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So I have the Moto X on Verizon - it's a great phone but this phone is missing the circles (clock, weather & battery percentage) Widget

Is that something that will never come to the Moto X or are we stuck with the default clock Widget - I think it would be a great addition to the Moto X



There is another legal way. There is a widget on the play called a clock store more which will give you a very similar experience as the Widget of circles. It isn't exactly the same thing, but it's pretty close. You should give it a try and see what you think.

This widget has several skins. The one you will be looking for is called chrome rings. Here is a screenshot of the widget on my phone. I hope this helps.

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  • Atrix HD: Circles Widget crashes after update

    My circle widget freezes and crashes after a period of time since the new update. I had not had this problem before. Is anyone else having the same problem? To fix it, I need to stop the process with the system board and the widget restarts.

    Try going into the settings under apps. Then select the tab all. Then scroll down to the CircleConfig and make sure it is not disabled. Then go to circles and erase the data, and then restart your phone and see if that fixes it.

  • Customizing the process circle Widget

    We have added the process widget circle to our tutorial, but are not satisfied with the way it works.

    For the moment, we have five buttons on the circle - that's fine. However, if you click on a button that is not directly to the left of the currently active button, the widget turns too quickly - it's confusing for learners. In addition, the position of the button is not ideal.


    The red circle is the current location of the active key, but we want to go to the location of the green circle.

    So, to be clear, I'm not a developer of Captivate. I've never used. However, I was responsible for finding solutions to the above complaints. I am, however, quite good in Flash and this may be the way to solve these problems.

    In a Word, one of the following conditions is possible directly in captivate:

    1. Change the circle spin speed (it would be even better if it could be modified to change the speed based on the 'distance' of the button clicked by the active button)
    2. Allow only the option directly to the left of the active button be clicked
    3. Changes the position of the active key

    If this isn't the case, is it possible to manually edit the source files for the widget (essentially creating a widget new, custom of the original), and if so, how this is done?

    If it is also not possible, what is the best way to develop a widget custom from scratch? This is easily possible in Flash?

    We use 8 Captivate and Flash CS 5.5

    I understand what you mean on the speed, etc. with this interaction/widget.

    Sorry to tell you that this can not be controlled. In previous versions of the CP, the source code is available for widgets. You can always find the code in the Gallery\Widgets\Source. But this isn't the case for most recent interactions as the circle of process. Interactions are not compatible with HTML5, widgets. Take a look on:

    Advice - Training interaction - Captivate blog

    I can't help you with the creation, what is possible using file, new project, Widget in Flash.  Is it still a workflow, since it will be limited to output SWF?

  • circle and pitcher of third party widgets

    How it would be cool if bike would make the widget compatible with other pitchers circle. I really like the nova Launcher, but unfortunately the widget does not work with be great if bike would make it more versatile, may put him in the game store so it can receive updates. circle widget is the only reason why I'm currently nova installed.

    Hmm... faster with it. Mast I might have to try without it and see, even if I like it.

  • Command center

    I like to keep the use of the command center (circles Widget) although I noticed it drains the battery, but the thing that bothers me the most is sometimes in the morning, it still shows the moon when it is full light of day and night when it shows the Sun, even if it is completely black on the outside. Makes me stop using it. It makes up thereafter, but I wish it was more accurate. In addition, the temperature is generally different when I click on the weather and display the page rather than what it says on the widget.

    What I'd really like is if it is modular and I might have just the battery meter display or all just the battery and clock without the time, that would be sweet.

    Still a great phone but (in spite of not having a micro sd card)

    Another request would be if it were built stronger. This thing wouldn't just fine in a drop test.

  • Muse Gain circle Gallery Widget

    I'm having trouble inserting the URL link in the model of the Gallery of the circle that I bought. I tried to use and Flickr. I copy and paste the info and all simply, it does not show one of my photos. It's just an empty circle of reversal.

    (Circle Gallery demo ) Here is an example of what I bought.

    -Do I need to do my photos of the same size?
    -Do I need to make my pictures a certain minimum/maximum size?
    -Do I need to add image/before my url link block?
    -Am I just insert false information?
    -Is it possible to insert a gallery directly from my computer?

    I'm just trying to make our company Web site. Currently, our site has no slider Gallery because one I bought last time is no longer works.  I know not part of my question lack of coding expertise, but I really thought that I inserted the correct url.

    Circle Gallery Slider.jpgPostimage Link Info.jpgFlickr Link info.jpg

    MuseGain responded to my questions and solved my problem.  For people who may need help, see photos below:

    I initially didn't name my photos correctly in my folder of the gallery.  It's why they didn't load in the slider widget.

    Type of gallery url in "" (without the "s of course)

    indicate how many photos in your gallery

    indicate what kind of pictures they are.

  • Widget "Circles".

    I heard that on this widget where the battery percentage is displayed, the amount of data used can also be displayed, can someone guide me to this, please check the option in settings that says "show mobile data" but I get nothing, please help I have attached a picture

  • Installation on disk external USB - "Closed circle" after the first restart of the installer

    I tried to install on my MacMini Sierra (end 2012, Mavericks) to an external Seagate USB 3.0 drive 3TO. The drive is freshly formatted with utility disk (, logged, etc. extended partition GUID) and retired in good health.

    Installation always fails on the first reboot. On the first reboot, the screen goes black, there is a white Apple and white progress bar that moves two or three times to the right and then clears the screen and dreaded him circle with a diagonal line appears. Force reboot simply repeats the process.

    So, I decided to try and install the Mavericks (the OS on the internal SSD flash of the Mac mini disc) of the partition of the USB 3.0 drive recovery external. This eventually ended up with a white screen, the dreaded circle of diagonal and a widget of rotation for several hours. Force restart it worked and a new Workgroup installation Mavericks was now hard disk external and implemented to date.

    Another attempt to install Sierra on the external hard drive, but this time the Mavericks running on the external hard drive is not in the same way with the dreaded circle and the diagonal line.

    Near ideas, I tried to install Sierra on an old Seagate 500 GB disk firewire external hard. Shock, horror... it worked without any problem.

    Sierra is simply not install on an external USB 3.0 :-(3 TB drive

    Someone has it successfully? Any ideas?

    The saga continues...

    I tried the USB of the FW - same problem Imaging reader drive.

    I tried to start the Sierra - same problem recovery partition USB drive.


    I plugged the USB3 drive on a cheap Chinese USB2 hub and... Sierra, booted from the USB3 drive! Obviously not ideal speed wise, but it'll do for now.

    Sierra really dislike my external Seagate Go Flex Desk media USB3 drive when it is plugged directly into a USB3 port on my Mac Mini end of 2012.

    [Keep in mind, the Mavericks had no problem installing and running on the drive USB3.]

  • What are the icons of power control Widget?

    I've had my Motorola Atrix HD LTE for about a week now.

    I have the power control Widget on my main screen so I can quickly turn on/off wifi, bluetooth, etc. There is an icon on the widget, I don't know what it controls. It is two half circle arrows (see image). What is - this and it controls?

    Thank you!

    Adjustment power widget The Power control Widget gives you a brief overview of some of the tools that can drain your battery. The widget can enable / disable several features: Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, location (GPS) synchronization and also to adjust the brightness of the screen.

    Synchronization means sycing contacts, facebook widgets and other background data.

  • Lock Screen Widget

    How to add widgets in the circle of lock screen. My last android phone is you dragged to the left, you've got the phone, just for the messaging app and so on. I activated the lock screen widget security.


    You must place your finger on the leftborder from your screen, drag it from left to right. Swipe in the Middle does not work.

  • A1: Power Question Widget

    The A1 has a power Widget that has five icons. I managed to figure out three of them, but there are two that I have no idea of their function. In order from left to right:

    WiFi, Bluetooth,?,?, screen

    The first? resembles a semicircle graduate, curves lines radiating from him (small and large)

    The second? is a circle of arrows.

    Can someone identify the buttons two mystery?

    Thank you.

    The first is for GPS.
    The second is for synchronization.

  • Mysterious app with red arrow circling after 2.2 update

    After the 2.2 update, my DroidX came with a rectangle empty on the homescreen.

    It has a red arrow goes round in a circle on the lower right of the rectangle.

    I can 'touch' the rectangle and nothing happens... the arrow keeps spinning.

    I can press on & hold and a border is displayed, as well as a trash can for me to remove it...

    ... But I don't want because it may be important.

    I powered it off... no change.

    I pulled the battery... no change.

    Suggestions would be appreciated.


    It is your date and time widget, try syncing up during startup. It was a different animation before. I noticed that the VERY first time I booted Froyo, which never went away. I through it in the trash, added again, and it works fine now.


  • On the slideshow widget.


    I test the slide show widget, and I wonder how, in this case, photo descriptions and thumbnails (small circles) can stay in the centre of the screen on the smaller screen size.

    The test:

    Perfectly centered when the screen size is greater than the largest breakpoint:

    Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 2.42.07 PM.png

    Not centered when the screen size is less than the largest breakpoint:

    Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 2.42.02 PM.png

    Thank you!

    The reason is because some of the widgets including the slideshow widget are not yet sensitive in Muse, they could be included in reactive direct in the future updates.

    So just now I suggest create you breakpoints according to your equipment targets and then by adjusting the position of the components of slide show.

    Best regards


  • The Muse Composition widget changes the color of my triggers

    I use the widget of blank publication in two places on my home page.  I deployed a test in Business Catalyst site and posted a picture of what happens to the color of the small forms in each trigger.  At some point between the Muse and deployment at BC, different States of the trigger are represented in this strange orange color has nothing to do with my chosen color.  I have triple checked every State, and it should be a blue outline circle or a blue filled circle.  Super easy.

    This problem will not occur when selecting the preview page in the browser on my desktop with Safari option.  Test site is  Any suggestions on what to do?

    Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 4.21.52 PM.png

    Chrome on Windows 7. You can check on other browsers as well?

  • Remove CRA tool of circles on my form-tools - how?

    I've recently updated as a result of CC, and I could changed some settings in an unfortunate way.

    The 'problem' is that I get those circle-arch-tool-things on my rectangular forms, which makes it harder to work with shape - especially when I'm zoomed. See the attached picture. I don't know of four roundabouts to anchor, when you press on allows me to round up the corresponding angle of the square.

    Skærmbillede 2016-03-30 kl. 10.01.04.png

    How can I get rid of these attachment points? 'Just', I want to work with a shape whose base anchor points in the corners.

    View > hide the Widget area?

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