CS4 can work under macOS 10.12 (Sierra)?

I am currently using CS4 on an iMac (mid-2010) running 10.8.5 and everything works fine.

I'm about to upgrade to Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) and need to know if CS4 will run.


Doubtful. Make sure that you have a full backup because the chances of this working properly are very thin.

In short, if it's not broken, don't fix.

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  • CS4 can work with acrobat 6.0

    Cs4 can work with Acrobat 6.0

    Hi jenniferv27962904,

    Acrobat 6 is a very old version, but if you already have CS4 Acrobat 9 is included with Creative Suite 4. You can use it.

    You can download CS4 from here https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs4-product-downloads.html

    Let us know if this helps!

  • What is Dreamweaver CS6 work under MacOS Sierra?

    For the people of Adobe, read this: 10 years ago, I bought Macromedia Studio which included Dreamweaver. After that, I upgraded to the CS6

    Now, I am in terms of photography.

    I love Dreamweaver and I use it a few times a month. I'm not a professional. In any case I use it enough to pay €24,-/ month for a subscription of the CC of Adobe.

    El Capitan CS6 Dreamweaver OSX works pretty well. Image-icons are missing in the file browser.

    But very soon MacOS Sierra is coming (in about 1 week?) And now, I've read there is a compatibility issue with Dreamweaver CS6.

    macOS Sierra 10.12: compatible Apps | MacRumors Forums

    I would like to know if there are users of DW CS6 who has already experienced this problem...

    Maybe it will be fixed with the final version of the Sierra. But maybe not. And it will mean the end of me to be able to use Dreamweaver. :-(

    I bought CS6 4 years. I think it is absurd that it becomes unusable so early.

    CS6 released in 2012 is now 8 versions behind the current CC 2015.3.  And it is not certified to run on the operating systems Windows 7 or OS x 10.7.  If it works on El Capitan, great!  You can continue to use it for another 3-4 years.  Just do not upgrade to Sierra until you're ready to raise a creative level Cloud.

    Nancy O.

  • FCE 3.5.1 does not work under macos Sierra


    After the 'upgrade' to Sierra FCE (version 3.5.1) has problems.

    I can open a file existing in the CAF and do casual work. I can open a new project and import existing video files.

    By the time I save the new project, it creates the new file in FCP, but the beachball appears and FCE crashes.

    The camera import, try "Capture", immediately unexpected CTF during an attempt to initialize the device.

    Right now I don't understand how to get around. Suggestions or comments are quite


    Thank you


    FCE 3.5.1 or even FCE 4 is not compatible with this OS.  You could try to partition your hard drive and install an older operating system (10.4 to 10.6) and install the old CFE in this topic, or just get a Mac used with the older operating system for editing purposes.  Otherwise, you must switch to FCP - X or Adobe Premier if you want to change on the new OS.


  • 4 finger swipe does not work under macOS Sierra!

    Hey all, I upgraded to macOS Sierra and noticed that one of my function used more regularly on Mac OS, 4 finger swipe to switch between desktop computers does not work! Mine is an April 2011 MacBook Pro.

    Earlier, 2 fingers sliding back in the files, similar to switching back and forward for the Web pages in Safari, has been abandoned without reason penetrable. I hope that's not the same fate for 4 finger swipe to switch between desktops.

    I probably use hundreds of times every day for switching between desktop computers because I have safari, MS Word and open the mail outside of iTunes on separate workstations. I hope that a fix is released soon!

    Apple, do not bite of useful outdoors features!

    Ravi Reddy

    4 finger swipe works for me and appears as the 2nd part of the Trackpad Control Panel.

  • Mail.app: S/Mime encrypted attachments do not work under MacOS Sierra


    I can't send or receive attachments when messages are encrypted with S/Mime since the upgrade to Sierra. Attachments sent and received on a MacOS-El-Capitan is available on El Capitan. But the same messages with attachments is more available on Sierra, as well as new messages with attachments sent from Sierra can be viewed on El Capitan or Sierra. Looks like the handling of encrypted attachments is completely screwed.

    The indication for messages with encryption and signature is still flaky and is not consistent.

    The indications for encryption and signing is a bug for years. What is interested in someone at Apple Mail.app and S/Mime? It doesn't seem a Herculean task to do things, and it is a core feature.

    Thank you

    iMac MacOS 10.12

    Mailing address:

    Version: 10.0

    Obtained from: Apple

    Last modified: 30/08/2016, 05:53

    Kind: Intel

    64-bit (Intel): Yes

    Signed by: signature, CA software, certificate authority root signing of Code Apple Apple

    Location: /Applications/Mail.app

    S/Mime, workstation is version 9.3.

    I have the same problem see my post on the import of attachments.

    Mail attachments disappeared with Sierra

  • Start Screen Saver hot corner no longer works under macOS Sierra 10.12

    I use Active corners to allow my screen saver lock my screen forever.  The hot corner "Start screen saver" no longer works after upgrade to Sierra 10.12.  'Put display to Sleep' hot corner doesn't work, as do other things like "Disable screensaver" and "Launchpad".  I tried reversing the triggers and active corners and can confirm that four corners work, but none of the corners can trigger action to launch the screensaver.

    try restarting. works fine for me.

  • Snapshot can work under any other RDBMS collapses...


    I have a question for the snapshot function. When I stop db that provide data in another db via dblink and instant.
    database a data snapshot of database through B. If I shotdown database A, advised me that the user can search with database snapshot B or not.

    Database A - DB link - database B

    Table Z - instant-> table Z'
    Array-snapshot-> table Y'
    Table X - instant-> table X'

    Could someone let me know user can run sql choose?

    Thank you.

    A snapshot is a physical copy of the data.
    Thus, a snapshot of database 'B' in the table 'XYZ' in the database 'A' is in fact internally maintained as a table of database 'B '. Users can still query capture instant, even when the database 'A' is out of service.
    I was addressing the caveat is that if you have set FULL refresh as they use TRUNCATE, the next run of the snapshot update tronquerait all data in the database 'B '. And you would not be able to recover the data truncated (unless restore you a copy of 'B' or restarted 'A' and do the update).

    Even in the opposite case, if the database 'A' is down and you have not disabled the work of refreshment, Oracle will keep try again them several times until each of them fails 16 consecutive times.
    You can see the error messages in the file database alert.log 'B' and follow-up for each update files failed.

    You must disable (for example mark them as BROKEN if they run like DBMS_JOBs) or delete the jobs of refreshment for the term 'A' is broken.
    You can re-enable or restore jobs in the database 'B' after 'A' returns to the top.

  • Shift - command - down and shift - command - up do not work in macOS Sierra

    Shift - command - down: select the text between the insertion point and the end of the document.

    Shift - command - up: select the text between the insertion point and the beginning of the document.

    No longer work under macOS Sierra (both worked in Yosemite). :-(

    Someone has the same problem?

    In what program? Shortcuts work for me in TextEdit.

  • Remote Desktop does not work since MacOS Sierra update

    Unable to connect with Remote Desktop or cord that worked before update

    Greetings geoffshop,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It seems you want to use under macOS Sierra remote desktop, but it does not work.
    I recommend you read this article, it has the settings you want to check to make sure that it is able to work.

    macOS Sierra: allow remote desktop to access your computer

    Take care.

  • Final cut 7 works with macOS Sierra

    Hi guys,.

    Final cut 7 works with macOS Sierra.

    Thank you.

    Yes. Very well! But I can't work my plugin.

  • InDesign CS5 will work with MacOS Sierra?

    Has anyone tried to see if InDesign CS5 will work with MacOS Sierra? I have creative cloud and CS5 on my machine, but due to some of the things that I have to work that only work with CS5 to CS6 I have to keep my old software. I hesitate to upgrade to Sierra until I know if InDesign CS5 will work or not.

    If anyone has tested this, I would be recognizing the return flow, thank you.

    It really depends what you do with it, and a large part of the framework has changes in the operating system for how the application is designed to run in. Your workflow can cause problems when the application works for others or you might be able to use it, but keep in mind has more no support for CS5 Adobe or Apple, so do not expect to solve any problems that you can discover.

  • HP Officejet Pro 6700 Premium: 12.34 FOR OFFICE JET 6700 DRIVERS does not WORK WITH MACOS SIERRA

    I guess that the file 12.34 driver does not work with MacOS Sierra, it is impossible to save a file when scan you a document. Instead of file name, you can see "prefix" and in all cases, it is impossible to save any version of the document, does not illuminate on the button "Save". Do you have a solution to risolve without using the Web server?


    Follow these steps to solve this:


    Kind regards


  • NB100: How can I get ACPI working under XP

    Hello world

    I wonder how I can get ACPI working under XP.
    When I enable it in the BIOS, Windows will not start... Should I load the drivers during the installation of Windows XP? That would lead me to my next problem, because the command line switch - one for the extraction of the driver does not work... Does not extract the files either.

    Or y at - there a way to add ACPI to my XP install is already running (the BIOS ACPI option is currently set to "compatibility"?

    Thanks in advance!

    As far as I know before enabling ACPI in the BIOS, you must remove the standard PC driver in Device Manager and install the ACPI driver.
    Then go into the BIOS, turn it on and should start Windows.

    In the Microsoft Knowledge Base, I found an article on the ACPI Compatibility:

  • OLE1. CreateEmbed Bit_str, "Paint.Picture" works under Dos but does more when gave birth off the coast. How can I fix teachix?

    OLE1. CreateEmbed Bit_str, "Paint.Picture" works under Dos but does more when gave birth off the coast.  How can I fix teachix?  Using VB5 to obtain a bitmap for embeded in an Access database. This used to work perfectly, but gives an Error 31032 when the program is spawned off the coast.  It still works from a command prompt.  How I have the code around this, or what is the problem?  Help, please. Thank you

    Hi AllisonBlackmer,

    Your Windows XP question is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the forum TechNet for assistance:


    Hope the helps of information.

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