Display Driver Portege R100

Some time when I use certain software applications, the images on my Portege R100 distorted. Why does this happen?

Apparently, there is a bug in the display driver in Portege R100. You can update the PC with an improved display driver, V6.4823.104.22_2 to avoid this.

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  • Portege R100: Recover the CD USB 2.0 drive?

    I need to reset my Portege R100 to factory settings, erasing the hard drive and remove all documents and programs. I don't have a Toshiba CD-ROM drive, only a CD/DVD of LaCie USB 2.0 drive. It worked with other laptops, but I can't get the R100 to start with it.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Hi soren,.

    Maybe you know that you can start from the CD-ROM when you push the 'C' button for aprox. 3 seconds when you press the power button. But it's only for internal solutions.
    In your question, you could test whether it works when you push "U". 'U' stands for USB device!

    Hans Bye

  • Portege 7200: Where can I get the display driver for Win2000?

    Under display/properties, the type of adapter shows VGA adapter and the max resolution I can get is 800 x 600, which do not use the max screen size. What is the graphics card in the Portege 7200 and where can I get the display drivers for Windows 2000?

    Go to the support home page > download > in the drop down menus select laptop and your model > display driver

  • Portege R100 and new hard drive

    I think to put in a larger capacity internal hard drive - 40G is now a little bit :(

    Does anyone do this? The traps? Any suggestions on compatible drives?



    As far as I know the old Portege R100 supported a HDD IDE controller.
    So you will definitely need an IDE HDD. I think that it s a 1.8 IDE HDD.

    I think the HDD IDE controller supports only the 28-bit LBA and it would mean that there would be larger than 120 GB hard drives not recognized.

    That's why I choose smaller hard drives.

  • Portege R100: Can't see dvd external drive

    I just installed a new internal 40 GB hard drive in my portege r100, I partitioned the drive and formatted. I also installed the latest version of the bios (I think it is 1.6) but I can not now install XP to dvd because the portege r100 do not see the dvd drive external usb which I think is a LITE-ON 8 x

    Any suggestions?

    Using the supplied with the machine recovery CD? Also the machine will only start on a TOSHIBA USB dvd player. If it is not made by Toshiba, you will not be able to boot from it. Sorry

  • Portege R100 and WUXGA(1920x1200) external LCD display

    I bought Dell 24 inch wide LCD display.

    I thought that my portege R100 can support the resolution 1920 x 1200 because its maximum resolution is 2048 x 1536, but it's not. TT

    Graphics chip is trident cyber xp4.

    I already tried to use software PowerStrip, but it did not work for the chipset graphic trident.

    Is it possible that I can use the resolution of WUXGA(1920x1200) using my portege R100 as regestry change or what ever?


    I found the info that 1600 x 1200 is a resolution supported max for Portege R100. As much as I know there no way to change this through any changes to the registry. As you know the performance of the graphics card can not be changed.

    Good bye

  • Portege Z930 - display driver does not work properly


    We have a Portege Z930 with Windows 7 64 bit in use where the Intel display driver seem to work fine.

    First problem is the slow presentation on screen - if we open a (simple JPG) photo and move the window, the frame window break during the move and showed very weird.

    Then, we have installed a U3.0 dynadock docking for the use of two external displays more. This method works even worse. To the docking station, we used the driver from the CD supplied in the delivery and connect to a USB 3.0 connector.

    On starting switching on 2 screens instead of internally for computer laptop screen does not work - and we use workaround of using an extended desktop on all 3 displays (2 external and internal display for laptop as the third).

    In Internet Explorer, it should turn off GPU Rendering and use Software Rendering rather because otherwise, we observed critical irregularities on the external screens (with 2 Windows Open the screen froze or could not display Windows Mobile). However the display isn't satisfactioning.

    We have tried 3 different versions of the recommended Driver Intel which is also offered by Toshiba to download; We loaded it is there and also 2 versions more (a more recent, one older) Intel directly.

    So, how can we get this working properly?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
    N. Cochems

    More importantly. Make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed Win7. New laptops have problems running in win7 RTM (without service pack).

    It seems that Windows uses the standard VGA driver instead of the Intel driver. Uninstall all display drivers from Control Panel-> programs and features and then go to the Toshiba website and install the utility Intel Chipset then the Intel display driver, then go to DisplayLink.com and install the latest DisplayLink driver for the dynadock. The new software v7.xx DisplayLink driver fixes several issues found in v6.xx drivers.

    Verify that the Intel drivers are installed properly in Device Manager.

  • Which display driver used with Portege 7200?

    I bought the Portege 7200 series machine and I have a huge problem with the display driver. According to the books of Toshiba, I should use Trident CyberBlade e4 - 128 pilot 3D. I have d/load (Win 98 SE) from two different versions of two different websites (display-win9x - 650554022icd.zip) and no joy. Can install it. Tried with Win 2000 and no joy either.




    Turn off your laptop around to find a label. There is the exact number of prodcuct and name!

    Please report it on the forum.

    What w98 version do you use? Win98 or win98SE?

    Is the operating system version of Toshiba OEM recovery?

    Goodbye Tom

  • Application of Portege R600-10 t display driver update


    I'm looking for the latest display driver for my Portege R600-10 t (to see if she would be [email protected] the value).
    Went to the corresponding page on the uk.computers.toshiba - Europe.com, and it showed the following:

    30/06/09 | Display driver | Intel | Windows Vista 32 bit | | World Wide

    When I checked the complete info, he showed the following:

    FTP - URL _display - 20081117151809.zip_
    Date of last change * 30/06/09 *.
    Intel Corporation
    Type display driver
    Subtype (none)
    Size (KB) 19568
    Version * *.
    Universal language
    Countries world wide
    Description this driver improves the functionality of display device and allows you to perform different settings, such as color management, monitor properties or control of overlay. You can also get help if you have related troubleshooting display issues.
    Portege R600, Portege A600 model
    Windows Vista 32 bit operating system

    When I download the file, it is called _display - 20081117151809.zip_
    When I install it, it's the version * * whose date of * 07/11/2008 *.

    I'm sure I chose the right OS, and I tried several different ways to get the downloadable file, including letting my automatic detection system. Same result.

    I don't know if I am missing something... ? Where is the of the display driver version?

    Thank you

    Post edited by: kiden

    PS - I was already on v7.15.10.1527


    Average was last modified time when this package has been uploaded to the database server. Therefore, there is another date.

    By the way: the last pilot, you will find on the page of Intel.
    I have a laptop with Intel GPU and I use the driver from the Intel page.

    By the way: the resolution of the screen depends on the graphics chip and internal screen.
    If the display does not support preferred resolution for you, then you will not be able to select this

  • Portege R100 - how to install after Exchange of HARD drive?

    Hello world
    I'm new to this forum and I want to know exactly where I'm wrong. I have this portege r100 laptop and the hard drive gave a few days ago. Because I am a novice when it comes to computers, I left the laptop with an engineer, that I found on Kijiji.
    Unfortunately, the engineer could not load any operating system on it. I go through this forum and loads found useful answers, but alas, still the same problem.
    Could someone guide me in the right direction. I would be really grateful that I have exams coming next week and really need the laptop.

    I don't have any CD-ROM compatiable only an external floppy drive.
    I tried to install using the windows startup disk (x 6 downloaded from the microsoft Web site), but after the 6 disc it asks me 3 options.

    1. press ENTER to install
    2. recovery console option of
    Output 3.F3

    When I press on enter is not superimposed my cd rom which I figured out is not compatiable. If I leave the connected cd rom it says unmountable boot disk. It gives me a bsod. Is there another way, I could install the operating system using only the FDD.
    I'd appreciate it really all the help of the experienced members of this forum.
    Thank you.

    First of all, you can not use any external CD/DVD drive... you must use a compatible and recommended by Toshiba.

    Secondly, I you could try to connect the HARD drive to another computer using the USB caddy.
    Then copy the i386 to the HARD disk folder.
    Then, you can run the winnt.exe file to start the Setup program.

    Once configuration is complete plug the HDD to the Portege and tries to start
    It is only theory, but maybe it won't work

  • Portege R100 - network controller driver

    I just installed windows7 Enterprise version on this laptop and I have a Code 28 message in the status window of the network/device/general/controller management device.

    He cannot find a suitable driver.

    Of course, I'll need to install via a CD or the floppy disk that I can't currently access to the network or to the internet via the phone.

    But can someone give me the url for an appropriate driver.

    Thank you



    I think it might be a little difficult to find a controller driver Ethernet for Portege R100. The fact is that this laptop old enough supports to competition from Windows XP, according to Toshiba European driver download page.

    Therefore, search for other pilot sites. Most of the Vista drivers are also working on Windows 7, you need to find Vista drivers.
    What Ethernet controller do you have?
    If it s a Realtek for example, you can search the site from Realtek: [www.realtek.com]
    Or e.g. Intel-online [www.intel.com]

  • Portege R100 install XP on the replacement drive

    Help, please

    My hard drive in my R100 went bad and I replaced it and it became a nightmare to install XP.

    I spent 2 days on this subject, and I can't break! I have the original Toshiba USB floppy drive that can be accessed by cell phone and a desktop USB external CD/DVD drive mounted in a USB chassis. It's the Sony DRU - 540A. I tried everything on this forum and it does not work.

    I copied the I386 folder in the C: / once I'd fdisk and formatted it and when windows was running from the CD it came to try to find the asms file. When I run the Portege R100 Recovery Bootdisk V1.1.zip he can see my Cd/DVD drive however the virtual D: it creates, causing the PC to freeze when I run Windows NT.

    Please help because it's pretty darn painful!

    Thanks Brendan

    Why would you copy the files from the CD to your HARD drive? To install an operating system, in your case Windows XP just boot from the CD and follow the instructions given by the installation routine.

    You can change the priority of booting into the BIOS settings, or by pressing the C key laptop start upward.

  • Vista on Portege M200 - some problems with nVidia display driver


    I recently decided to update and perform a clean installation of Windows Vista on my Portege M200, now that Toshiba have released official drivers for this machine.

    Everything works fine, EXCEPT the nVidia display driver. I have the following questions with the driver Toshiba provides for this machine (97.52 version):

    (1) when the screen turns off to save power, the backlight does NOT turn off. Screen turns off but the backlight will stay lit.
    (2) for the recovery of the standby mode, the backlight is OFF. You must use the shortcuts Fn-F6/F7 to change the backlight level manually, that will bring him back.
    (3) external monitor does not work (with command Fn + F5 or nVidia control panel). External display is always blank.
    (3) video playback in WMP is very chopped (a secondary concern for me).

    Is there a chance that Toshiba could finally get a updated driver that would set out the? That would really make this machine fully functional in Vista.

    Thanks in advance for any help or information.

    Null value


    > Are there opportunities that Toshiba could finally get out an updated driver?
    I noticed that from time to time new updates of pilot (any series of notebook) are released on the European driver Toshiba page and, therefore, I m optimistic that new updates are available

    But note; usually, various problems can be resolved by installing some patches MS Vista and missing patches.
    Then visit this [MS update website | http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us] and check if all the patches are installed.

    Best regards

  • Portege R100 boots from the HARD drive - lack of operating system


    I have a Portege R100 which won't the HD boot, I get the message "missing operating system".
    I don't have a compatible CD or floppy, I just about 1.8 inches for the hd, it works and I also have norton ghost 2003 is installed in another computer (a toshiba satellite A45).

    I tried to recover the drive with the help of norton and the image of the Ghost in the recovery CD, but it keep asking for a password.

    I would like to know if there is a way to use the restore with norton CD and usb driver and password screen (or where I can get the password?).

    Thank you!

    What password do you mean?

    and what recovery CD do you use? The image on the Toshiba Recovery CD is locked and cannot be extracted.

    It turns out that you cannot start or install the OS on the USB key!
    You must boot from the CD/DVD compatible player that can be connected to the PC card slot.

  • Portege R100 - boot from the external HARD drive

    I have a Portege R100 and the HARD drive has failed. I installed a new HARD drive and I have the Toshiba recovery disks. I tried to boot from a generic USB CD-ROM but the laptop did not recognize.

    I have a disk of Toshiba USB drive it does not recognize and I have a restore disc but I don't know how from there. Do I have to buy a CD external Toshiba and if so, which?
    Any useful suggestions?


    Boot from the external USB CD/DVD drive is not possible.
    You will also be able to boot from USB HDD!

    If you want to boot from the CD, you must use a compatible PCMCIA cards (16-bit and 32-bit Cardbus) CD/DVD drive.

    For more information, see this article from Toshiba:

    and this other thread:

    Good bye

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