Cannot create the new drive and impossible to reduce c drive I want...

My laptop disk management displays the following information...

(1) healthy OEM 14.75 GB partition
(2) 200 MB Healthy (System, active, primary partition) (containing the system files)
(3) c: in good health (start-up, swap files, dump, primary) (which contains Windows) total 421 GB, free 400 GB (which contains Windows)
(4) D: sound logic GB 29 disc
I want to shrink the C drive in 30 GB and want to do at least 3 drives more. I also have linux in the D drive.
so when I want to shrink C drive, then it shows the size of available shrink space in MB 212653 and total size after shrink 219284MB. This means that my C drive will at least 219284MB. but I don't want that.
Another problem, when I tried to create a new simple volume the following error comes.    You cannot create a new volume in this unallocated space because the disk already contains the maximum number of partitions.  What can I do?

The existence of files across the disk will limit the amount by which you can reduce the volume.  You can defragment to reduce this, but there will always be property files that will create a limit for you.  I had to do a full install in a 70 GB partition for Windows CE - with my first attempt to install, I could not it less than 250 GB even if I tried to partition when installing Win7 had finished.

I think you'll have to decide a complete reinstall to resolve the issues, but that's just my opinion.  During installation, choose the option to partition the drive & set it to create a partition that is not less than 70 GB and Windows will install fortunately in this.  You can then use the rest for a partition of data user files.

You don't mention your brand of PC, but even once, as Palcouk said, you will have some facility in order to safeguard the partition image factory of the manufacturer of the PC in DVD or USB [Dells certainly have the USB option for this].  Fix this before whatever it is that you will destroy this partition when reinstalling and might also do so just try to move partitions.

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    Try a reboot.

    There is a contact link.

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    Hi Bruno.

    If you use odi 11g then you need less than 1.7 java and if you use odi 12 c, then you need Java 1.7 and above.

    I guess in your case you use odi 11g. Check the version of java to java and install java 1.6 also.

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