can't, open microsoft word 2010.

I have word 2010 is installed on my laptop as part of a package of software that came with the computer when it was purchased new from Best buy. Used for 3 months, but now when I try to open it, it appears a box to tell me "program could not be opened, try again or repair in the Panel" all attempts of the 'fix' in Control Panel, it calls a "product key". I don't have a product key, the program provided with the laptop! What gives?

Hello jonathanspringer,

By the sound of things, you use a trial version of Microsoft Word.

Most of the manufacturers of PC bundle versions of trial software with a new PC to make it more attractive. I guess that's what happened with your PC.

Unless you actually bought a copy of Microsoft Word - in which case you should have a product key - then your only option is actually go out an buy a copy of the product physically and install it yourself. You could also connect with Best buy and make sure it is a 'demo' that they have provided and not a paid full version.

Now, that's the bad news.

The good news is that Microsoft Word is not the "be all and end all ' of the word processing software. Yes, it's good, and Yes, I use it regularly. However, there is a 'free' alternative and it's Apache Open Office

If you did not purchase Microsoft Word then give Apache Open Office a test. You will find that it does exactly what you want it to do.

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