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So if we wanted to create a portfolio simple app in indesign or photoshop, you have to pay now?  Its not included in the package of creative cloud?  I want to do as a designer of individual.  I want to create a simple IOS application that consists of no code and only design.  How is this now?  It costs money today?  I did research on this all day and from what I understand, it must create a "Folio".  I don't see any feature of folio integrated in the 2015 version and when I am connected to the on my account, there is no option to create a new 'folio '.  Someone explain to me what is happening here, and if we have to pay separately for it...  Should only companies company pay for it?  What happens here?


Hi Paul,.

DPS is a business solution. Regardless of the version of InDesign or DPS that you use, you will need to purchase a license, and these licenses are expensive for the uses of the company. Honestly, DPS is probably not the right technology for your project.


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  • error barsigner: cannot create application data directory

    Hello, I got this error when I try to sing my application:

    error barsigner: cannot create application data directory

    I tried everything: as an administrator, change the directory security and so on.

    I get this error with the command line and from Flash Builder.

    I have v.0.9.1 SDK

    I have my application ready to be submitted, but cannot understand this error, I would be very disappointed to not meet the deadline of March 31 :-/

    Any clue? Thank you

    Really 0.9.1? could sign you your application with this version? have you tried the SDK 0.9.4?

  • NDK 10.1 can be used to create applications PlayBook?

    I have NDK v10.1 installed on my PC and I successfully build an application that is running on Z10 and Q10.  I now want to port this app to run also on PlayBook, but when I try to run my native application on PlayBook hardware I get the following message:

    The application you are launching is built against a newer version of the Native SDK ( compared to your device version (  Using a newer Native SDK will cause issues when running and debugging your application.  How would you like to proceed?
    [Cancel Launch] [Find matching SDK] [Continue]

    When I try to find a corresponding SDK, nothing is found.  If I Continue, the app PlayBook is not install and run on my PlayBook.

    Is it possible to use the NDK 10.1 to create applications for the PlayBook?  Or should I install v2.1 NDK on my PC and use it for the development of the PlayBook?

    Is it normal to have 2 versions of the NDK installed on the same PC (v2.1 and 10,1)?

    You must install the 2.1 SDK to build for the playbook.

    I found myself with what the IDE 10.x with a drop-down menu to the top that allows you to choose the version of the compiler to use.  And then you can switch back.

    In addition, even if you cannot use the 10.x to build for the playbook, you can use the 2.1 build for BB10.  Be careful with what you can of course use any api 10.x when you do it this way.

    It is how I did it.  My biggest problem was with dialog boxes. because they do not allow for all the options for sizing in 10.x, as they did in 2.1.

    Be sure to test if you go down this road of use 2.1 for 10.x.

    Of course, the alternative is to manage 2 different source codes.

  • Creating Application planning – Shared Services project edition


    I use the Hyperion version and try to create the new application from planning through the workspace.  I am not able to see the 'Planning' group in the shared services project.

    Please could you help me to create planning applications.


    Thank you

    Michel K

    You will need to create a new application group in Shared Services, it is simple to do - Create Application groups

    Once you have created the group, you should see it in the list of projects of Shared Services when you create a planning application.

    See you soon


  • Creating Applications in vCOPS a UI custom


    I'll have a go at creating applications and dashboards customized vCOPS a custom user interface.
    I just created an application and when I want to add VM for the layers I actually get a lot of instances of the virtual machine.

    Under the list, it shows the name of the virtual machine and type of resource and then 3 identifiers. Identifier of 1 and 3 are identical.
    2 identifier differs for each instance (e.g. vm-12345)
    My question is what entry choose and why is there so much for some VM, but not others?
    I'm not sure, but I wonder if it has something to do with being protected by SRM.

    Whichever one I get I get no data.

    Hope that make sense

    Hi AllBlack, the response of the mlebied is correct - you will see multiple instances of the MV if the virtual machine has been protected by MRS or basically no reason to ensure that the VM to have a new ME.

    However, it is easy to choose the virtual machine that is the current 'live' VM by selecting the entity VM status > lit

    See the attached screen shot.

  • Creating applications with InDesign

    I am a user of Indesign, and I plan to take a course on the development of applications with InDesign.  My understanding is that, in order to use this work, we would have to buy a license to use with DPS.  How much is something like this cost?  Adobe buries this information I can say.  I'm looking for a rough idea on what it would invest create a quarterly magazine distributed as an application (we already have the Creative Suite that I currently have to design our magazine as a quarterly print piece).  I'd like to try the interactive features but do not know that I'm going to bother with the course if it is prohibitive create applications.

    Thank you for all you can throw light on this point,


    See Digital Publishing Suite help | DPS pricing options for more information about the options and how to request a quote for your project.


  • is STRICTLY oriented Panel "folio overlays" to creating applications? I don't have an app but you need an interactive document with overlays.

    The interactive panel inlays that can be used in the creation of pdf? Is he just focused strictly on creating applications?  I did not need to create an app at all but I need an interactive document with overlays.


  • Creating applications for iOS that not crushed the other

    I need to create a folio of multi application and a single folio application that can be downloaded and coexists together (ie: tha last does not replace the first one downloaded).

    Can someone tell me what I need to do to achieve this? give different bundle id for apps? P12 different certificates?

    I did a quick test and I am just able to create applications that crash with each other.

    Please, let me know,

    Thank you.

    You need to bundle different identifiers.


  • MaxL create Application problem

    I go through the MaxL shell.
    I'm learning simple as commands create application.
    I have a few questions about creating an application of MaxL.

    The syntax is:

    create or replace the application Application_Name type unicode/nonUniCode_Mode like CopyApplication_Name how 'xxxxx'.

    When we create a MaxL application, the application is created is what type? It is ASO or type OSB?

    or how would I know that if this is the type of ASO or OSB?

    If I need to create a particular type of application is ASO/BSO, how could I achieve this?
    Please answer.

    Thank you


    You have a different syntax for the creation of ASO and BSO applications using MAXL, the stmt above you mentioned is to create an app BSO.

    To create an app of the ASO, you use

    create [or replace] APPNAME application use a comment aggregate_storage 'YOUR COMMENTS.';

    For more information, see below:

    See you soon...!

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  • creating applications that run on desktop or laptop computers?

    Our small business product guides in PDF format to be used on laptops, tablets and phones. We intend to pass to CC and to use InDesign to convert apps that we think will be much easier for customers to use our guides.

    But we always want to be available for those who use our guides on laptops.

    I know this is a newbie question, but is it possible in InDesign to create applications, similar to those used by iOS and Android devices, which could run on Windows 7 and 8 and the OS X portable computers?

    Transferred to DPS forum.

    8.1 Windows only and that you need a account pro or enterprise.

  • do I need a mac to create applications

    Do I need a Mac to create applications and an Ipad

    Is the PC not filled?

    If the PC is not good enough then what does the software

    You can do all the work of production under Windows, but you will need a Mac to

    Create and submit the app complain to Apple. It is their requirement.

  • Creating application server connection to the remote host fails


    I have installed soa suite and jdeveloper for windows xp machine, can I create and use the connection to the application server to the local computer. SOA suite and installed jdeveloper also to a linux machine, also it create application server connection works.
    But all trying to create a connection to the server application between jdeveloper and environment linux xp, get following error when you click on the button test the connection:
    JSR-160 LENGTH tests... failed.
    Cannot establish the connection.
    JSR-160 DomainRuntime... skipped tests.
    JSR - 88... skipped tests.
    JSR-88-LOCAL... skipped tests.
    JNDI... skipped tests.
    JSR-160 tests edit... skipped.
    Tests of HTTP... success.
    Test server MBeans model... skipped.
    Test HTTP authentication... success.

    2 of the 9 successful tests.
    Have you tried the ip address and hostname, fully qualified as weblogic host name, firewall is not turned on. Xp browser access admin console & enterprise manager. We already added machine linux xp hosts file.

    No idea what to try?
    JDeveloper written journal somewhere?

    My jdeveloper is Studio Edition Version, JDEVADF_11.1.1.3.PS2_GENERIC_100408.2356.5660 to build.

    Best regards, Matti

    Try after removing the proxy in JDev (Tools-->--> Web and Proxy browser preferences, uncheck the box use a Proxy HTTP Server)

    Kind regards

    Published by: Anuj Dwivedi on January 11, 2011 16:14

  • Error: creating application

    While trying to create application FDM, I get the following error

    "user name or password is incorrect or you do not have permission to create or add the new application of FDM."

    Thanks in advance

    Please go through the following thread.

    without permission to create or add a new FDM applicatiton

    Hope this is useful


  • error apex then tried to create applications

    I was wondering if someone could help.
    I just installed APEX and attempted to create an application by visiting the Appl generator. > create Appl.
    This is an error message I received:
    1 error has occurred

    * Users SYS and SYSTEM cannot create applications.

    I logged in as SYSTEM
    do I have to change the system privileges? If yes how can I do that?
    I also tried to login as SYSDBA and I was unsuccessful.
    for some reason, I can do it in sqlplus and cannot do by their Summit.

    Please help, thanks :)

    p.s. the apex has been installed on oracle XE edition

    Published by: Duke555 on February 20, 2010 21:07

    You create a user in the database to create applications under. There is a HR/user pattern it default that you can use. Other than those of the user of the system, in the APEX of create a new developer and assign a password for them and then you can build applications & tables for this connection.

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  • Creating application builder error

    After installing Labview 9.0f2, is no longer possible to build the application

    Depending on the anti-virus, an exclusion zone should be created on the directory where the exe file are created.

  • Error when creating applications of HTML5 for Blackberry OS Versions os7

    I'm currently building HTML5 APP (a Hello World application) which will work on Blackberry curve that is to say for the version of the device: (Platform 8900 Smart Phone (Edge Wifi) IE versions under BlackBerry OS 7
    using the HTML OS Blackberry Webworks, I installed emulator Web SDK and the ripple of works
    also after doing all the steps as described in

    but when I do run this url
    http://localhost:9910/HelloWorld/index.html the ripple emulator does not work for me

    I tried to connect to the key, but the page is not working there at - it another way connect and get the signature key and create the HTML5 Apps to work with the Smart Phone (Iam having the device to test) 8900.

    I tried the Blackberry10 Webworks and created the Hello World application and tested in the Simulator, but when I tried that bar the file to run it on my camera its an old version and his version of the device: (Platform

    Phone (Edge Wifi) smart 8900, so is possible to deploy the bar file that I created for Blackberry10 to test on the 8900 device? If it can be please let me know how?

    You cannot deploy a BlackBerry 10 at BBOS; each platform (BBOS, PlayBook and BlackBerry 10) has a unique architecture and you must use the correct SDK, which corresponds to build your application folder.

    BBOS, this will be a COD file. For PlayBook and BB10, these will be BAR files (but then again you cannot load a file BB10 BAR on the PlayBook the architectures are different.)

    Also note that on BBOS WebWorks is supported only from BlackBerry OS 5.0. So if you are looking for a web solution, you need to go native BlackBerry Java and either incorporate into a BrowserField (functionality will be limited) or go all-out BlackBerry Java.

    Regarding the ripple does not connect, my advice would be to use something like XAMPP or WampServer to put in place a local web server. This will help to overcome the problems of accommodation. For practice, I think B & D services must be running for the ripple server to be active, which means that you must activate the undulation on a random Web page (i.e., begin to build and deploy services and then try to connect to the server of the ripple. Ripple was recently given to the Open source Apache Foundation so that may have changed. Essentially, you can get the same emulation size/viewport through the Web Inspector of Google Chrome today well.

    BBOS devices also have their own simulators (the actual OS) as opposed to the emulator (pretends to act as the operating system.) You can find here:

Maybe you are looking for

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    My laptop Windows 8.1 has a processor Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM.  My 1 TB harddrive has about 75 GB of free space. I have suffered from severe downturns computer each time I use Photoshop (currently CC 2015 even if this also happened before with CC 201

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    I have a problem to join tables querying. If i: (1) join two tables(2) then filter a few lines with 'where '.(3) then filter the result with another 'where '. It seems oracle swaps two filtering. It seems wrong for two 'where' clauses cannot be expec