Defragmentation report States system volume information file cannot be defragmented. How can I fix this?

After the defragmentation report files that cannot be defragmented:

4 fragments 1.92 GB System Volume Information restore... and a long list of letters and numbers

The reason being, these fragmented files are used at the same time

Defrag is running...

To remove, run disk Cleanup utility, after that, in run, type: cmd cmd

type: Defrag C:

Once thru type: System properties open output, advanced, virtual memory,.

Change button, with selected C:, the value "no paging file", click on set 2 X, close, restart

PC. Go back to xp, in run, type: cmd cmd type: Defrag C:

This time, it'll take a little longer (5-8 min), once its type thru,: OUTPUT

Return to system properties, virtual memory, set C: "let the system handle.

Click on set 2 X, close, close each window & agree to all, once through, reboot the pc...

Do it once in a while, too, it works better with a slave hd with a pagefile on this subject


Tags: Windows

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