Satellite C660-1LD - microsoft word 2010 product key request

I recently had to restore my computer laptop back 4 days after an installation of some software problem, after you perform the restore.
I went to open the start microsoft word 2010 software, and for the first time, he asked me a product key, which I did not,

Can someone please help?
This software came pre loaded on my Satellite C660-1LD. I really need to work.


As much as I know MS Works and MS Office packages preinstalled are trial versions.
It is not a full version which can still be used.

As far as I know to buy the full version if you want to use it ever time.

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  • Satellite C660-1R1 - recover Windows 7 product key

    Dear Toshiba support,

    My Toshiba Satellite C660-1R1 bought in 2011. By the end of 2013, the original HARD drive died and I replaced it with an SSD. That said, I can't start the recovery with the original Windows 7 installation partition, or I can retrieve the product key from the registry. In addition, the sticker of the product key on the back of the laptop is almost unreadable. I read only a few letters.

    Is it possible for the support of Toshiba recover my Windows 7 Home product key based on the serial number and other details? I can send the whole of the back of my laptop with two stickers to the evidence.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi marcinziel
    You are lucky to have a product key sticker (COA).
    Some people have had success with the digitization of the AOC and using software to improve the image.
    This year I bought a R50 Pro of the Satellite with Windows 7 pro and I can't find a sticker (COA) about it.
    Toshiba help you with your product key problem?
    I'm still waiting for a response from Toshiba.

  • Need to find code product key for a trial version of Microsoft Word 2010

    I need to find the code of product key for Microsoft Word 2010 so I can travel with my homework in my online college class. This is a requirement for it, but I can't afford it right now. If I don't get this product key, I'm afraid I'm going to miss my class. Someones got to know how to find.

    The only way to solve your problem would be to get a valid product key, which means that you need a.  Otherwise, you might try a free product like OpenOffice.

    "Pj Norton" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    I need to find the code of product key for Microsoft Word 2010 so I can travel with my homework in my online college class. This is a requirement for it, but I can't afford it right now. If I don't get this product key, I'm afraid I'm going to miss my class. Someones got to know how to find.

  • How to activate Microsoft Word 2010.

    Original title: Dave

    I download Microsoft word 2010, he said free download now I get a key number I need don't know what it is but can't get word 2010.  any help, I'm not much on computer

    Hello Dave Penrod,.

    Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office are not free. Yes, you can download a copy of the 'trial' for free 'but' after the trial, you will need to purchase the product.

    Microsoft Word is not the bee all and put an end to all the word processing market. Why not try OpenOffice Apache now OpenOffice is completely free!

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: | | |

  • Re: Satellite C660-1LD - Touchpad no longer works


    I'm having this problem because more than a month now, the touchpad works all of a sudden and it starts to work after a reboot, and sometimes after a few reboots.

    The frequency of this issue is at least twice an hour. I'm really tired to restart all the time.
    I tried the system restore, but that did not help and the function keys do not work or the other.

    Model: SATELLITE C660-1LD
    OS: Windows 7-64 bit
    : Warranty 03/2013

    > I tried the system restore, but that did not help

    What exactly do you mean by restoring the system?

    Have you used the Toshiba Recovery DVD or Toshiba HDD Recovery procedure to restore the laptop to factory settings?
    In the case where you don't who has not tried, I recommend doing that!

    The fact is that this recovery procedure should solve the problems of system/software and in my opinion, it looks more like a software like a hardware problem.

  • Satellite C660-1LD and OpenGL video card


    I bought a program that needs a graphics card with openGL driver - how do I know if my laptop has this? If it is not person knows if I can get one and if so where to go?

    Also how can I update the driver on my laptop (if I need because I think they get the automatic updates)?

    Thanks for your help.



    OpenGL is a standard specification and an interface for applications that produce 2D and 3D computer graphics. OpenGL is open source.
    There is also another standard called DirectX. This is from Microsoft and most graphic drivers media and contains the DirectX instead of OpenGL.

    How to get the OpenGL?
    Well, the OpenGL must be part of the graphics card driver, so you have to find a driver already include the OpenGL as shown here:

    Satellite C660-1LD seems to be equipped with a graphics Intel HM55 HD card.
    That's why I recommend the Intel page for these drivers.

  • Microstoft Office 2010 product key error

    I find the sticker Office 2010 product key on the side of my computer. It came pre-installed. When I type in the product key, I get an error message saying that it is not "a valid product key. I double checked that I am not type the code in wrong and I can't find multiple copies of Office 2010 installed.

    LetsGoPerds wrote:

    I find the sticker Office 2010 product key on the side of my computer. ....


    No, this isn't the Office product key, it is the Windows product key. Your machine has preinstalled TRIAL version. If you want to continue using it you have to buy the electronic identity card. I really hate this practice from suppliers and ALWAYS uninstall the trial version on my computers. Please visit the following link to buy the product key.

    You can pay a lot cheaper for the Home & Student version and much cheaper, with a student ID card.

    Kind regards.

  • How/where can I find the 25-digit product key requested by Microsoft when I try to open a file on a SanDisk?

    ORIGINAL TITLE: Product key

    How/where can I find the 25-digit product key requested by Microsoft when I try to open a file on a SanDisk?

    The game, June 21, 2012 20:26 + 0000, Faye Barker wrote:

    How/where can I find the 25-digit product key requested by Microsoft when I try to open a file on a SanDisk?

    What kind of file is it? What is its extension (the characters
    After the dot at the end of the file name)? And what program is trying
    to open it and needs a product key?

    Please answer these questions, but I'll also venture a guess: you
    try to open a file with Microsoft Word and Word .docx or .doc
    request a product key.
    If this is the case, in all probability, your computer comes with a trial version
    version of Microsoft Office pre-installed. Your trial period is now in place and if
    you want to continue using it, you must buy a copy and get a
    product key for this.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • Satellite C660-1LD is super slow


    I'm having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite C660 - 1LD PSC0QE

    Let me share the problem.

    So I have to use without the battery, most of the time when sudden power failure happens my laptop turns off also. Then I have problems starting upwards just on the black screen. I tried to change the memory in different locations, a disk check HARD and troubleshooting. The last thing I did was to reformat the HARD drive and tried to reinstall windows. Here are my observations:

    -My SATA in the bios configuration is DCIS, so windows tells me that it cannot detect any partition bootable windows installation is not possible to any partition of my HARD drive, but if I move the SATA configuration BIOS compatibility and windows continues to be installed on any partition that I want.

    I thought all right but, when windows are complete its installation suddenly an error pops up

    Now I don't know what to do. It's so frustrating. Then I accidentally inserted the recovery media and the laptop start booting from the disk and install windows and restore it to the factory with its bundled software setting.

    Now, here's the problem. It's so slow. Even the andbootup of starting Windows isso slow it would take 30 minutes just to start. the mouse cursor reacts accordingly except when you open a program or by clicking on the right button takes 10 minutes. Everything is so slow. Now I don't really know what to do.

    Now I am trying to reinstall all drivers and utilities with the latest versions. But I do not get a positive response. Is it a hardware failure? Is it because the SATA setting in bios was put on compatibility, although the default is ACHI?

    I still have to reformat? Help please.

    My advice to you is to use the recovery image only. By default the BIOS settings and install the OS by using recovery media. Recovery image contains all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities, so you'll have perfect configuration OS.
    What you need is small optimization of BONE.

    Take some time and read
    It's old NET, but the principle is the same on the new machines too. As a small test remove application preinstalled antivirus and check if startup is faster.

    Please send comments.

  • Try to update the graphics driver for Satellite C660-1LD

    Hi all

    So I'm trying to update my graphics driver on a satellite C660 1LD, and I'm going nowhere quickly.

    The current driver I have is version
    Site Web from Toshiba offers the version which I'm inclined to believe this is an older than my current version?

    I tried downloading the new version on the Intel site but it does not work either and I can't really figure out what the new version of the site. Can anyone offer advice on how to achieve this?

    The trouble is that I've lived this process for more than a year to fix a bug on civilization 5. I remember that it is a bit of a headache then. The most annoying is that I don't remember the process that I had to pass by to do. DOH!

    Thanks in advance



    In General, you should only use the drivers from Toshiba. Why? The drivers offered on the Toshiba support page are tested and adapted to work with the s portable equipment. Of course, you can use the GPU manufacturers support page drivers, but you should know that most recent drivers will increase performance GPU. More performance means more heat and also some risk for material.

    Result can be suddenly stopped downs or even damage the hardware.
    In any case, I hope that you are satisfied with the performance of the GPU with your latest driver so I don't understand why you want to update the current version. Be happy that everything works well with this version of driver is not supported.

    In any case, I m you know that everything you do is at your own risk you can do with your computer laptop all you want. I found an interesting article that can help you.
    Check it out please -

    Good luck

  • Satellite C660-1LD - I want to add 4 GB of RAM


    My model is Satellite C660-1LD.
    I want to add 4 GB of RAM to my laptop.

    There are now 4 GB RAM DDR3 *(1066MHZ) * on my laptop.
    I can add, or is it better to add 4 GB RAM DDR3 to the second slot with *(1333MHZ) *?

    And how often my computer will work? (1066 mhz or 1333 mhz).
    As better RAM to add (brand, frequency) you think?

    Also the RAM I found is not buffered, does that mean?

    Thank you!

    > Can I add, or is it better to add 4 GB RAM DDR3 to the second slot with *(1333MHZ) *?
    It depends on your chipset.
    If your chipset supports 1333 Mhz RAM then works with maximum performance, otherwise it would be clocked up to 1066 Mhz.

  • My Satellite C660-1LD keeps restarting itself

    My Satellite C660-1LD keeps restarting itself. Does anyone know how to stop this?


    What exactly happens? Can you please explain what is happening, but more detailed.

  • CrazyTalk 6 does not work on my Satellite C660-1LD

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite C660-1LD with Windows 7, but cannot run CrazyTalk 6 thereon.

    Whenever I try to run the program I just get a message saying "CrazyTalk 6.2 main program has stopped running". I have tried all the solutions of reallusion and been in touch with iYogi but nothing works.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Hey cool, thanks for your comments!

    You re welcome in the forum :)

  • I need a Canon LIDE 110 the Microsoft Word 2010 new scan.

    original title: digitization of Canon scanner LIDE 110 to Microsoft Word 2010

    I need a Canon LIDE 110 the Microsoft Word 2010 new scan.  I've been using

    Adobe PhotoShop, then download a converter.  Can I search directly in Word?

    The menu "Insert-> picture-> scanner camera.. ' MS Word 2003 is not available for MS Word 2007 and 2010.

    About Microsoft Office Document Imaging

    How to scan a Document using Word

  • I want to reset my computer to factoery settings, but I don't want to delete McAfee anitvirus and Microsoft word 2010?

    I have windows vista and I recently bought a new antivirus and I also bought Microsoft Word 2010 and I want to reset my computer without deleting those?
    Any help please?

    Hello HectorRodriguez_977,

    Reset to factory wipes the hard clean of EVERYTHING.

    You need to reinstall your Antivirus, and Microsoft Word 2010 from the original media.

    This applied to ALL programs that you have installed since your computer was new.

    And back up ALL your data: pictures, music, Documents, etc., or you will lose them, too.

Maybe you are looking for

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