I also have an error on the Defender report. Why windows not fixed it?

read, filed to initialize mine: Ox800106ba says I can do it manually... but how?

Hi karolsongleton,

If you are running McAfee or Symantec programs that include an antispy/malware application, please visit:

In addition:
Windows Defender error when you restart the computer with VirusScan installed 2009)

Hope this helps,

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  • Hanging of Thunderbird 38, gel and does not question. 17 accounts pop (Win 8.1, MalwareBytes and Windows Defender)

    Since the update of Thunderbird to 38.* I had nothing but problems with Thunderbird wedging (spinning wheel waiting), a "Mozilla Thunderbird (not answer) ' in the header bar, whiting of window application out and possibly TB box in hell - a small box to appear asking if I want to - close the program, expected so he can resolve itself , or check the internet, then close. I now give the floor it the box to hell (B2H - call it all you want, but I'm cursed every time he pop up!)

    I did everything proposed here and nothing suits. I have used Thunderbird for years with all the same files and Add ons WITHOUT problem. On the first day of the 38 update everything has changed. When Mozilla realizes that it is in the upgrade and find the problem!

    Here is what I tried with nothing working...
    1. I don't have AVG, the only malware bytes and windows defender
    2. it still happens in SafeMode with no active add-on.
    3. I stopped saving function which slows down the frequency of the sinking, but did not eliminate the problem.
    4. I have deleted hundreds of older emails, thinking it was that but who have done nothing.
    5. I changed some accounts of POP at the thought of iMAP that was the problem but nothing has changed.
    6. I made several attempts to patch both Mozilla support and outdoors on the net. Nothing works. Looking at all the people who have the same problems, I have to say that the problem is handling of file. I noticed that as the issue with others who have multi files and emails. The answer is not to reduce these volumes but to understand why thunderbird managed their fine before and what has changed to make the program hang now? Who should be on your end, taken responsibility. Keep us faithful and solve the problem...

    Here are my tips...

    A. I have several files and thousands of e-mails longer and have manged fines, as matter of fact, Thunderbird has been great. Then like a good stooge I approved the moz and did my upgrade to 38. Never had a problem before the upgrade. After the upgrade, everything went to *.

    B. the 38 version upgrade was a big change. When I look in the folder that has been labeled the envoys or Inbox folder (where all emails from each account is collected), all the emails listed would disappear when I moved my mouse over them! Emails disappearing! They were there in records specific e-mail below but not but in the case of head as if it were just a day earlier and with the upgrade. I thought that as an addition on the question and waited for the difficulty that happened not so long ago. Again, which could be a problem of record add-on.

    C. the upgrade to 38 were other issues, but if the madness going no problem was not bad enough, the problem seems to be growing with each ' update or bugfix that followed. Don't hold me to it but I think it was in 38.1.2 or 8 (I think that's it. I wasn't paying attention, but if I had known that I would have to tell it, I will!) That's when hanging interminably long. When the program closed at least I got a project saved, then I read on line that the problem was the registration of open messages, I turned the auto reduction. He did change the frequency of the hanging (white screen pause) and timing (where the B2H appears), but he was always there and always!

    D. I had hoped with 38.2 there will be improvements. Nothing has changed. I didn't know that 38.3 would make this change/fix, but it's not. If I write all this, so you have what I know as a loyal user since 2007.

    E. here is what you need to complete the picture. I'm on a PC running 8.1. on an Intel i7-4770, with 32 GB of ram, now you tell me when you will issue the update to fix the problem! Once again, Mozilla, I suggest you start by looking at how TB 38 manages several emails, files and archives. Not all of us have only one e-mail account. Most of us have been really happy with TB before 38. If you can't find the question, can you show us how to get back to a version prior to 38?

    Thanks for listening and hope that helps!
    @v @.

  • Thunderbird no longer win 10 when I used Windows Defender instead of AVG (if Thunderbird not dangerously ruled Defender analyses) - what is the solution?

    Thunderbird has stopped working win 10 when I used Windows Defender instead of AVG - free

    The event log to win 10 had many "ERROR!" Application Hang. "entries, all this said:
    The version of the program thunderbird.exe ceased to interact with Windows and was closed. To see if there is more information about the problem, check the history of the problem in the pants of control of security and maintenance
    Process ID: 1acc
    Start time: 01 d102e33137ce7e
    Log name: Application
    Source: Application Hang connected: 10/10/2015 00:45:36
    Event ID: 1002 task category: (101)
    Level: Error keywords: Classic
    User: N/a computer VidAce

    Things returned to normal when I excluded thunderbird. EXE from analysis of sdefender of window operations. But it's dangerous for security. How to fix this please?
    Thank you.

    Thunderbird is compatible with Windows 10. Defender problems are exactly that. Something that Microsoft needs to fix.

    Regarding a malicious attachments go. What of them?

    Before they can do any harm, they must be transformed into a binary file in the text, they are converted to attach them to the message and then be written in the Temp folder so they can be passed to the operating system with an application for opening of their. An antivirus program that cannot detect the payload of a newly written file and keep it opens is not worth the CPU cycles which is uses for to fail in its primary function. Defender claims to do this. If it isn't, still an issue for Microsoft. Now Thunderbird...

  • How can I git rid of bit defender off my firefox

    charge of bit defender, but it keeps crashing, or trying to load again I want to just delete it, but there is no button Delete because there just turn on or off

    solved... Right-click on the icon of Bit Defender and it list and uninstall

  • East - Windows Defender play well with TB?

    In response to my post on the messages arriving who were empty topics and dates of 1969, someone suggested that I excluded the folder with my profile from scan by Windows Defender in 8.1.

    I tried this and it didn't work at first but now with TB 31.0 I don't have a weird message with subject no. when I < there messages > on a single message.

    I am very uncomfortable on the do not scan mail entering and would like to hear what others think about it.

    That said, you should always use your brain before opening an attachment. Do not click on attachments from unknown or questionable source.

  • my bit defender can't seem to get rid of malware called OSX/InstallMiez need help

    I have a Mac with OSX EL Capitan my bit defender 2014 I can't seem to get rid of malware called OSX/InstallMiez.

    Need help thanks in advance

    I don't know this type of malicious software, but you can try to get rid of with one of these applications (free and safe):

  • TB crashes when you delete e-mail messages. Only the anti-virus is Windows Defender.

    When I click on an e-mail message and click one of the buttons < delete > the little blue circle lights up and I get a message "(ne répond pas)". " This is a < delete > click for the line of a message. Usually occurs after removing a few previous emails

    24.4.0 TB. Windows8.1. Windows Defender. All up to date.

    I checked. Do _not_ have McAfee, Norton, Avast, etc. system or in the form of modules.

    Tried to reboot Windows 8.1. a couple of times. Problem remains.

    Your initial problem was talking about freezing when you delete messages from Thunderbird.
    Still you see that now?

  • Use the toolbar to browser safe pctools Defender

    Use "browser defender" toolbar of pctools safe for Firefox / Chrome / I explore?
    I am on Windows 7
    Thank you

    Edit: removed your email address from the public view, since the only thing that will attract are spambots. you will be notified by email whenever someone replies to the thread. (philipp)

    Symantec took the portfolio of PC Tools in 2013. Software security that has passed is little or not useful.

  • Please show me how to uninstall windows defender. slow system to my paid Kerspersky acct

    I'm continually trying to uninstall "defender" - windows. kerspersky is my computer/protect-paid... SYSTEM SLOOOW. With the help of windows7...
    Thank you

    Hello BRISAN78, see: turn Windows Defender on or off

    Thank you

  • I am trying to remove Defender Nattly but I can't do it. It says I need permission. How can I remove it?

    I accidentally added nattly my homepage as well as this nattly Defender. When I change the homepage back to Firefox, the next day, nattly pops up again. Help!

    Nattly is a really tough (pun intended). A frustrating thing about this is that, once you have followed all the instructions online and they still do not work for you when you start Firefox to the taskbar where you anchored is that it always directs you to the Nattly search engine. Just unpin it and then he repin from the desktop icon.

    I hope that you did everything that follows (Windows 7):

    1. right click on the desktop for FF icon and go to properties, then remove the argument of the Nattly of the end of the target: line
    2 use free SUPERAntiSpyware (or other) to remove the offending programs that continue to write to the registry guidelines Nattly (cookies too)
    3 use Regedit on the command line in the Start Menu;. Click Edit > search and find all references to Nattly one and change each entry as follows: (or whatever you prefer) instead of
    4 type of topic: config in the field of seizure FF and looking for all the references to the Nattly and do the same thing here.
    5 reset FF by clicking Help > troubleshooting information > click the reset button.
    6. Finally, use Windows Explorer to send the Nattly file to the trash. It is located in C:/users / (user) / Appdata/roaming

    That should do it. Don't forget to reset your home page that you prefer. I use

  • Firefox make my default browser would cause my Windows Defender keep turning to the? Windows 8

    Are there elements of antivirus protection within the Mozilla Firefox program, which would be turned off my Windows Defender? I use Windows 8.

    Hello Jukebox, no defender is a totally separate program and that it won't be Firefox - they will work just fine side by side.

  • Windows Defender alerts to send firefox.exe to microsoft after upgrade to 16.0.2

    Windows Defender has posted a message in the center of maintenance of Windows with a title "review the files that Windows Defender will send to Microsoft (Important).

    It shows a popup message that informs that Windows Defender should do a presentation type of following files:
    "Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe".
    "Mozilla Firefox\plugin - container.exe.

    This happens in my desktop PC (Win 7 x 64 Ultimate SP1) and in my computer laptop (Windows 7 SP1 for x 64 homepage), the difference being that in the case of the laptop computer, an additional file should be reported i.e. "Mozilla Maintenace Service\maintenanceservice_tmp.exe.

    Hello shadownate, I think it's a normal process when you are a Member of CARDS (Service of Protection of Microsoft Active) and chose to communicate information about the unknown applications. where microsoft defender is supplied in a version of the application that does not appear in the ms database ' again (which might well be the case for firefox executable immediately after an update), they download the file and analyze it - that's how they collect new information to create signatures from unknown threats. Plugin - container.exe & maintenanceservice.exe are part of firefox and don't pose a risk to your system.

  • Defender system BSOD error

    One of my kids must have downloaded something with malware, and now I get a BSOD Defender system error Code 0x9error404 code.  Whenever I run Safari the pop up comes and asks me to dial a number 800 technical support.  I know it's a scam, but don't know how to fix.  Thank you.

    Force Quit Safari, then restart Safari while holding the SHIFT key.

  • Software named Security Defender loaded and was almost impossible to remove. It's yours?

    Software pops up and offered a free scan my computer for viruses. I have good installed anti-virus software. The new program reported gobs of virus and led me to a purchase page. I couldn't remove using simple means. I had to do a system restore.
    She then appeared on a second computer and I removed it without opening without any problem.
    It seems to be that something related to Firefox. Is it?

    No, Firefox has nothing to do with security Defender.

  • Firefox took 10 message Trojan-backdoor programs; "Install Security Defender 898.exe. I tried to install it but Avast stopped download. This SecurityDefender is sanctioned by Firefox?

    I'm still under Win XP on a Dell using Avast Antivirus desktop (under license).
    I opened a link while working at my g-mail account.

    Firefox cannot detect Trojans programs. Attention do not install a fake virusscanner, you will be infected by malware instead. Personally, I wouldn't trust this thing Security Defender, this looks like a scam to me. I guess Avast is preventing the download because it is a virus. In general, it is always very dangerous to install software that you receive in the mail. Also never install a fake 'Firefox-update"that is send by post.

  • Microsoft Defender - How to MARKET?

    My product is a trial version limited to McFee which I won't take the complete package
    Therefore need to install other protections
    I need Microsoft defender light but it is blocked for manufacturing, says ' Windows defender is stopped and not your surveillance system "with no option to turn it on
    So I need to be able to turn it back on - please can you help me?

    To enable Windows defender should not be that complicated.
    Remove McAffe preinstalled system if you want to use (license).
    After that, place your mouse at the bottom right of your screen and click on search and type Windows Defender.
    When the program appears on the left side of your screen, right-click on it, and then click Run as administrator. Then, Windows Defender must be open.

    In my case I have to install the latest update to all first and after updating Windows Defender installation was ONE.

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