Change the width of the content of inputListOfValues inside the af: query


I am looking for a possibility to change the width of the content inside my af:query.

For example, I have in my fields of application 2 (width 100) and an inputListOfValues (width depends on the width of the content max)

I want to display them with the same size.

I put all 3 columns the same width, but af:query always display the current max inputListOfValues width content.

Is it possible to achieve that?

I found the solution

but it does not work for inputListOfValues, only for text input fields. Maybe some css, but how to add css inside the af: query?

I use jdev

AFAIK width for inputListOfValues inside the af: query depends on the size of the field in the database.
But we can change the with inputListOfValues inside af: query. This is the easiest way to do it:

1. go into your view object - > attributes

2. click on the attribute for which you have the LOV. Click on edit to change this attribute.

3. click on control flags on the left panel. Change view width.

4 apply, Ok, save & enjoy

See an example screenshot. We are allowed to change other fields too. This should work for 11g R1 and 11g R2. Please share if you find another way. Hopefully this will solve your problem.

Thank you

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    Thank you

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    No problem, did you work?

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    If you run a pure apex report, you have so much control to hide columns, depending on the conditions.

    If you use BI Publisher report at Apex, then you have to write the logic in the model.

  • Change the SELECT query

    step-1 select * from t1 --has one column c1 number
    step-2 select * from t2 --has two columns c1 number, c2 number (FK of t1.c1), c3 number (FK of t3.c1)
    step-3 select * from t3 --has two columns c1 number, c2 varchar2
    step-4 SELECT t1.*,t2.*,t3.*,
                  ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( ORDER BY t3.c2 ASC
                                            ) RowNumber
              FROM t1
                    LEFT JOIN t2 ON t2.c2=t1.c1
                    LEFT JOIN t3 ON t3.c1 = t2.c3
    c1     c2     c3
    1     101     1
    2     102     2
    3     103     0
    c1     c2
    0     c
    1     b
    2     a
    c1     c1     c2     c3     c1     c2     RowNumber
    104     NULL     NULL     NULL     NULL     NULL     1
    105     NULL     NULL     NULL     NULL     NULL     2
    102     2     102     2     2     a     3
    101     1     101     1     1     b     4
    103     3     103     0     0     c     5
    --In above step-4 you will notice that column c2(near RowNumber column) has NULL value. This is because that the record is present in t1 table but it is missing in detail(t2) table. Here I am trying to sort the records on c2 column of t3 table, which is of varchar type. I want to set the default value of column c2 (near RowNumber column) to 'c' and then perform the sorting.
    --the expected output is:
    c1     c1     c2     c3     c1     c2     RowNumber
    102     2     102     2     2     a     1
    101     1     101     1     1     b     2
    103     3     103     0     0     c     3
    104     NULL     NULL     NULL     NULL     c<--     4
    105     NULL     NULL     NULL     NULL     c<--     5
    --notice the last two row having '<--'
    --how can i achieve this by modifying above step-4 query?


    SELECT t1.*,t2.*,last_value (t3.c2 ignore nulls) over (order by t3.c2) ,
                  ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( ORDER BY t3.c2 ASC
                                            ) RowNumber
              FROM t1
                    LEFT JOIN t2 ON t2.c2=t1.c1
                    LEFT JOIN t3 ON t3.c1 = t2.c3
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    I have a table of af of insurance of the person which show details for each insurance policy. I have change the sql query table to show only those that the insurance is still active ('end_date' variable is greater than today).

    Everything works fine, but on doubts, I want to show all the records, but change the background color red of those lines which have expired ('end_date' variable less today).

    Can you help me please?

    Thanks in advance.

    Using Jdeveloper v11. (JSF - components of the ADF)

    This example shows how to do this


  • changing the query update


    In the following update query
    update C2C_BK_RATING_23112011 f
    set f.bk_rating_id = 'HDB'
    where f.bk_rating_id like 'HDFC';
    I want to update all the records in the column of bk_rating_id when the value of bk_rating_id is to HDB HDFC, the bk_rating_id column is to have values as shown below:
    HDFC 10
    HDFC 2
    HDFC 3
    HDFC 4
    HDFC 5
    HDFC 6
    HDFC 7
    HDFC 8
    HDFC 9
    HDFC 1
    How can I change the update query to make the output voltage:
    HDB 10
    HDB 2
    HDB 3
    HDB 4
    HDB 5
    HDB 6
    HDB 7
    HDB 8
    HDB 9
    HDB 1

    Like this:

    update C2C_BK_RATING_23112011 f
      set f.bk_rating_id = REPLACE(bk_rating_id,'HDFC','HDB')
    where f.bk_rating_id like 'HDFC%';
  • How do I dynamically change the query VO


    IAM trying to change the VO query dynamically. My forced, it is that I have 6 columns in a page header 3 columns (single default) for objective sort and another 3 columns (the default one) for querying data.

    Al, are in a single view so I created a VO.

    Sort of research
    AN A
    B B
    C C

    When I give all sort values and hit the query of VO submit button should change dynamically.
    I searched old post in this regard.

    My query is something like that

    SELECT * from cust_table where a = NVL (: 1, a)
    SELECT * from cust_table where a <>NVL (: 1, a)
    order by one

    IAM not trying the Sub part dynamicaly in my AM method
    vo.setWherecaluse ("where a = NVL (: 1, a)")
    SELECT * from cust_table where a <>NVL (: 1, a)
    order by one ").
    and trying to pass parameters to the query. But it does not work. In error "variable binding is not found.

    The one you suggest how to solve the problem.

    Thank you


    Please let me know the logic behind the union of the same query with it. What is the problem you are having with

    Thank you

  • Change the query to a display object

    I have a view currently, object based on an entity. It is the default view object, which means that the query the view object is frank, he grabs all the attributes of the table. And there is no WHERE clause.

    Actually, I only want to show a finite set of rows in my table. Whenever a record is modified/edited in this entity and committed, a new row in the database is created with the same information (I use CreateWithParams) with the exception of a few columns.

    I actually didn't really update it on this table, just creating new lines. But to the user, I want it 'looks' like they change something in the table.


    12, 11:32, Thompson, 60 (changes to the user this information in a table of the adf and a new line is created in the comic book)

    12, 11:55, Thompson, 75

    I have a timestamp field (see above) in the database that is used as part of my primary key, while I know that is later.

    When executing the query of the VO, I want the user to only see as the last row of the db.

    12, 11:55, Thompson, 75


    I went to my VO, and I changed the query WHERE to add this:

    where t1. TimeStamp = (Select MAX (t2. (TimeStamp) OF THE rcl.x t2 where t1.uid = t2.uid);

    Now, this isn't a question of mysql/sql. There is actually a better query I was running, but the editor of the VO does not allow me to change the query itself...

    When I save the new WHERE to my VO, rerun my page, I get the expected result (showing me only the latest recordings).

    However, when I try and do a sort on the table in which are displayed my data, I get now ORDER BY errors.

    I don't want my VO SQL read-only basis. I want to be able to update my table, so I have my VO running out of the entity.

    Why don't the VO allows me to change the query itself? (As do a subquery instead of having my where clause to do the job)

    Why are sorted by errors are thrown when I sort on my adf table after changing the where clause in my opinion?

    I hope I was not too complicated in explanation of my problem...

    Thanks in advance,



    You can switch the VO query editor based on an EO to expert mode. This allows you to change the entire query. Unless you change the use of the attribute, the update through this VO work. Open the VO query and choose the Expert mode option of the query to see what I mean


  • Need help with the RESEARCH QUERY


    I have the follwing query to search in my table.
    If the search box is empty and I click to perform a search, all the elements of the array are listed.

    How can I change the following query so if: P1_REPORT_SEARCH is null, I have no results.

    Thank you


    "RDO"."ID",LPAD(NOD, 4, '0') as NOD,"IDD","TIT","TIC", '- - -' AS "DISQUE" ,'- - -' AS "ELEMENT"
     from   "REGDOSSIERS" "RDO"
            TRANSLATE ( UPPER ("TIT")
           , 'ÀÂÉÈÊÎÔÛÙÜ'
           , 'AAEEEIOUUU'
           )  like   '%' || TRANSLATE ( UPPER (:P1_REPORT_SEARCH)
                             , 'ÀÂÉÈÊÎÔÛÙÜ'
                               , 'AAEEEIOUUU'
                   || '%'



    "RDO"."ID",LPAD(NOD, 4, '0') as NOD,"IDD","TIT","TIC", '- - -' AS "DISQUE" ,'- - -' AS "ELEMENT"
     from   "REGDOSSIERS" "RDO"
            TRANSLATE ( UPPER ("TIT")
           , 'ÀÂÉÈÊÎÔÛÙÜ'
           , 'AAEEEIOUUU'
           )  like   '%' || TRANSLATE ( UPPER (:P1_REPORT_SEARCH)
                             , 'ÀÂÉÈÊÎÔÛÙÜ'
                               , 'AAEEEIOUUU'
                   || '%'

    BR, Jari

  • How to change the width of the component table of contents

    9 RoboHelp, WebHelp Pro, WebHelp Server

    I want the component table of contents to be wider that when managers WebHelp default window opens. How can I control this?


    As Peter mentioned there are continuous thread in which I mentioned the name of the file in which you can change the value, this file is available I Robohelp server publishished to the project but is not standing, then you must change the value each time only time publish. Check the wire and let me know if you have any doubts.

    In server you will find your published project: it's my location of machines, you will need to check with your COMPUTER administrator who configures the server.

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp Server 9\robo\server\general\

    Thank you


  • limit the width by changing the page template

    Hi all

    I'm trying to get my site looks like

    so I tried to limit the width of the content page by changing the default page template as follows:

    go to the components shared = > models

    Theme: 7 Blue modern

    Type: page

    Choose the default template: No. Tabs - right Sidebar (optional / based on a table)

    just before #FORM_OPEN # I added this:

    < div id = "DΘmarrer" style = "width: 970;" height: 100%; box-shadow: 0 0 20px #333333; border-radius: 10px 10px 10px 10px; background-color: #00FFFF; ">

    and just after I added #FORM_CLOSE #.

    < / div >

    I also played a little with the other divs (changed colours)

    I can't seem to get the right result

    Help, please



    Martijnke wrote:

    Hi all

    I'm trying to get my site looks like

    so I tried to limit the width of the content page by changing the default page template as follows:

    go to the components shared-online models

    Theme: 7 Blue modern

    Type: page

    Choose the default template: No. Tabs - right Sidebar (optional / based on a table)

    just before #FORM_OPEN # I added this:

    and just after I added #FORM_CLOSE #.

    In CSS units must always be specified for dimensions (except if the value of the dimension is 0). This means that width: 970 is not a property is valid and it is ignored by the browser. You must use width: 970px; to the rule.

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    I like my emails showing up with a list of emails to the left of the screen and the content of the e-mail to the right of the screen, which is how I got it in the old outlook program, I have used. Can someone tell me how to change the view, it looks like this?

    View (Alt + V) menu > Presentation > vertical display

  • Can I use automator to change the modified time of a file as its content?

    I use automator to rename a series of images.

    The problem is whenever I change a change of time of amending records file.

    Can I use automator to change the modified time of a file as its content?

    I know that I can use the Terminal to change a date but I have no idea how to do to automate this process

    As you say you know the command to use in the Terminal, and then with Automator, use the Action run the Shell Script after the name change.  The new file name will be passed to the Action run a Shell Script, and from there, you can use touch - r to set the time of the file at the time the name of the new file

  • I need to create a table of contents in iPages but I want only one word for the title, not the line of holes. Or, how can I change the contents of the table? Thank you!

    I need to create a table of contents in iPages but I want only one word for the title, not the line of holes. Or, how can I change the contents of the table? Thank you!

    Yes, you can have a one word title, by assigning a paragraph style title to this one word. No, you cannot change the text in a Table of contents, but you can change paragraph style font attributes (line) and add for example, a head of points between the types of OCD paragraph and page numbers. No part of the table of contents will not provide hyperlinks in exported PDF documents.

    When you look up in the menu bar, you can see the word iPages, or simply Pages. There is no product of iPages.

Maybe you are looking for

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