I switch my laptop hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS via a command prompt and now cannot read the disc.

convert my portable hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS by using the command line.
After conversion, my pc can not read my laptop hard drive, I check the computer, my protable hd management 1175 GB, my drive only of 500 GB hard probatle, be how to 1175bg? can someone help me? now I can't play my disc hard protable.


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  • is it possible to convert an external hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS?

    I have a WD 1 TB HARD drive with FAT32 extension and I try to copy files larger than 4 GB (which does NOT support the FAT32). I've been looking for a solution and I found that the best solution is converted to NTFS.

    My questions are, is there another way? If there is no other way, is there a possibility of data loss? How to convert?

    Convert to NTFS will not result in data loss (of course, there is always that chance but it is not intended to do and I haven't heard any problems with how it works under Vista) If you follow the instructions below.

    There is no other way if you want to copy the largest filses - only NtFS that will allow.  NTFS is better anyway because it also gives you more options seciurity and is better designed (in addition to being able to handle files of any size).

    Here is the procedure: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Convert-a-hard-disk-or-partition-to-NTFS-format.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.

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  • I want to move my hard drive from a computer with a motherboard dead to a newer machine. The activation process for Windows XP SP3 failed.

    I want to move my hard drive from a computer with a motherboard dead to a newer machine.  The activation process failed.  How can I get the operating system XP Professional sp3 reactive?  I have the code original and other info.

    original title: Moving the death machine drive

    Hello CarrolScott,

    The activation problem arose because the hardware on your current computer does not match that of the hardware on the machine whose mother is dead.

    The best option for the reactivation is to use the telephone line. This, unfortunately, is automated and may refuse to turn on your system; However, don't despair just rest on the line after the automated atcivation crossed its procedure and you will be transferred to a real person. Tell this person you've done, and it should be able to help activate.

    See this link from my Web site: http://vistasupport.mvps.org/product_key_already_in_use.htm

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

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    Hi mo_man,

    Please add fill tool & signe sign towards the center of tools Tools pane, please see this KB for help Acrobat help. Basics of the workspace.

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

    Kind regards

  • Windows cannot read the disc in the drive F:\


    HP laptop with Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit, I bought the CD room worked well and I did not use the CD room for a long time so I inserted the blank CD and when I had just the triad to open the CD drive f:\ he says «Windows is unable to read the disc in the drive F:\» "and when I triad to burn the image on CD, it says"Windows can not burn the image drive f:\, please insert a writable disc in drive f:\. "and I triad to see if GTA IV Episode From Liberty City CD will work or not it worked but did not show the CD icon and the Autorun does not work and I tried other CD and I had the same problem that the autorun does not work and no icon for the CD.
    Here are some pictures:

    I knew how to fix it

  • Windows Vista CD problems - "Windows cannot read the disc in the drive E:\. Make sure that the disc uses a firmat Windows recognizes.

    Original title: problems of Windows Vista CD

    Windows Vista Home premium. You want to burn on a CD - RW disc image files. Inserted the disc in the drive and got the message "Windows is unable to read the disc in the drive E:\. Make sure that the disc uses a firmat Windows recognizes. If the drive is not formatted, you must format it before you use it. "I can't get a dialog to come so that I could format. Not had this problem with a disc previous out of the box Memorex even.

    My problem has been resolved by the www.mydigitallife.info/autoplayautorun-not-working-or-missing-not-open-in-windows-vista/ procedure. The first element - material Detection service kernel - managed.

  • Hard drive has failed, installed a new, reinstalled Windows Vista and now it says my product key is already in use. What can I do?

    Recently, I had a big crash and had now from phones new scrach and power. Because of what is happening, I also lost my hard drive and now have had to reinstall Vista. I did, but now it is said that the same product key, I used for my old system is currently in use. How can I fix this and y at - it a way to im using the key provided with the tower. Please help me with this problem as soon as there is only a cuple of days remaining until I'm locked out of the system.                Thank you guys for the research. Sincerely the_new_guy

    original title: Install Issiue

    Case of failure of the online activation, activate Windows Vista by phone - follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, and then click computer.
    2. Click System Properties on the toolbar, and then click click here to activate Windows now in the Windows activation area.
    3. The Windows of Activation Wizard starts.
    4. Click use the telephone system automated in the Windows Wizard of Activation.
    5. When you are given a telephone number, call and wait for someone to pick up (do not select options).
  • Is it possible to add a hard drive to a VM running via a script or a program without using the user interface

    I'll try to ask this question clearly, but I ask that read you it carefully, because I can't do a great job of setting out clearly what I'm looking for.

    I know how to create a virtual disk in a batch file or a script.  I know how to have a running virtual machine to detect a newly added hard drive and format it in Linux, BACK, and NetWare. I do not have scripted this part, but I did it manually by adding records via the UI and then by doing the steps manually to make the operating system to detect and format the newly added drive. In each case, these steps are scriptable with the exception of the addition of the drive in the user interface.

    The only way I know to add a new hard disk to a virtual computer running is through the user interface. I don't know in a way that can contain script (for example vmrun or an API call) to make.

    I guess that maybe I can have the virtual machine to go into sleep mode and then add the HDD in the vmx file while the machine is in standby mode, then put the computer to sleep mode, although I have not tested this.

    My question is, ' can a virtual drive be added to a virtual machine running without using the user interface and without put the machine to sleep, or in other words in a script any?

    Have you tried VI SDK?

  • Disk drive cannot read the disc. The product is s5120f Pavilion Slimline. Windows 7 operating system

    I did the diagnostic tests, and the drive seems to work fine. I think I just need to clean the lens, as I've never cleaned. I need to know what kind of cleaning kit or drive to buy. I bought a cheap vacuum disc at Wal-Mart (Memorex) but it does not work in the PC disc drive - it has no brushes. A Utube video uses a 2-brush Phillips drive, but I want to confirm before buying another. Perhaps that the system 2-brush of cd/dvd lens cleaner SVC2330/27 Phillips? The recommendation is appreciated.

    Hello alhirt,

    I found a. He said that it is only a solution for lenses DVD-Bluray, but I heard that it is also a good solution for the computer lenses.

    If you already have one, good luck.


    One year fabric warranty.

    I am pleased that help you


  • Windows cannot read the disc in the drive E:\

    When I put a CD - R or DVD-R in the E: drive, I get a message "make sure the disc uses a format windows recognizes." If the drive is not formatted, you must format it before you use it. »
    I use new formatted discs, also when I put a CD - R in the drive E has some files word on it, it will start and I can see all the files and I can edit, print and save, but I can't add another word file, although there is plenty of space on the disk.
    I think that if a disc is not formatted when I put it in drive E I should get a pop-up with the option to format.
    I am running Vista Home Premium - SP-1


    Hi Ricky,.

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Another user had run into the same issues as you, please take a look at this post and see if you can solve your problem of suggestions other people.


    Hope that will do it, please post back and let us know ok.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • When you try to copy messages from Outlook Express to Live Mail, all of the .dbx except folders.dbx files copy OK. My new PC cannot read the disc to import messages (probably because that folders.dbx is missing?)

    I followed the contours of Ms. webesite steps to transfer my OE messages to my new LiveMail on my new PC. Instructions to mention to make sure that when you copy the message on a CD for transfer files to new PC that they must include the file "folders.dbx".  All my files message correctly copy except "folders.dbx".

    I guess that's why the new PC says there are no messages on the CD to be imported from (although I see that all of the .dbx files).

    Why is that I am having a problem copying "folders.dbx" and this is my problem in terms of imports?

    Create a new identity in OE and import the messages. This new storage location to transfer it to WLMail. It will be all new dbx files so no corruption should be gone.

  • EPA 11 I and she recently used. Erased from my project and now cannot open the new or existing project editor.

    PC computer

    The original Win 7 updated to 10

    When I opened BEFORE it opens to the Welcome screen. If I click on the Organizer, it opens. If I click on the Publisher, it opens on the choice of new or existing project. When I click on one of them PRE closes or disappears.

    If I repeat the same process of the same thing happens.

    I recently completed a 1 h 20 min film that took me a long time to do. IV ' e he has burned down and deleted.

    I've copied and changed then burned about 5 cassettes VHS, some of them on a long hour and 3 1 hours. long. These projects are carried out, and I would like to continue with a new project, perhaps 3 h. long.

    I can't open the editor of a new project.

    For me I can have deleted a necessary element of the program. How to check? What should do?

    [email protected] wrote:

    For me I can have deleted a necessary element of the program. How to check? What should do?

    If so, uninstall, use the Adobe cleaning tool (Yes, it works for Premiere Elements):

    Use the cleaning of creative cloud tool to resolve installation problems

    and reinstall from here:

    Download Adobe Premiere Elements 15, 10, 12, 14, 11, 13

  • has taken a hard drive from a HP pavillion laptop and I put it on a Toshiba laptop and now I can not activate

    I took a hard drive from a HP pavillion laptop and I put it on a Toshiba laptop and now I can not activate it and its telling me that windows is not genuine but also telling me that my product key is incorrect. I maybe need to all system files and things for a Toshiba.How can solve this problem?

    Hello Eduardo Montoya when you traded player having Windows installed on it? If so you will not be able to activate the operating system is an OEM manufacturer and will only work with the original system. If it is a retail facility, you will need to use the phone activation steps listed in the link below. Let me know if it helps. Thank you.

    Windows XP


    Windows Vista


    Windows 7


  • Unable to transfer data from the laptop hard drive external/pendrive.

    Dear Experts,

    Unable to transfer data from the laptop hard drive external/pendrive.

    Each time that tried to transfer meesage seems to the authorization of the administration.

    Kindly help me to solve the problem.



    Follow these steps and check:

    To take ownership of a folder

    a. click on the USB key you want to learnand then click on Properties.

    b. click on the Security tab, click Advanced and then click on the tab owner.

    c. click on change. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    d. click on the name of the person you want to give to the property.

    e. If you want that person to be the owner of the files and subfolders in this folder, select the owner of subcontainers and objects replace check.

    f. click on OK.

  • Conversion of 232 GB external hard drive from NTFS to FAT32.

    I already tried a lot of free programs and other people say those free whenever I go to apply the changes, it says you need to purchase the program before any changes can be made. I tried cmd prompt, but he said that the volume was great to convert to FAT32. I tried to use windows help and they give me the steps but when I select the options it gives only me exFAT and NTFS. That's it for external use with my PS3 HD and he only read FAT32. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.

    To format a hard drive in FAT32 partition

    1. To open computer management, click Start , and then click Control Panel . Click system and Maintenance , click Administrative Tools and then double-click computer management .

    2. In the Navigation pane, the (Local) computer management, under storage, click Disk Management.

    3. Right click on the partition to be formatted, then click on format.

    4. In the Format dialog box, under file system, select FAT32, click OK, and then click OK again.

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