Cannot physically remove the hard drive from the Pavilion dv4-1430us

The disk hard origianal in this Pavilion dv4-1430us makes mechanical noises, so I will try to replace it with a new one.  I checked the owner's manual supplied with the dv4-1430us, and it gives these instructions (here condensed): 1) remove the power cord and disconnect the battery, 2) remove the hd plastic cover, 3) remove three screws of hard drive now the hd casing in place and 4) pull hard hd tab to the left then go out.

The problems are: A) there is no hard drive to draw labels, and B) after you remove the three screws, can't do the hd if I push on it to move to the right or remove it from the left.  I don't want to use tools like screwdriver large flat blade or bars of little Crow because it seems like that would probably break something.  Does anyone know how to remove the hard drive of this particular model without breaking something?


Thanks for a very detailed and quick response.  It turns out the indications that I read in the manual, your statements and mine were all in line to exert a force on the hard drive in the direction indicated by the red arrow on your image.  (A picture is worth a thousand words and your supplied photo clarity that my summary of instructional text has not.)  I decided to take a picture of the entire hard drive in my dv4-1430us (see below) to show that there is no close tab Mylar pull, as there is on the photo you condition.   (The same gray metal tab that appears in your photo, but no mylar tab).

Apparently my dv4-1430us had some differences at its Assembly of HD compared to yours.  As you can see, the structural elements that surround the HD are very similar to those of your photo, but there is no narrow mylar like in your photo tag.  There is a dark mylar or similar film plastic on top of my HD, and there is a triangle of silver color at the bottom right of this film that points in the same direction as your red arrow.  I tried lifting up the end of this film, mylar and pulling that direction (to the right in this picture), but a part of it (in the upper right corner of this photo) began to tear.  As the film seems to only be glued on the top edge of the caddy HD (also called frame or cage in some articles), I doubted that the show was strong enough to eliminate the stress of a closed winching.  A comrade who has put a video on YouTube showing this procedure also indicated that he had torn this layer of film when he first attempted to remove the HD.  Because I assume that the dark film has a purpose (static protection?)  I gave up shooting at the right edge of the film.

However the consistency of the instructions in the manual, the instructions on this YouTube video and instructions in your answer on the direction in which the Assembly needed to move HD gave me the courage to put a force pushing the HD in the direction of your red arrow.  To do this, I placed the tip of a flat blade screwdriver large (blade about 5/16 "wide) at the points indicated at the ends of the two yellow arrows in my picture.  In these positions, the blade of screwdriver pushed against the HD box and not the hard drive itself.  Each of these two places, I gave him some very closed but controlled scrimmages, and HD finally moved in the direction of your red arrow as it is supposed to.  I then lifted all of the HD and replaced the HD without incident.

The action drag the new HD in place was much easier that it was removing the original HD for the first time.  It was perhaps because of some hard rubber padding that has been placed on each side of the original HD assembly that makes for a very tight fit.

I hope that this description is useful for others who do not have used mylar tab in their computers laptops dv4 and those whose HD assemblies are very tight in.  Thanks again for your quick response that gave me enough comfort to move forward.

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