Cannot open more than one Macromedia product at a time

I have not really used my Studio products many others this edition of web pages. Well now I'm working on a site that uses flash, but for some reason any that I can't have Dreamweaver (MX 2004) and Flash open at the same time. If I try to open a second channel MX 2004, it will load the splash screen, then leave. The process will not continue to operate. Is this normal? It's frustrating because I can't work with both programs at the same time.

1 GB

Thank you, memory was the answer. I always forget that AOL webmail keeps creaping up to the memory usage if leave you it open and it will start to crawl up to 300 KB, so that 8 million of other things, I usually have running until my computer comes to a crawl and reminds me that I need to close my IE with AOL sessions. In any case, after closing, I was able to open both flash and Dreamweaver. Thank you!

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    It is a very strange problem. I recently installed CS4 and started using it with a Canon 5 d RAW files Mark II camera. By choosing File-> open as-> Camera Raw, I can't select more than one raw file in the file dialog box. I can not open a single raw, no problem, but no matter what I try, or ctrl-A, now the SHIFT key or ctrl does not allow me to open several files. With the CS3 version, that it worked well.

    Is there a setting in preferences to control this (seems very strange there)

    PS: I see that there are two selections available in the list Camera Raw file types: what is the difference between them?

    Thank you

    If they are raw files, then simply use File-> open, you just go the file-> open as a route if you want to open JPEGs in Camera Raw without going through the bridge.

    There is no point in listing of camera Raw file formats because each device produces its own version anyway, one. CR2 file produced by a camera is not the same as that produced by another camera, the Camera Raw plugin must be constantly updated.


    In older versions of window, I could easily open several windows on the screen.  With Windows 7, still cannot find out how to have more than one window open at the same time... work very useful when transferring photos around or bank statements to open and my own Quicken data transfer!  Pls advise.

    If you mean a window of Windows Explorer (file)... simply...

    1. open a window and go to the first folder.
    2 - Again open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location 2.
    Tip: Shift + click (or click with the middle button of the mouse) icon in the taskbar to open a 2nd copy of the same program.

    If it was useful, you can vote by clicking on the green triangle. If it solves the problem, click on propose as answer. Thank you!

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    I have a WRT110. I have two laptops wireless and a wireless on a network printer. Whenever I turn on more than one thing, it's my connection drop. Example, I have my laptop and if I want to print something, I turn on the printer and bam, I lost my wireless connection. What I am doing wrong? Its to the point where if my husband is online and I turn on my Ipod it connect to internet and my husband ends. We continue to have to reset the router and the modem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    On all the computers in Win 7 disable IPv6 under properties cable adapters and wireless LAN.  Restart the computers.

    In the router, turn off UPnP, under settings wireless Beacon interval 75, RTS and Fragmentation threshold to 2304.  Save the settings.  Now connect again and test it.

  • Cannot open more than 1 folder in Windows 7

    Hello! Running win 7 ultimate.

    I'm unable to open other windows of records once 1 is open. I cannot use that explore and must use the navigation pane to open the other files. Its very annoying that I can't open multiple folders! The funny thing is it works for a short period of time, just after I reboot, but the stops working there after. Someone has an idea, what happens? So frustrating!



    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question.

    As described, cannot open more than one folder.

    Run the Fixit and check if it helps.

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    Hope this information helps.

    Answer to us if you are having problems with opening files or any other issue of Windows, and we would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

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    Firefox does not open more than one window at a time, and then opens only new tabs. When asked to open the link in a new window - nothing happens, no error message or the page appears. Otherwise, it works great, but no new firefox window cannot be opened menu or the mouse. I tried to reinstall firefox several times, which did not help.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    Is 3-4 months ago

    There are some extensions that are causing a problem like that. See this:

  • Equium L40 - internet does not work if I open more than one Web site

    I have an Equium L40-10 X, and while the system works well, he doesn't like the internet. If I open more than one Web site, a little box comes up saying that Internet Explorer has experienced a problem and must be restarted. It becomes excruciatingly embarrassing if I'm in the middle of something important and I lose the site I've been on!

    Especially with me, go to college soon too! Especially it will refuse to work if I have to download something, for example, I recently bought an Apple iPod Nano and I needed iTunes in order for me to put music on it, but once he starts the download, the "internet has stopped working" appears and I have to start everything again, but instead of her work - quite simply, there is no!

    This often becomes a case and it makes me incredibly stressed!
    Help, please.


    Always use the OS from windows update?
    These errors occur if the registry is dirty and drunks was not updated!

    Update windows on Microsoft for the last State page!
    In addition, you must clean the registry using the freeware tool called CCleaner. It s nice!

    So finally a hint;
    You can access the internet with Microsoft Internet Explorer and with another internet browser like Firefox for example.

    I recommend you this possibility.


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    Why we cannot create more than one primary key on a table. Why we create several unique key on a table. Please explain if anyone have details of this.

    «a primary key has semantic meaning, it is to be immutable (never change of value), unique and not null.»

    a unique constraint is simply "at any time, these values are unique - they can change and they can be null.

    You use a unique when constraint

    (a) you do not already have a primary key for a table can have only one
    (b) you allow NULL values in attributes
    "(c) to allow you to update the values in the attributes.

  • Cannot open more than 1 pdf with adobe acrobat dc. How to set up so I have to open multiple PDFs?

    Cannot open more than 1 pdf with adobe acrobat dc. How to set up so I have to open multiple PDFs?

    Hi markj15462400,

    Open Acrobat DC, navigate to the Edit-> Preferences-> General-> uncheck "Open Documents in a new tab in the same window.

    Restart your system & now try opening the files.

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

    Kind regards

  • I work in a large project on my main composition and have always return all night but cannot give more than one inside and out...?


    I work in a big project on my main composition in 2015 of EI, Yosemite 10.10.5 and always return all night but cannot give more than one inside and out...?

    If I give several definitions in my composition to queue rendering, After Effects rendered all points, but only the last again and again.

    I never need to make multiple files during the night, so I don't know if this is normal or there at - there a Posibility to return more control then a?

    Kind regards


    It's one of these bugs CC 2015. It would be possible to set using render settings different, it seems to occur with specific formats.


  • Photoshop can open more than one chart at a time without crashing

    I get the error:

    The instruction at "0x7c918af2" referenced memory at "0x00000010". The memory could not be "written".

    Whenever I try to open more than one image in Photoshop, at the same time, no matter how I do - no matter if I choose the image and 'open in photoshop"or if I am in photoshop and go in"to file/open ".

    This is Photoshop CS3. I already uninstalled, restarted the computer and reinstalled. I tried to 'fix/change' Windows, but it asks for the cd of CS3 and CS4, I don't since I use CS3.

    It's quite frustrating because it would be nice to be able to merge the photos and the myriad of other things you can do with multiple images at the same time, if their opening not to crash your program.

    I saw a post where they can open only one document at a time and had random crashes.  The problem was solved by changing the default printer to something that is always available (not a network printer).  Maybe check what your is defined.

  • Is there a way / shortcut so that you can open more than one message into several tabs?

    I just want to know if there is a way to open several messages in multiple tabs? Rather than select one at a time to open a tab, one at a time. I want to select more than one message and then right click on a command or press a command button control to open several tabs.

    It would diminish my time trying to catch up on some of my stream that can post a few messages per day.

    I hope to have the answer to my question. I look at the help section and none of them really answered my question. I had an RSS aggregator, before which does this, but it became not supported.

    Please let me know if you don't understand what I'm trying to say as well. Thank you in advance!

    Select the messages, and press Ctrl + O or go to the Message open in the menu bar.

  • Remote Desktop RDG cannot have more than one remote gateway server.

    Original title: Remote Desktop RDG

    The app works very well except that you can not have more than one remote gateway server.  I have two different infrastructures that I connect and they have different configurations of RDG.  You cannot change the advanced options when you create a new connection.  You can't modify it until you connect once.  I can not connect because the RDG are for another server.  Check connection options during the installation of the initial connection.

    OK, never mind.  I figured this out.  When you are on the home screen see you the bar charms and select settings.  From there, you can change the default RDG server machines new use.  Exactly what I needed.  Works fine now.

  • Cannot open more than 1 browser Firefox

    My computer won't let me open more than 1 browser Firefox at the same time. If I close my browser Firefox 1 I can't reopen it unless I have use Windows Task Manager to END the process Firefox.exe. It seemed to start after I upgraded to a different program, but don't know if it's the cause... still a problem even after uninstalling this program and re - install Firefox twice. The Firefox on my Ironkey personal works great and Internet Explorer works fine. Firefox worked fine for over a year.

    See "hang out":

  • Cannot select more than one bitmap image in desktop Animate

    I can't select more than one bitmap image in desktop Animate. Always select the same object, what should I do?

    I guess these bitmaps are on the scene. They are all on the same layer? Who is always selected is large and, perhaps, on top of all the others?

    If the bitmaps are all on one layer, you can separate each in separate layers. Once you do this, you can lock / unlock layers individually so that you can work with one image at a time.

Maybe you are looking for