empty space (next), then select 'Tools' > select 'Options '.
    Select the "Devices" tab (you see yourself mp3 palyer?) If not, click on "Add" > select "portable music players.
    From there, you will receive information about the addition of your device.

    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.

    See you soon

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  • I pay to match iTunes and I can stop listening to the radio. Apple keeps prompting me to pay for music from Apple. Why? Radio without advertising is included with iTunes game! It was listed as a feature in my terms of service I renewed for 1 year in Octob

    I pay to match iTunes and I can stop listening to the radio. Apple keeps prompting me to pay for music from Apple. Why? Radio without advertising is included with iTunes game! It was listed as a feature in my terms of service I renewed for 1 year in October

    iTunes Radio is no longer included in iTunes game. These same terms of service as Apple status may change the features included at any time.

    You can try calling Apple Service customer. People have reported that they were able to cancel iTunes game and get a pro-rated refund.

  • I can't the classic fm radio station to stream through windows media player.

    I can't the classic fm radio station to stream through windows media player.

    I can't the classic fm radio station to stream through windows media player.

    Try this: -.

  • How to add the Web streaming to Windows Media Player library

    Download technical presentations online in Windows Media Player library
    I'm trying to download the internet webcasts that are in Windows Media Player format in my Windows Media Player library so that I can sync with my MP3 player and listen to webcasts. However, I have a problem downloading webcast in the library. How can I do this? Thank you very much.

    Hi RN12345,

    1. How do you download the webcast?

    2. which Web site you use to download the webcast?

    Download technical presentation online on the internet and add to Windows media player is possible according to the Web site.

    Some sites don't allow download of webcasts and adding it to the Windows media library.

    Please provide us with more information about the issue to help you!

    If you want to add the webcast on the library of Windows media player first download it on the computer and then add it to the library using the link below.

    Add items to the Windows Media Player library

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Can not find the button Delete in my windows media player 11.

    I don't think you understand me... they ask you won't miss them but my windows media player... when I right click on my files or files .it's not remove button only remove from the list button.when I click on this file disappears for a while but returned then again.this is not good because I want to delete a large number of my files in my library .so what is the answer do I have to remove windows media player, and then download it again.must be a response,.

    * original title - just had my question answer can not find the button Delete in my windows media player 11


    ·          Are you a right click on the file in the playlist or library?

    Try the procedure described in the following article:

    You cannot view, add, or remove items from the Windows Media Player 11 library:  

  • Windows 8 - can't burn the disc with Windows Media Player after you refresh the PC as well.

    Original title: cannot burn, was ok and then nothing, has had this problem for a week now, redrawn, changed registry, tried everything?

    Windows Media Player could not complete burning because the disc is not compatible with your drive. Try to insert another type of recordable media or use a disc that supports a write speed that is compatible with your drive.

    Hi, Dorian,

    Thanks again for your response. Really, I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    You can try these methods to solve the problem.

    Method 1: Run Windows Media Player Performance convenience store.

    Please follow the steps below to do so.

    (a) press Windows key + W keys on your desk.
    (b) write the Troubleshooting in the search box in the upper right.
    (c) select the Troubleshooting option after the search.
    (d) select the option of Performance of Windows Media Player .
    (e) click Next to perform the resolution of the problems of performance of Windows Media Player and follow the steps.

    If the problem persists, use method 2.

    Method 2: Follow the steps in the link here and burn the CD or DVD.

    Burn a CD or DVD in Windows Media Player

    I hope that solves your problem. Please feel free to write back to us, if you are facing any problem related to Windows.

    Thank you

  • How can TV 31RL938 - I find installation key for PC-Windows Media Player

    To watch DVD from PC - Windows Media Center (Windows 8) on my TV (31RL938, without fire related to the internet), I have to do an Extender installation with the Media Center on my PC (the TV symbol is on my PC).
    That's why I have to put in an installation key (8 digits), which should be on my TV / Extender by choosing 'Windows Media Center' here.

    But how can I find it?

    Thanks for the help!


    Have you managed that?

    To my knowledge the two devices; your TV and your PC must be connected to the same network: in my case its home WLan.

    I don t use Media Center, but I made the connection with Windows Media Player.
    Using the Media Player I can listen to the video and music to my TV or stereo receiver...

    Microsoft provides the very nice HowTO on how to start with the streaming media:
    [Your media to devices and computers using Windows Media Player playback |]

    and this one:

Maybe you are looking for