Defener Windows will not work and will not allow uploaded files to open, saying: they all have a virus. How can I solve this problem.

Running Windows 7 and I cannot scan my computer or download files, system tray blushed and said, 'the file contains a virus' and the computer, and then delete the file. In the alert section it says that Windows Defender works. But it will not open Setup or scan. try to get a repair tool and the file does not open, he repeats to me, the file contains a virus and it does not open. What can I do other than to bring this problem to the experts. Maybe someone has an answer.

Thanks, D G


Your PC may be infected with the new variant of Sirefef AKA Zero access is.  One of the problems is that the downloads are identified (wrongly) as a virus... and it will be often disable and prevent installation of various anti-malware programs.

Suggest you use HitmanPro Kickstart, which should remove this malware and fix changes made to the computer by the malware: , you must use an uninfected computer to download it to a flash drive and then follow the specific directions on how to run the program on the infected computer.  Hitman Pro Kickstart is available as a 30 day trial version.

For more information, see and


The Windows Defender program which is pre-installed on W7 and Vista is an antispyware program only... .you must run a program full anti-malware.


See the following compliments of quietman7 MS MVP : choose an anti-virus program

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