Confirming a design where I need to save where the user navigated to the screen.

A matter of design, which is a good implementation of the following?

I need to be able to save the location of the place where the user has scrolled, then when the user:

  1. Changing screens and returns to the previous screen.
  2. The application farm (moves the application at bottom) and opens the app again (move the app in the foreground).

The user scrolls automatically here where the user was before.

For example, if I have a VerticalFieldManager with the following text read only fields:

  • LabelField
  • LabelField
  • LabelField
  • LabelField
  • LabelField
  • ButtonField

The user scroll down to the third LabelField — two actions user above performs, returns to the screen, and scrolls down to the third TextField again.

Is the hardest part, I can't count on own dirty, muddy, or fields because it is read only the data and a ButtonField.

I can't use Manager.setFocus because the fields have an accent.

I think I can use Manager.setHorizontalScroll and Manager.getHorizontalScroll, but is there a better way?

Not sure that your arguments to change my suggestion.

"The user must be able to close the application."

If they close the applciation that they lose their position.  It happens in most of the applications.  Browsers do not open up on top of the page you were viewing when you close, for example.

"The user must be able to request the application thoroughly using the end key of red color"

You will not be able to stop this.  It will just happen.  Nothing for you to do.

"This is a pile of high display a screen where the Menu button is the main navigation.".

This does not preclude that I proposed either possible.  If you pop a screen and then later push it, my understanding (and experience) are that he's going to be redisplayed as it was when you jump it.  The screens are objects, they don't stop screens just because they aren't on the stack of the screen.

Also, I see no problem in what you descrtibed for a touchscreen device.

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    Since my post, I found this program.  I now use a program.  It is very useful.  It's a freeware.  It's called NirSoft BlueScreenView.  Here is the site for more information.  http://www.NirSoft.NET/utils/blue_screen_view.html I have it on my pc.  I've found no more than any other malicious software on it.  It is compatible 32-bit and 64-bit.  If you want to download it, scroll to the bottom of the page, under the comments section.  You will see links to download 2o.  1 to download a zip file either to download the configuration file.  I find a great help because I don't know how to "read" the blue screens.  It highlights the drivers in pink that caused the blue screen, so you know what to the difficulty.

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    Ideally, I would like to save the XYPoint and then reposition the screen for the XYPoint recorded - a small prototype needs to be done for my part, granted.

    However, is there a better design or any who has implemented this feature before on OS 5.0.0?

    Thank you.

    I did so with a Manager (s) personalized using the recursively offset of vertical scroll through the stack of Manager as suggested by Peter, but be aware that you must not only parchment of, but the position is within the screen/Manager to follow the actual position of the screen against the perceived one. Here is the code that I use in my manager with my custom functions:

    public final int getAbsoluteY(){
       int absY = (getY()+drawY);
       while( getManager() instanceof CustomLayoutManager ){
          return absY + ((CustomLayoutManager)getManager()).getAbsoluteY();
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    I forgot my password of windows 7 pc I have a limited user account that windows.
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    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords

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    Hello, I am currently evaluate the demo version of RoboHelp and have developed a sample project to WebHelp. My next step is to save the relevant files on one of our servers to see how it behaves, but I can't determine what files I need to save to the server. Can anyone help?

    Unless you have purchased the RoboEngine, there no reason to generate Webhelp Pro (exit on server dedicated to track usage, providing the natural language search, etc.). Webhelp is fine.

    The first user interface panel is where you set the start page and the default page to generate the output on your local machine. (I recommend that you change the default! SSL! path to a completely outside the HR Program Files directory.)

    The fourth user interface panel is where you set the directories of the server where you want to publish this same output. The beauty of the edition, is that HR will publish only the few files that have changed since the previous release, all the production each time (less network traffic).

    Good luck

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