Cannot set the Airport Extreme to extend the existing network

Network WiFi of my holiday home is provided by the router from my ISP (Time Warner). I have an Airport Extreme, which used to be configured to provide the WiFi network to another well, and I would use it to extend the existing on the TWC router network.

I had a lot of trouble to do a factory reset on the Airport Extreme, but I'm sure I managed (by turning on with the pressed reset button) after several attempts. At least the extreme doesn't show signs of the old network, he has provided.

When I try to set it up in the Airport utility, he wants only to create a new network. If I click on 'Other Options' and select 'Add to an existing network', the next screen is titled "This Airport Extreme will create a network" and prompts to enter a new network name and password. (Specifying the name of the network current generates an error because the network already exists, as I expect for the creation of a new network.)

Any ideas on how to tweak this Airport Extreme by extending a network?



P.S. I have reviewed plugging extreme in one of the TWC router EtherNet ports and create its own WiFi network (with the advantage of adding support for 5 GHz), but the last time I tried I lost all connectivity; I'm afraid that the ISP network might protect against too broad network, although the glitch may have been a coincidence. If anyone has experience/ideas on this alternative configuration, I might be willing to try again.


AirPort Extreme would not be able to connect using a wireless connection and to extend the wireless network of the ISP, but if you can connect the AirPort Extreme to the ISP using a permanent router, wired Ethernet cable, then AirPort Extreme could be used to provide broader coverage of wireless in this way signal.

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    Yes, if you understand that the Ethernet cable must remain permanently connected at all times.

    If yes how I would go about setting up

    Locate the AirPort Extreme right in the middle of the remote Valley where you need more coverage of wireless signal

    Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports on the router from sky on 'o' WAN port on the AirPort Extreme <-->

    Run the Apple installation "Wizard".

    Assign the same exact wireless network name that uses the heaven to the AirPort Extreme router

    Assign a name of device for AirPort Extreme

    Enter the exact same word of wireless that uses the sky router

    Enter the password to confirm

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    Read the support document that I posted the link, prior to changes for openldap ensure you that it is saved.

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    Kind regards


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    05:21:52, 013 INFO [STDOUT] * error

    05:21:52, 064 INFO [STDOUT] cannot set the configured property "/ Initial.initialServices" atg.nucleus.ConfigurationException: could not resolve the component/com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/FacebookProfileRequestServlet

    I checked the path of configuration of two components and the structure of the servlet is as below.

    src/com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/ and src/com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/

    For properties files I created them under the path - config/atg/dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline / config/atg/dynamo/servlet/pipeline

    Inside of these I keep the files and

    The is as below - config/atg/dynamo/servlet/

    The content of is-

    & initialServices =.

    / ATG/Dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/FacebookAuthStatusServlet,.

    / ATG/Dynamo/servlet/dafpipeline/FacebookProfileRequestServlet

    Should I have to keep the two pipelines-dafpipeline and pipeline or one of them?

    And my pipeline structure is correct or not?

    How to solve the error above?

    Please help on this!

    Kind regards


    You seem to be confusing core components and classes Java.  They are completely different.  The error message that you get "Unable to resolve component", says that the kernel is unable to find a file of specific properties anywhere in the directories named in your configpath trees.  To be precise, there is no file named /com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/ in your config directory.  If I read correctly this conversation, it is because the file with this name is a .java file, not a .properties file.  The two most likely causes of your problem are:

    1. you have a file of properties somewhere that mentions/com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/FacebookAuthStatusServlet as the value of something else than $class.  $class is a special case whose value is sought by a Java ClassLoader in the classpath.  Values of the other properties are interpreted as references to the component, and looked up from core in the configpath.

    2. in the directory tree that contains the /com/progiweb/fbconnect/pipeline/ isn't in the configpath.  ATG displays the complete configpath during startup.  If your directory is missing, you have may have specified correct information in the entrance of the ATG-Config-path in your module MANIFEST. MF file.

  • ORA-12054: cannot set the ON COMMIT...

    can someone please tell me what am I missing here?
    I can't create a materialized view, but I can't understand why is this?
    SQL> select * from v$version;
    Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE       Production
    TNS for HPUX: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    SQL> r
      1* select master,primary_key from user_mview_logs where MASTER='CIS_CASE' or master='CCR_ACTION_DEF'
    MASTER                         PRI
    ------------------------------ ---
    CCR_ACTION_DEF                 NO
    CIS_CASE                       NO
    SQL> r
      1  SELECT a.table_name, a.constraint_name, a.constraint_type, b.column_name
      2    FROM user_constraints a, user_cons_columns b
      3   WHERE a.constraint_name = b.constraint_name
      4*    AND a.table_name IN ('CIS_CASE', 'CCR_ACTION_CASES')
    TABLE_NAME                     CONSTRAINT_NAME                C COLUMN_NAME
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ - ----------------
    CCR_ACTION_CASES               ID_PK                          P ID
    CIS_CASE                       PK_CIS_CASE                    P ID
    CIS_CASE                       SYS_C008496                    C ID
      3  AS
      4  SELECT c.ID,
      5         CASE
      6            WHEN (c.script_id IS NULL OR c.queue_id IS NULL)
      7               THEN 1
      8            WHEN c.script_id IS NOT NULL AND c.queue_id IS NOT NULL
      9               THEN 2
     10         END TYPE,
     11         c.datum + a.due_time / 24 - a.alarm_due_time_1 / 24 alarm1,
     12         c.datum + a.due_time / 24 - a.alarm_due_time_2 / 24 alarm2,
     13         c.datum + a.due_time / 24 due_date
     14    FROM ccr_action_def a, cis_case c                                  --users u
     15   WHERE NVL (a.queue_id, NVL (c.queue_id, 0)) = NVL (c.queue_id, 0)
     16     AND NVL (a.type_id, NVL (c.case_code_type_id, 0)) =
     17                                                    NVL (c.case_code_type_id, 0)
     18     AND NVL (a.code_id,
     19              NVL (NVL (NVL (c.code_id_4, code_id_3), code_id_2), code_id_1)
     20             ) = NVL (NVL (NVL (c.code_id_4, code_id_3), code_id_2), code_id_1)
     21     AND (c.datum + a.due_time / 24 < SYSDATE)
     22     AND state IN (1, 2)
     23  UNION
     24  SELECT c.ID, 3 TYPE, a.due_date - a.alarm_due_time_1 / 24 alarm1,
     25         a.due_date - a.alarm_due_time_2 / 24 alarm2, a.due_date
     26    FROM ccr_action_cases a, cis_case c
     27   WHERE c.ID = a.cis_case_id
     28     AND (a.due_date < SYSDATE)
     29     AND state IN (1, 2);
      FROM ccr_action_cases a, cis_case c
    ERROR at line 26:
    ORA-12054: cannot set the ON COMMIT refresh attribute for the materialized view

    Vili Dialis wrote:
    Rob, if you have any comments on my last query operation, I would be greatfull.


    You must start with a join view which does not contain any aggregate. Just a join of the ccr_action_def and cis_case. And don't forget to include the two table rowid to make quickly updatable. Then create a full blown newspaper on top of the join mv materialized view and create mv aggregation, selecting in the mv to join.

    Kind regards

    Published by: Rob van Wijk on 14-dec-2009 12:09

    And two boards that are not linked mv:

    (1) as has said, use and in a group by clause for the query itself work
    (2) do not use the string ' 14.12.09", use a date but you compare it with a date. So use: date "2009-12-14'

  • I use Airport extreme and cable Airport Express to extend my wireless network.

    My new laptop running windows 7 connects to the extreme, no problem. When I go to my store it will connect to the express. I have a laptop more XP and it links the two places without problem. I also have an Ipad3 which connects without a problem.

    I use Airport express to extend my wireless network.


    Follow the steps in the article, and check.

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  • Cannot complete the home network implementation to include this computer as it can not be seen on the network.

    Original title: How can I remove a unidentified firewall running also apparently in Windows Firewall?

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    1. what makes you think that there are unidentified, firewalls running on the computer?
    2. what exactly happens when you try the home network configuration? You receive an error message?
    3. what exactly happens when you try to ping any computer on the network? Error message?
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    I tried to set up a simple customer vpn using this document


    6.3 (5) PIX version

    interface ethernet0 car

    Auto interface ethernet1

    ethernet0 nameif outside security0

    nameif ethernet1 inside the security100

    activate the encrypted password of VmHKIhnF4Gs5AWk3

    VmHKIhnF4Gs5AWk3 encrypted passwd

    hostname VOIPLABPIX


    fixup protocol dns-length maximum 512

    fixup protocol ftp 21

    fixup protocol h323 h225 1720

    fixup protocol h323 ras 1718-1719

    fixup protocol http 80

    fixup protocol they 389

    fixup protocol rsh 514

    fixup protocol rtsp 554

    fixup protocol sip 5060

    fixup protocol sip udp 5060

    fixup protocol 2000 skinny

    fixup protocol smtp 25

    fixup protocol sqlnet 1521

    fixup protocol tftp 69

    names of

    access-list 101 permit ip

    access-list 101 permit ip

    access-list 102 permit ip

    access-list 102 permit ip

    pager lines 24

    Outside 1500 MTU

    Within 1500 MTU

    IP address outside 208.x.x.11

    IP address inside

    alarm action IP verification of information

    alarm action attack IP audit

    IP local pool voicelabpool -

    history of PDM activate

    ARP timeout 14400

    NAT (inside) - 0 102 access list

    Route outside 208.x.x.11 1

    Route inside 1

    Timeout xlate 03:00

    Timeout conn 01:00 half-closed 0:10:00 udp 0: CPP 02:00 0:10:00 01:00 h225

    H323 timeout 0:05:00 mgcp 0: sip from 05:00 0:30:00 sip_media 0:02:00

    Sip timeout - disconnect 0:02:00 prompt Protocol sip-0: 03:00

    Timeout, uauth 0:05:00 absolute

    GANYMEDE + Protocol Ganymede + AAA-server

    AAA-server GANYMEDE + 3 max-failed-attempts

    AAA-server GANYMEDE + deadtime 10

    RADIUS Protocol RADIUS AAA server

    AAA-server RADIUS 3 max-failed-attempts

    AAA-RADIUS deadtime 10 Server

    AAA-server local LOCAL Protocol

    Enable http server

    http inside

    http inside

    No snmp server location

    No snmp Server contact

    SNMP-Server Community public

    No trap to activate snmp Server

    enable floodguard

    Permitted connection ipsec sysopt

    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-aes-256 trmset1, esp-sha-hmac

    Crypto-map dynamic map2 10 set transform-set trmset1

    map map1 10 ipsec-isakmp crypto dynamic map2

    client authentication card crypto LOCAL map1

    map1 outside crypto map interface

    ISAKMP allows outside

    ISAKMP identity address

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 10

    ISAKMP policy 10 encryption aes-256

    ISAKMP policy 10 sha hash

    10 2 ISAKMP policy group

    ISAKMP life duration strategy 10 86400

    vpngroup address voicelabpool pool cuclab

    vpngroup dns 204.x.x.10 Server cuclab

    vpngroup cuclab by default-field

    vpngroup split tunnel 101 cuclab

    vpngroup idle 1800 cuclab-time

    vpngroup password cuclab *.

    Telnet timeout 5

    SSH 208.x.x.11 outside

    SSH outdoors

    SSH inside

    SSH timeout 60

    Console timeout 0

    username labadmin jNEF0yoDIDCsaoVQ encrypted password privilege 2

    Terminal width 80


    : end

    Try to turn on NAT - T

    PIX (config) #isakmp nat-traversal 20


  • Addition of wireless routers in series with the existing network

    I have a client who wants to add at least 3 Wireless throughout their existing network routers. The problem is that these routers must be in the same subnet as the existing network. Oh, we use routers Linksys WRT610N. By default, routers set up a new subnet with a DHCP assigned IP of the primary subnet. I was able to change the static WAN IP, but I do not know how to configure the rest. The point of this is that if a user connected via the ethernet cable or wireless signal, they should be able to access the same network resources. I chatted with support, but they are not allowed to help what it isn't is not a "standard" configuration Anyone can shed some light on this subject? I've done this before with another customer, but its been a few years and it's a different router.

    Thank you!

    You don't want a router. You want a wireless access point. You have wireless routers that you do not use as routers, but only as access points. A router by definition routes traffic between several subnets connected to the various interfaces (LAN and WAN). This kind of configuration is not what the WRT is built for and that's why support said you that it is not a standard configuration for a WRT.

    You can use a WRT as simple access point.

    Reconfigure the router via its web interface. Connect a computer to the router first.

    1. set the LAN IP address on a free IP address in the existing network.
    2. make sure NOT to set a static IP address on the type of internet connection.
    3. on the main configuration page turn off the DHCP server.
    4. now save the settings. You will lose the connection.
    5. unplug the computer and one of the numbered LAN ports of wire to your existing network.

    Now you can access the web interface of the WRT to the new LAN IP address. All wired to the other 3 LAN ports and everything wirelessly connected has access to the network directly.

Maybe you are looking for