Cannot install iOS 9.3.1

I downloaded the updated iOS (9.3.1) but cannot install it.

I made sure I got enough memory on my phone and the battery charge, but it will not install. Can someone help me?

Thank you!


Hi moppsy,.

Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

Leave your post, sounds like you downloaded the iOS 9.3.1 update live, but have not been able to install it. We know that this type of situation can be frustrating, but we are here to help.

To resolve this situation, I would recommend the work done these steps in the following article.

Delete and redownload the update iOS

If you can't always install the latest version of iOS, try to download the update again:

  1. Go to settings > general > storage & use of iCloud. Under storage tap manage storage.
  2. Find that the iOS to update in the list of applications.
  3. Press the update IOS, then remove the update.
  4. Go to settings > general > software update and download the latest iOS update.

If the problem happens again, try to update with iTunes.

Get help with updates of live iOS - Apple Support


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  • Cannot install iOS 10.0.1 with Apple Configurator 1.7.2


    I have 60 iPads in 5 carts (12 per basket) that I need to install some applications on. They are already configured and supervised with Apple Configurator 1.7.2. I've never had problems in the past with AC1, I've always been able to install the updates and applications easily with very few questions, because of that I've never felt the need to update to AC2. However, this time during the update of ios and refreshment, I get the error 'complete with an error - cannot install iOS' 10.0.1 And now 12 of my iPads are stuck in recovery mode.

    I tried before wipe them off and re supervise them, but I always get the cannot install iOS 10.0.1 error, followed by all the iPads stuck in restore mode. I tried to update only 1 or 2 at a time. I tried the update/supervise them with no apps queued for installation. I tried to restore the iPad via iTunes, which works, but when I try to put it back on AC1, I still get the same error mode and recovery.

    I tried searching online for compatibility with the new iOS and AC 1 problems but found nothing.

    I would like to know if there is more information I should provide that might help.

    Thank you for your time.


    Hi Ben

    Makes your iPad successfully update to IOS 10, we have approximately 400 ipads, I've updated a single ipad at 10 IOS using our MacBook pro AC1 OSX El Capitan to test, ill try another now and see if its success.

    When you connect an ipad update the Configurator re-download the IOS 10 or use a cached copy?

    How your Configurator is connected to the internet (behind Proxy, Wifi, Ethernet), perhaps the downloaded IPSW file is corrupted and need to be redownloaded removed\.

    Kind regards


  • Cannot install iOS 10

    I can't install iOS on my iPhone 10 6. Whenever I try to do wireless it just says: "there was a problem while installation of ios 10» It does say what the problem itself. And when I try to do this through itunes, it says only: to connect my iPhone with a USB key even if it is already connected, I tried with two different cords, and none of them does my phone appear.

    On your PC, uninstall iTunes and Apple Mobile Device Support to uninstall. You must uninstall both and reinstall iTunes, plug in your phone and update.

  • Cannot install ios with itunes

    Hello. I tried to install ios 9.3.4 on my phone but I can't. It says "an error install iOS ' then I tried it with itunes on my computer (windows 10) it says not"enough space for it. " But I 127 GB of space in my computer.

    Please help me.

    I'm guessing that you don't have enough space on your iPhone, (and not on your computer).  See the section 'Delete happy' manually in:

    If you need more space for an iOS - Apple Support Update

  • Cannot install iOS 9.3

    When I try to install iOS 9.3, get a message that can not install because it is no longer connected to the Internet, how can this be corrected?

    Apple withdrew temporarily updating iOS 9.3 for devices more old to deal with some issues, what he was creating. Better to wait a few days for them to correct problems.

  • Cannot install iOS 9.3 on my iPad. Said that I'm not connected to the internet

    CCannot install iOS 9.3 on my iPad. Said that I'm not connected to the Internet. Router rebooted, says even I'm not connected.

    I have this same problem with my iPhone 5 s. hope someone can provide an answer.

  • Cannot install iOS app 7: PackageInspectionFailed, had no bundle identifier

    My adobe air 3.8 powered application can be installed and ipads runon running ios 5 and 6.

    But the same apk file cannot be installed on an ipad ios 7 (11A4449d) running.

    I have install the application using adt.  I tried in provision of development and provision of ad hoc. same result.

    Here is the error of the iphone console logs:

    August 30 at 17:24:25 mc_mobile_tunnel Issa-mato-iPad [168] < reviews >: (Note) MC: mc_mobile_tunnel from.

    August 30 at 17:24:33 mobile_installation_proxy Issa-mato-iPad [151] < WARNING >: LaunchServices: Please include the kCFBundleIdentifierKey in the dictionary of options during the installation of an application.

    August 30 at 17:24:33 mobile_installation_proxy Issa-mato-iPad [151] < WARNING >: LaunchServices: install app placeholder existing (null)

    August 30 at 17:24:33 Issa-mato-iPad installed [60] < reviews >: 0 x 295000 handle_install_for_ls: install the ' / var/mobile/Media/PublicStaging/IDA.ipa ' requested by mobile_installation_proxy

    August 30 at 17:24:35 mc_mobile_tunnel Issa-mato-iPad [168] < reviews >: (Note) MC: mc_mobile_tunnel close.

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad installed [60] < error >: 0 x 295000 peruse_package: App info dict loaded from "/ var/tmp/install_staging.rpo8d8/foo_extracted/Payload/" had no bundle identifier

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad installed [60] < error >: 0 x 295000 stage_package: could travel package at /var/tmp/install_staging.rpo8d8/foo_extracted

    August 30 at 17:24:39 mobile_installation_proxy Issa-mato-iPad [151] < error >: 0 x 345000 MobileInstallationInstallForLaunchServices: failed with-1

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad installed [60] < error >: 0 x 295000 MobileInstallationInstall_Server: could not organize the package

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad mobile_installation_proxy [151] < WARNING >: ERROR: MobileInstallationInstallForLaunchServices returned Nile

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad mobile_installation_proxy [151] < error >: 0 x 345000 handle_install: Installation failed: field = LaunchServicesError Code = 0 error "the operation could not be completed. (Error 0 LaunchServicesError.) "UserInfo = 0 x 16610680 {error = PackageInspectionFailed}

    August 30 at 17:24:39 Issa-mato-iPad installed [60] < error >: 0 x 295000 handle_install_for_ls: API failed

    is this a bug in adobe air sdk?

    The problem was caused by the presence of a folder called 'resources' packaged in the ipa:

    Here's the line of bad passed to adt in ant:

    Once I changed it 'resources' to something else, the installation worked on ios 7.

  • Cannot install iOS 9.2.1

    When my iOS downloaded then I try to install, but it shows the audit has not an error occurred . My camera's iPhone 6 more. A

    Please tell me what I can do?

  • Cannot install iOS 9.1

    My name is Hamidar Chanzi of Tanzania. I bought my new iPhone more than 5 s about two weeks ago and it was good work. But now the problem to communicate with others (always indicate ' search'). Also required to update.  I was downloading the iOS 9.1 software success BUT failed to install on my phone as I got the notification as software update is not available. try again later".» But now almost two days and I still get the same notification

    Details of my iPhone from apple as follows:

    Capacity: 11.9 GB

    Version: 9.0.2 (A 13, 452)

    Product: apple iPhone 5 S


    Check your Internet connection, restart/reset the phone and try to update the device a new.

  • After installing IOS 9.3 for Ipad3. I can't activate iPad by Apple ID display error meassage «e-mail cannot be used to unlock the iPad»

    After installing IOS 9.3 for Ipad3. I can't activate iPad by Apple ID display error meassage «e-mail cannot be used to unlock the iPad»

    If you see the lock of Activation screen after update your iOS device, you want to try the following:

    -Restart your iOS device and try to connect again.

    -Visit and log in to ensure that your password is correct.  If you change something here, only to change your password.  Try to connect again on the iPhone.

    -Connect on iTunes on a computer and put your Apple ID and password when it prompts you (as it did on your iOS device). check in the settings.  If you see your iOS device listed, remove account (do not erase or hit lost mode). Restart your device and try to reconfigure.

    -These measures should solve most of the problems.  For someone else, you will need to contact Apple (1-800-MY-APPLE or

    I hope that helps!

  • I'm moving my iphone iOS 5 6.14 to iOS 9.2.1 and I m getting the error below: cannot install the update ios 9.2.1 Please help installation error!

    I'm moving my iphone iOS 5 6.14 to iOS 9.2.1 and I m getting the error below: cannot install error install ios 9.2.1 update.

    what I can't finish the upgrade because of this error, please help immediately, thanks!

    As you change major versions (6-9), the complete installation program must be downloaded. Then, it must be verified and unpacked. Then to do room to write the new while the former is still partially around. He spells that require at least 6-7 GB of free space on the device for an Over The Air update to even have an inkling of a chance to succeed.

    If you do using the iTunes program on a Mac (favorite), download, verification and unpacking occurs in the computer (which has usually a lot more resources than the phone), reducing needs about 1 to 2 GB free space.

  • Cannot install update there is 9.2.1 on my iPad iOS installation error 2

    Cannot install the update there is error install iOS 9.2.1 in my iPad 2

    Hello govindafromdoncaster,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you have found an error when installing the iOS Update 9 on your iPad. You don't mention what is the message, but the following article will cover several errors when trying to install an update:

    Get help with live iOS updates

    Best regards.

  • Cannot install update - iOS 9.3.5

    I have updated my iPad 32 GB of Air problems

    It is running iOS 9.3.3 and wouldn't be updated for iOS 9.3.4.  Now he only will be not updated either 9.3.5.

    When I tried to update 9.3.4, I got messages saying that the update check has failed.  For 9.3.5, it just says: "year error occurred installing iOS 9.3.5" but does not specify what.

    For the two updates, I deleted files update downloaded and redownloaded them several times, without success.  It will not update via iTunes either.  The only advice that I can see anywhere on these issues are 1) download the update new - done and failed.  (2) refresh or restart the machine - made and failed.  (3) update through iTunes - no longer works.

    I have several GB of free space and the problem occurs even when fully charged and if hooked up or not.

    My iPhone updated fine, apart from a few glitches (with contacts and the app crashing) which seemed to be resolved.   I understand these updates are important security, so am eager to sort.

    I would like ideas.  Other than suggestions to do what I've done!

    Thank you.


    On Tuesday 13 ios 10 will be available for download.

    I would expect it, s only 2 days in a row.

    See you soon


  • "Cannot install update and the error occurred ' iOS 9.3.2

    Try to upgrade to 9.3.2 but get "cannot install update and the error has occurred" if I am on WIFI or via iTunes. Someone else?

    Go to settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (the first) > and if there is an update, delete it. Then go to settings > general > Software Update and try again.

  • Unable to sync after installing iOS 10.0.2

    After installing iOS 10.0.2 this morning, I was not able to sync my iPhone 6 s + with my MacBook Pro running Sierra. Y at - it something I need to do. I turned off the phone and computers and they started separately, but not luck. I tried to sync wireless and with 2 different cables of lightning, but not luck.


    Thank you


    A little more information:

    Our two iPads works sync iOS10.0.1 perfectly.

    This is the message I get when I try to sync my iPhone.

    «The iPhone "iPhone 6 s +" cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all the items in iTunes (Go 56.14 additional required) library.»

    I have not changed that is to be synchronized. I'm sure that something is wrong with the 10.0.2 update.


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