Cannot install iOS 10.0.1 with Apple Configurator 1.7.2


I have 60 iPads in 5 carts (12 per basket) that I need to install some applications on. They are already configured and supervised with Apple Configurator 1.7.2. I've never had problems in the past with AC1, I've always been able to install the updates and applications easily with very few questions, because of that I've never felt the need to update to AC2. However, this time during the update of ios and refreshment, I get the error 'complete with an error - cannot install iOS' 10.0.1 And now 12 of my iPads are stuck in recovery mode.

I tried before wipe them off and re supervise them, but I always get the cannot install iOS 10.0.1 error, followed by all the iPads stuck in restore mode. I tried to update only 1 or 2 at a time. I tried the update/supervise them with no apps queued for installation. I tried to restore the iPad via iTunes, which works, but when I try to put it back on AC1, I still get the same error mode and recovery.

I tried searching online for compatibility with the new iOS and AC 1 problems but found nothing.

I would like to know if there is more information I should provide that might help.

Thank you for your time.



Hi Ben

Makes your iPad successfully update to IOS 10, we have approximately 400 ipads, I've updated a single ipad at 10 IOS using our MacBook pro AC1 OSX El Capitan to test, ill try another now and see if its success.

When you connect an ipad update the Configurator re-download the IOS 10 or use a cached copy?

How your Configurator is connected to the internet (behind Proxy, Wifi, Ethernet), perhaps the downloaded IPSW file is corrupted and need to be redownloaded removed\.

Kind regards


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    August 30 at 17:24:39 mobile_installation_proxy Issa-mato-iPad [151] < error >: 0 x 345000 MobileInstallationInstallForLaunchServices: failed with-1

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad installed [60] < error >: 0 x 295000 MobileInstallationInstall_Server: could not organize the package

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad mobile_installation_proxy [151] < WARNING >: ERROR: MobileInstallationInstallForLaunchServices returned Nile

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad mobile_installation_proxy [151] < error >: 0 x 345000 handle_install: Installation failed: field = LaunchServicesError Code = 0 error "the operation could not be completed. (Error 0 LaunchServicesError.) "UserInfo = 0 x 16610680 {error = PackageInspectionFailed}

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    is this a bug in adobe air sdk?

    The problem was caused by the presence of a folder called 'resources' packaged in the ipa:

    Here's the line of bad passed to adt in ant:

    Once I changed it 'resources' to something else, the installation worked on ios 7.

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    1. The original Windows 7 starts fine
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    3. I deleted all the partitions on the system and then tried to create a new
    4. The error message is displayed:

    Windows cannot be installed on this drive (show details)

    Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the drive controller is enabled in the BIOS menu.

    SSD: Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD, MZ-VKV512

    BIOS Lenovo: 1.11

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    Check in the BIOS, UEFI boot is selected for the startup to STARTUP tab.

    You must also reset the configuration of the disk on the 950.

    1. start the Windows 10 ISO

    2. launch the command prompt (Admin)

    3. type Diskpart

    4 locate the SSD in the volumes

    5. type Diskpart/select volume # (SSD)

    6. type Diskpart / clean


    Start the Windows 10 ISO

    Installing Windows 10 should now work.

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    There are two former programs that show in uninstall program - one is called Apple Application Support and the other is updated to Apple, both installed software on 31/03/2012.

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    Backups of your library and device should be affected by these measures but there are links to backup and recovery advice there.


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    Hi KiD_CuD1,
    1. What is the exact message?
    2. using 64-bit or the 32-bit version of the operating system?
    Installing the game cannot continue due to some reasons such as:
    1 game corrupt in the DVD.
    2. the stripes or impure DVD.
    3 previous World Of Warcraft installation files on the computer that could not be rewritten.
    4. any security or any other application program blocks installation.

    Step 1: Clean the disc
    Clean the CD or the DVD. To do this, use a disc cleaning kit. Or gently wipe the silver side of the disc with a soft and Lint cotton cloth. Do not use cloth of paper which can scratch the plastic and leave streaks. When you clean the disc, wipe from the center of the disc outward. Do not use a circular motion. If the problem persists, clean the disc with a damp cloth or a commercial CD or DVD cleaning solution. Dry the disc thoroughly until you insert the disc in the drive.
    Step 2: If the steps above don't fix the issue, I recommend you contact the support of World of Warcraft for the replaced disk.


    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    I. Suuresh Kumar - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Cannot install error matix web: problem with windows install.

    Original title: install windows package

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me, not used webmatrix for awhile and I put on and its not responding do not, I tried to re download and no luck, from the web, platform installer it returns constantly so I had a problem with the windows package install. Please can someone help?

    I use microsoft web platform install 3.0

    It fails when I try to install and a message appears

    ASP.NET web pages

    This product has not been installed successfully. There is a problem with this windows package install. a program run as part of the Setup did not finish as expected. Contact your provider to support personal or package.

    ASP.NET web pages language packs

    This product can not be installed because a failure that it was not installed successfully.

    Microsoft webmatrix.

    This product cannot be installed because a prduct which it depends have not installed successfully


    1. What is the message exact error do you get when you try to install the web matrix?

    2. where did you download webmatrix?

    I suggest you to try the steps below and check if it helps.

    Verify that the Windows Installer service is running or not.

    Start the Windows Installer service.
    a. Click Start, type services.msc and press to enter.
    b. in the list of items, double-click Windows installation service.
    c. change the startup type to automatic and click on the Start button to start the service.
    d. click on apply and then click ok.

    e. restart the computer.

    Check whether the problem is resolved.

    Hope this information is useful.

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    Your new HARD drive is recognized correctly in the BIOS?
    Check it!

    Plus when you get exactly the message installing Windows and which will be displayed exactly?

    Can try you with Toshiba Recovery disk, please?

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