Combine files into a single PDF file with the same file name

I have a PDF form that I have to fill out some data and a Microsoft Word Document.   Sometimes I wait a few days, so I need to fill out the same form PDF.  When I combine them, I get warning that PDF forms with the same name will be the same - if I don't want it, I should create a PDF portfolio.  The portfolio is not as I want.  It combines PDF files in some others.

I could change the names of the fields that I need, but I sometimes fear that I missed something.

Is there a way to get away with this problem if the combination is good?  I have to fax documents at once created and portfolio doesn't seem like I can do.

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Windows 8.1

Thank you!


Flatten the fields of the form before combine you files.

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    Thank you for joining the HP Forums!

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    There are different ways to do... You can use this free tool, to


    If you want to process several files (and you have Acrobat Pro), create a

    Action with this JS code:

    this.flattenPages ();

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    I hope this works.


    Hervé Khare

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    Thank you


    My guess is that you have OFFICE 2010 or newer. AA 9 PDF Maker that is necessary for what you want to do is not compatible with OFFICE 2010.

  • Songs from the album split into separate albums/artists, even with the same name

    I have three songs from the album, all by the same artist, but for a reason, that they aren't bringing together under the same album or artist on iTunes. All the songs are listed separately under different artists even if the name of the artist (and album) is exactly the same:

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    If you see unexpected songs groups when you browse an album - - 'songs from the same album may not be grouped as expected when you view them in display Albums in iTunes."

    The following sections provide additional solutions.

    Steve MacGuire alias turingtest2 - iTunes and iPod tips and tricks - grouping beaches in Albums - (old post on Apple Discussions

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    Another explanation of hhgttg27 August 2015 -

    If they won't even really check this August 2008 post by turingtest2 group temporarily change labels - or - add a letter at the end of the name of the artist, close the read information, then open it again and remove the letter. This works often but I had cases where securities combined when a letter has been added but divorced when he was kidnapped again.

    If they are mp3 files are trying to change the version of the ID3 tag, which can cause iTunes to re - write the tags and clarify inconsistencies.  I use iTunes 7.5 (Yes, from 2007) so I can't tell you where it is in later versions.

    I had a case of grouping stubborn reality.  The tracks will be re-group in a way that has no meaning when I changed metadata.  Without going into details, I deleted tracks iTunes completely, then add the files and they are all grouped together correctly.

  • Thunderbird won't allow 2 different addresses with the same user name

    I have a website ( ) and I have 2 two addresses: 1 [email protected] (username: pcxtmicro) and 2. [email protected] (username: pcxtmicro).

    Problem is that I had no problem with the above configuration (using Eudora7), but Thunderbird will not allow the above configuration.

    I can't change usernames for access to these two 2 e-mail accounts as the ISP does not allow.

    How can I solve this problem?

    You can add the second as an alias email address. In Thunderbird, this is called identity.
    See _ _FAQs_:_Mail_Aliases

  • apex5 pre-release - url filter applies to the two IRs with the same column name

    I've implemented 2 interactive reports on the same page, one on EMP (static id Throne) and the other on DEPT (deptir static id). Both the DEPTNO column. If I create the following filter via the URL: IR [throne] EQ_DEPTNO:20, the filter is applied to the two interactive reports.

    Screenshot from 2015-03-29 08:30:33.png


    Please let us know. It has the same root cause as your other reported problem. It's bug #20764255, which has already been identified and corrected on our development environment. A fix will be released in our production release.



    Member of the APEX development team

    My Blog:

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  • Multiple MovieClips with the same instance name

    I'm a tutorial of defence tower and part of the code is set up so I can build towers in the video for "grass". I wanted to add patches more 'grass' and gave them all the same instance name so I can be able to place towers on them, but I have the problem that I can only place towers on the first point, I placed and bears the name of the instance of the "grass". I can't place towers on the other patches of grass.

    I removed the name of the instance of the first patch of grass and it let me build towers on the second task, but the second patch only.

    I followed this tutorial: five-tours /

    Here's the code for what I believe:

    onClipEvent (load)
    Active = 0;

    onClipEvent (enterFrame)
    If (current == 1)
    setProperty ("", _x, int ((_root._xmouse-10) / 20) * 20 + 20 ");
    setProperty ("", FLF, int ((_root._ymouse-10) / 20) * 20 + 20 ");

    hitTestOnGrassMovieClip = _root.grass.hitTest (_x, FLF, 1);

    If {(hitTestOnGrassMovieClip)
    gotoAndStop (1);
    _root.Ranger.gotoAndStop (1);
    else {}
    gotoAndStop (2);
    _root.Ranger.gotoAndStop (2);

    _root.Ranger._x = _x;
    _root.Ranger._y = FLF;
    _root.Ranger._width = donut _root ["tower_" + round] * 2;
    _root.Ranger._height = donut _root ["tower_" + round] * 2;

    hitTestOnGrassMovieClip = _root.grass.hitTest (_x, FLF, 1);
    hitTestOnDeSelectMovieClip = _root.deselect.hitTest (_x, FLF, 1);

    If (hitTestOnGrassMovieClip: hitTestOnDeSelectMovieClip) {}
    If {(hitTestOnGrassMovieClip)
    ++ _root.towerCount;
    _root ["tower_" + round] .duplicateMovieClip ("t" + _root.towerCount, 500 + _root.towerCount);
    a = _root ["t" + _root.towerCount];
    a ._x = _x;
    a ._y = FLF; = 1;

    Active = 0;
    setProperty ("", _x, 1000);
    _root.selectedTower = "";
    _root.Ranger._x = 1000;
    _root.Ranger._width = 10;
    _root.Ranger._height = 10;

    1. you cannot use the same instance name for different objects and expect more from a being targeted.  You must assign a unique name, or you can store references to them in an array and use the table to target.

    2. you send AS2 code messages in the forum of AS3.  You should repost in the AS2 forum.

  • Multiple tables with the same field name

    Hi, I have a query that pulls a field named 'Total' from 20 different tables (week1 - semaine20). When I try to view the results as #Week1.Total #, for example, I get an error saying that Total is not defined in week1. I also tried totalHours.Week1.Total (totalHours is the name of my request), but get the same thing - Week1.Total is not defined in totalHours. Help, please! Thank you!

    Alias your colunms...

    request.ID, request. FirstName, request. LastName,
    Request.SEM, request.year, request.banner, AS wk1_ID, Week1.Total AS wk1_total, AS wk2_ID, Week2.Total AS wk2_total, AS wk3_ID, Week3.Total AS wk3_total, AS wk4_ID AS Week4.Total wk4_total...
    ... etc.

    They will now have different names in the output. (The table name prefix that is used in your query on each column is never displayed in the output.)


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    I am trying to automate a process and I need to take 4 + pdf files and combine them into a single PDF.  I see in Acrobat Adobe Pro 8 that I can use the icon to "combine" in the toolbar, but my users want this process to be automated.  Is there an API or some way I can do this?  I put the API / code in an Access 2007 application.  I read on the Distiller API, but do not know if it is something that I can use in my access database to call via accomlish and vba code, that.  Need help to determine the best way to achieve this...
    Thank you

    No - it's something you need on your development computer.  It contains all the necessary documents, code examples, etc in order to teach you how to develop with Acrobat.

  • Convert different types of files and merges them into a single pdf

    Hello world. I'm a girl from China.

    There is folder containing files of different types, such as doc, msg, jpeg etc. severl.   And I want to convert and merge them into a single pdf according to a certain order. I know that PDFmaker can do well, but the problem is that I have like fodlders 3000 + which requires the same work.

    I want to do with VBA and Acrobat. I have a Standard Version of Acrobat XI and a perfect license, by the way

    And I got the code (thanks, Karl Heinz Kremer) from the merger of two files into a single PDF, but how can I convert them to pdf first?

    Thank you very much.

    If I can finish, I would like to publish my code on this forum.

    You must upgrade to Acrobat Pro. Then, you would be able to use an Action to convert all the files in your file (s) to PDF format and later on another Action (+ script) to combine them into a single PDF file. So basically, it's a 3 step process. Is not ideal, but not too hard, either.

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