Differences between P750/05F Satellite and Qosmio F750/02Y?

I was comparing the characteristics between the P750/05F Satellite and Qosmio F750/02Y but I couldn't really grasp the difference.

My guess would be only from the outside, perhaps the screen?
On the card in the Toshiba website says as the Satellite battery last up to 5.5 h rather than 3.5 h on the Qosmio for some reason any!

On the 3D, I'm not sure as it is said by Satellite can also be used with glasses but Qosmio on an external 3D TV...

Can anyone help me pls. I really want to get one of them soon.
The Satellite is cheaper $ 100.

Thanks :)


I like the Qosmio series and I would take the Qosmio F750.
It of great multimedia laptop and if you want to watch 3D content without the use of 3D glasses then the F750 should be your preferred device.

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