Do Acer b286hk 4K monitor has the ability to upconvert standard content HD?

I wonder if this monitor can upconvert content as TV can do. So my films, if played on my PC would be better on this 4K monitor on a regular HDTV.
Thank you for all the answers.


This monitor has technology for Super sharpness setting in the OSD which can adjust the quality of any content to enhance the edges of the lower resolution. Technology Super sharpness able to fix the details and optimize the quality of the image, please see the photo to see what I mean.

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    Thank you


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    Thank you


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    Kind regards


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    Be well...

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    Thank you.


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    In addition, there is a best practice document you may find useful.

    Thank you

    Zhe Wu

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    Thank you

    Tony Clemente

    MEI Solutions specialist

    Hi Tony, you can do this with banners, they do not appear in the app menu and only appear in the navigation pages. Creating an article would be a method. You may have this article load an iframe to the hosted FAQ so that you pull into existing content.

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    Time to try another cable, I think, with a regular DVI - D connector.

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    Model of router E4200 of Linksys compatible 2.0 of the IGD.

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    With the last update of Windows 10, it's gone.
    Line does not appear in the list of audio mixer recording devices, or list in Audacity.
    I have re-installed the Realtek drivers and the drivers from the Toshiba site, but the fault remains.
    Has anyone else had the same problem and if anyone has found a solution?
    Thank you

    For all those interested in the solution to this...
    I found the answer in another forum:
    1. open the Manager realtek audio
    2. click on icon (top-right) yellow folder "connector settings."
    3. check the box 'enable auto popup dialogue '.
    It is that easy.
    The next time you connect your line Mini-Jack, select microphone and it will act as a component line snap.

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