Changed wireless AP and wireless HP309g now is flakey

Hello again,

I replaced my home wireless router with a new Linksys E3000.  I plugged everything and now

My HP309g printer behaves badly.   My printer WiFi, the PC is in LAN.

I went up to remove and reinstall all of the HP software, but I still have this problem where the

printer appears initially seems to be available, but after a certain period of time, he goes "offline".    If I have

Recycle the WiFi radio, the printer becomes available.

During installation, I received a warning on port UDP 427 does not appear to be open.

I created an explicit rule in my firewall to open UDP 427 and a log entry when someone labels

port.   Installation always complains about UDP 427.

In my firewall log, I see that IP of the printer ( will indeed open UDP 427 to my PC.

Why did the printer log, or Windows Vista driver who thinks that the printer is off line?  I don't

UDP 427 is a problem?

It's frustrating.  Due to the HP printer, I have to be extremely cautious about my house




My printer works now - I didn't go offline for a few days.  What I have done is based on observations of multiple threads in this forum.  Note I had to remove and then reinstall the printer software HP for all computers on my network.

(1) set a static IP address for the printer.  Note that static DHCP has worked for me, but with the E3000 apparently is no longer the case.

(2) configure the printer to run in 802. 11 b / g mode using this undocument supports URL ("' support = we '")

Now in the Advanced section in the home page of the printer, you will find the setting In an infrastructure network use 802. 11 b / g behavior. SELECT statement, click on apply and then turn on the printer.

(this recommendation comes from the thread: HP c309g not finding wireless networks)

(3) uninstall all my HP printer software

(4) restart

(5) reinstall the HP printing software

(6) to reconfigure my settings of the printer.

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