Can't see ALL my photos when browsing web site for download

When I'm on a web site (Kodak, yahoo mail, etc.) n I click on browse to see all my photos and select the ones I downloaded from the web site, I can't access my photos.  IF I go directly (offline) to my images under Windows, I see hundreds, but when online as shown above, I can only access a limited number of them. Is this something that I need to 'run' for update or what?


Hi youneak,

1. What is your default browser?

2. were you able to download photos before without any problem?

3. where are the photos?

4. you receive messages or error codes when you try to access all photos?

Method 1:

Disable or rather uninstall your antivirus and other security software installed and try to import. If this helps you to navigate to the desired folder and get the photos uploaded, this would indicate that the setting of firewall/antivirus blocking you to exert the action. You may need to configure some settings in the software to allow the same.

Note: The computer without antivirus software or firewall is a potential threat to the computer; Be sure to activate security software after completing the troubleshooting steps and after identifying the problem.

Method 2:

You can try to disable add ons and check if it helps:

Step 1:

Run Internet explorer with no Add - ons. Steps to open Internet with no mode of modules:

a. click on start

(b) in the search box, type in Internet explore

c. Select Internet (no add-on mode)

If you were able to access the Web site without any problems, then the module may cause the error.

Step 2: Measures to determine which add-on may be the cause of the error

a. open Internet explorer.

b. click on tools, click on Manage Add-ons, and then click Enable or disable add-ons

c. in the list view, click Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer to display all add-ons.

d. click on the Add-ons that you want to activate, and then select Enable.

e. Repeat steps above for each module that you want to activate.

Check out the link:

Information about complementary modules:

Hope this information is useful.

Jeremy K
Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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