change background on youcam5 webcam

I just started my own business and I would like to send email to brief business on my webcam - a Cyberlink YouCam5.  I thought it would be cool to change the background of my webcam and replace it with the name of my company: National employee benefits Services, Inc. - letters purple - white Uni... Although I have heard of "green screen", I have no idea how to proceed, and it doesn't seem that there's nothing in Windows Movie Maker to help.  Suggestions for a novice would be greatly appreciated.  -J' hope - would it be as easy as my Firmenlogo in Word or Publisher, and then somehow transferred to my webcam?

Thank you very much,



Hi John,.

It seems that you are facing problems in Cyberlink webcam to change the background.

-What operating system is installed on your computer?

AS the Cyberlink Youcam 5 isn't a registerd Microsoft product, I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the webcam to see if they have any software installation according to your needs or to use your favorite search engine to find the application that meets your requirements.

I hope it helps. If you have any questions about Windows in the future, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

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    Hi Jessywolfe,

    Normally it is not possible to change the background on Windows 7 starter then maybe an upgrade to Home Premium would be an option.

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    Kind regards


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    Thank you!

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    RaviNookala wrote:

    ... Is this possible to do just a title with a test unit containing 30 background files and then edit them in FCPX if necessary.


    Of course, look at:

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    1 go to give this idea a Kudos: key Event discussion

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    The display of the sidebar is the same to the left or right of your desktop.  I have the max value display resolution: 1680 x 1050 with a photo as background 1680 x 1050.  I have "the sidebar is always above other windows" option is NOT selected.  I tried other background images more low resolution.

    Customizing desktop color corrected and the aspect of a problem.  Choose the Windows Vista Basic color scheme.  Start missed this info provided through the previous question above.

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    Thank you!


    graphics.setBackgroundColor (myColor); for the background color

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    .. Suggest me any hotfix,... Please... I have updated to windows 7 and 2 days before installing.

    Hello Jay Jagannath,.

    Have you tried using a different user profile in order to determine if it is present?

    If you need help to create or fix your user profile, take a look at this link.

    Hope this helps

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Welcome to the Forums Community Microsoft and thanks for posting the question.

    According to the description, you need assistance to change the color on the taskbar.

    You can change the color of the taskbar of as follows:

    a. right click on the empty space on the desktop.

    b. click on Customize.

    c. click on Windows color to the bottom of the window.

    d. click on drop down menu to show color mixer.

    e. you can now move the sliders accordingly and change the required color.

    Change the colors on your computer

    Hope this information helps. Get back to us if you have more queries about Windows.

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    Hi jagjeets,

    Please see the tutorial below.

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    How to change the background of a Photo in Photoshop

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


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