Don't color match images in FCPX

Hi guys

I am looking for color match two images in FCPX but when I select the clip, and then the color match, then click on the image, I would like to take advantage of the color palette (and hit apply) nothing happens.

Is it not possible to color images of football game in FCPX?

Thanks in advance


When do you do that? You always hear images?

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  • Color matching


    I have recently updated Pages v5.6.1 and have noticed that the color matching option is now missing when I select 'color' of the Inspector. I don't know what the correct name for this feature, but it was the one where you can choose a color you had another place used in the document - other text or image select this exact shade. The chart for him, it was like a show (of... a Canon?).

    Is there another way to make in the current version?

    In the color picker, the (loop or pipette) color picker is indicated by the arrow in the picture. Click on that and put it on a color.

  • The use of color matching with a webcam


    I have a webcam which I am able to use successfully in labview (i.e.. Get images)

    I looked at the examples of criteria special color and tried to change them, so that I can detect a red spot, which can be seen through the webcam, but were unsuccessful.

    Basically I'm doing color real-time pattern matching

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Or help out me?

    Thank you

    Hi guys,.

    It is an excellent example that installs with the vision development module. This example maybe not EXACTLY what you're after, because it allows you to dynamically set a color model to match. However, you can still save a static "model model" on the disc as well as the use in your code - if it is more relevant to your application. As a bonus in adding, deleting the dynamic learning model would simplify the code a bit.

    Example of model color matching

    When research or the finder for example LabVIEW, do not forget to specify the COLOR the American way... color.

    Thank you

  • Color match CP1518ni on Mac

    Recently got a new mac for use with my CP1518ni and the color is TERRIBLE!  All the corresponding color talking about support PCs... any help in colors on a Mac?

    Have you tried to change the color matching options in the advanced print settings? Try this:

    1. open an image in the preview and open the print dialog box

    2. click on "Show details", left down

    3. open the menu drop down and select "color".

    4. click on "ColorSync".

    I would use the preset automatic once you choose ColorSync to see how it works. You are able to set up different predefined settings that you can modify according to your preferences. Let me know if that solves the problem.


  • When I click on the + to open a new window I don't like the images that arise. I tried to change that in all: config; Browser.newtab.URL, but it will not

    When I click on the + to open a new window I don't like the images that arise. I tried several times to change that through words: config; Browser.newtab.URL. I put in the site I want and it won't change. I tried to put in: blank and it don't work. I'm obviously something wrong - can you help please?

    Thank you

    If Firefox is ignorant preference browser.newtab.url, the usual culprit is an extension.

    You can open the page in Firefox Add-ons using either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons
    • in the Windows "Run" dialog box, type or paste
      firefox.exe "about:addons"

    In the left column, click Extensions. Then, in case of doubt, disable (or delete, if possible) not recognized and unwanted extensions. Do not forget that all extensions are optional, none come with Firefox, and you can learn more about them by checking their reviews on the site of the Add - ons.

    Often, a link will appear above at least an extension disabled to restart Firefox. You can complete your work on the tab and click one of the links in the last step.

    Any improvement?

  • Need to activate printing background colors and images, but this is not where it should be in the options/tools/int adv tab. Any ideas?

    need to activate printing background colors and images, but this is not where it should be in the options/tools/int adv tab. Any ideas?

    Try the following. Open IE11, click on the tools, mouse over the option 'Print' option and select "print preview

    Select the layout, as shown below.

    Place a check in the "case print the background color and images.

    Click on the OK"" button.

    J W Stuart:

  • Data are blocked after Auto Color Match

    I used Auto Color Match to match a shot with another degree. He did a good job, but it blows too much. I want to be able to bring back the signal that it is the engine too hot. I added a layer of primary air and tried to bring back the gain, but it decreases the rather restrained signal than to bring back data that is already there.

    I'm doing something wrong?

    Is not correct on how that fix works. If you mash the black or blow the whites on a node, then in a node downstream decide to bring this information, you can do in this node. It is the definition of the work in a 32-bit float color space. The float, referring to the fact that the data values FLOAT and are not cut. If Speedgrade values of clipping during his visit to a layer then it is not a 32-bit float environment. Unfortunately, it's a show-stopper for the work I need to do. Guess I'll stick with determination. I hope for Speedgrade catch up here someday, I'd like to be able to use it in production.

  • Cross post: Approximate color match?

    Hello everyone: I'm unable to get a color to be displayed correctly. I know there have integrated questions about how the color displays in a browser, but wonder is that I can refine it any more that I have for now.

    The issue: artistic creation for a GL page. Page in question contains an illustration, that contains a shade of red. I creates jpegs of text headers in PS and would like the text to appear in (as much as possible) the same red.

    I opened PS, chosen illustration color with the Eyedropper, noted the hexadecimal number and RGB settings.

    Created new PS files for heads of text and used that info to the color of the text in these files. All seems well in PS, color matching seems correct - until I'll save for Web, when the Save for Web window, the color changes considerably from a darker red. JPEG files that results also show good color in GL and where to live.

    The two files (head of illo and the original text) are in RGB mode in PS. Both have built-in profiles for Adobe RGB. PS color settings in Adobe RGB.

    Red illustration appears, in PS, GL and on the web. When I send illo in save for Web, red remains the same and looks very good.

    Text file looks ok PS until I go to save for Web, date at which Red poster as ugly Brown dark.

    Check or uncheck Web colors only in the color selector window makes no difference.

    Again, I understand that the web color is not exact, and there are limits on what can display colors. And it doesn't have to be an exact match; only an approximation. But since red in the illustration shows very well - in PS, GL and the Web - it seems it should be usable and display correctly in the jpegs as well - head but it's not. What Miss me? Is it possible for me to come close to matching the red in the illustration somehow?

    Thanks in advance-

    PS 8.0/CS1

    GL 7.0.2/CS1

    Both have built-in profiles for Adobe RGB. PS color settings in Adobe RGB.

    That's your problem.

    Set your workspace sRGB for the new graphics, or convert them to sRGB when registering for the web. The option convert to sRGB can be verified in the backup of the levels of web dialogue, either in the save for web dialog (right) wheel menu, depending on your version of PS.

    It is a question of color management and has to do with how your browser interprets colors. You can enable color management (google it) using Firefox and could find your more predictable results.

  • HP Deskjet F2280 all-in-one: color print images saved offline problems.

    When I print an image that I downloaded from the internet, the colors do not conform to the original (a lot of blue in there).  I printed directly from the printer itself, and that's fine.  I changed the color cartridge, did the cleaning, checked, I had download the correct software and tried to open the image in paint, but still not good.  I changed the setting to fast eco who, although not the bright, the image itself so more true to color.  Can anyone help please.

    Hi @anniegwenand welcome to the Forums of HP.

    I see that when you print images that you save from the internet, the colors are not what you expect and the printed output is more blue than the original. Because when you print directly form the printer (copy) the output is as expected, I suspect that the issue has to do with the print settings, a driver or a program that you are printing from.

    I suggest to use the following steps to remove the printer from the device and printers and the driver from the properties of the server. This will help isolate the driver.

    1. in the folder "devices and printers".

    2. choose "print server properties.

    • Win XP - with no printer selected, click 'File' then 'server properties '.
    • Windows Vista - with no printer selected, press 'Alt' and then click 'file' then 'server properties '.
    • Windows 7/8, 8.1 and 10 -select any printer in the "Devices and printers" folder and click on "Print server properties" above.

    3. click on the "Drivers" tab at the top of the window "properties of the print server.

    4. choose the printer that you want to uninstall, and then click 'remove '.

    5. choose "Remove driver only.

    6. the next screen will give a warning, letting you know that the removal of the driver package will remove it from the system. Click 'Yes' to say are you sure you want to do.

    If documents are stuck in the spooler to print, you see an error, cancel all documents waiting in the print queue or try restart the spooler to print, and then try to delete the driver from 'Print server properties' again. If she will not always remove the sachet, restart the computer and the printer should correct this error "in use" and allow the driver to be removed.

    Once the driver is then deleted, open start > all programs > HP folder > folder printer > HP Setup and software (or the icon of the printer). The installation screen and the software opens and you can click on connect a new printer.

    If the fingerprints still don't match what you see on the screen, try to print in a different program. For example, instead of save an internet image, print the image directly from the browser. In bold, what brings the cause to wonder, when you save, you are printing on photo paper? Have you compared the print quality between an image printed on ordinary paper and a image on photo paper? If you use photo paper, and that's the only time where the output is more blue than expected, please try different photo paper. I know this sounds unlikely, but I seen the book be causing more time than you probably imagine.

    Let me know the results of your efforts at this point, and we will proceed if other troubleshooting is necessary. If something I suggested the problem, please click Accept button Solution below to report your post as solved.

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing back on your part.

  • Why Lightroom color match not during editing in Photoshop CS3

    I just started using Lightroom 4, the only version of lightroom that I used. Short version, save me lots of time. But I went to change more in photoshop and noticed that the color is radically different. I have Photoshop CS3 (10.0.1) and ProPhoto color space is to match to lightroom. I have make changes in lightroom, say remove dust spots, it appears in the version of photoshop. It seems that, in the shadow of the coast is where it really shows. My workflow would be to import to the original raw in lightroom 4 (1 5 d mark II canon) and go on changing. Right-click to edit in Photoshop CS3, and it is where the colors go crazy. So if I save the file with any editing done in Photoshop and compare side by side in lightroom, they are completely different. What is the origin of the radical difference?


    Here are the screenshots where the screenshot left the original image is the image dark and light, this is what it looks like when opened in Photoshop. Compare it to lightroom on the screenshot on the right, this is what it looks like when I saved the file in Photoshop. Then, how open it in Photoshop, then hit save the change of image? If I do edit in lightroom and then export the jpeg and open in photoshop, I get the correct color, exactly the same as my original lightroom raw.

    My external editor in lightroom settings are tiff, space colorimetric prophoto.

    Photoshop preferences are to preserve embedded profiles.

    If she does not make in Lightroom, it is absolutely false. CS3 uses ACR 4.x, which is not compatible with the LR4 2012 process.

    You must choose "Display in Lightroom" when it prompts or before opening in CS3. If it does not prompt you, try resetting your speedy deletions in Prefs-> General-> guests-> Reset.

  • Where "Brass" color for metal in FCPX securities passed / how to rely?


    Am against a deadline in edit promised by the next day and transfer of Premiere Pro to FCP 10.2.3 for several years after the last use FCP 4.  I absolutely love.  Hoping that someone can hit me up quickly with a solution because it makes no sense.

    I'm working on the title sequence and everything is settled with the size of the copy fonts and attributes 3D for 4 small sections of copy titration.  I use bland 3D for the option right in front.  For the first time a few times and it's the perfect color I want for on the images, I chose to use, I chose the metal then > "Brass" for the color.  Now on the last brass isn't there anymore.  Nearest is now gold or copper and neither seems as good as brass.  What happened here... anyone has an idea please how can I get it back?

    I tried to remove the title spot and starting at the top and I tried FCPX stop a couple of times and re - open.  "Brass" is poof... no more there to select in the dropdown on the left of the metal when it is selected on.

    Please, would appreciate much help here.

    Thank you very much

    Are you looking under materials of Substances? Under materials there is no metal > brass. There are under Substances.

  • Color match Photosmart D7260 with iMAC

    Hello, I have an iMAC Intel Mac running on OSx Mountain Lion 10.8.4.  All software are up to date including the printer driver software automatically updated. When I print pictures in color, the colors do not match. I got it correspond exactly to 100% in the past. Does anyone have a solution for me?  Thank you!

    Well, I understood what is happening. You don't have a color ICC profile on your computer for this printer.


    Because you use the Apple HP drivers for this printer. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, it is not the same to have full feature software and drivers that come on the disk with the printer or download it from the HP website. The bad thing is this printer is not only the software for your version of Mac OS X. It's a pretty old printer and there been no drivers and full software functionality of HP since OS X 10.6.

    I'm sorry, but you need to upgrade to a new printer or doing without ICC profiles


  • Color match

    Hello I would like to make a matching color between 2 photos with lightroom?

    Hi julien.carto,

    Why do you want to match the color of two images?

    See if that helps. Match between photos in Lightroom color balance to prepare family/wedding albums | Community customer Photoshop family

    See also how still shots of matching colors and video Clips using Lightroom 4 - YouTube

    Kind regards


  • Color match and yet serious type effect


    I found this picture of an old book cover. I would add another type that seems to match the police, color and effects (bevel, relief, etc.) used to "London".  I have a font is close enough to use (the 'TEST'), but I'm a little hurt with the color and effects.

    For color, if I sample the color inside the type "London", its too light when I try to use it to 'TEST '. Is it possible to match exactly?

    No one knows what effects will get the same results as what's on 'London '? I've attached a screenshot of my Panel of styles of current layer to the layer of 'TEST '. Thank you!



    Part of the problem is the choice of the police, which is much thinner than the sample of London. Also the color not so bright. More in a moment.

    The third important consideration is the fact that the surface texture which is manifested in the letters from LONDON, appears in the TEST sample, and he should be able to look authentic.

    To put this texture in the type, change the Lab Color Mode that separates the colors of tone & texture. Choose the channel L. Select one area of texture at least as large as the area THAT TEST occupies. Then back to RGB and paste, as an extra layer during the TEST. Set its blending mode to luminosity. Last, use your TEST type layer to create a mask for the layer of brightness (texture) so that only the type is affected by the addition of the texture that you copied layer L of the laboratory.

    Finally, adjust the opacity of the layer of texture and change the color of the type to match in LONDON. The color must be done after the texture has beeb applied.

  • addition of the background color or image to apex application

    Dear friends

    I'm developing an apex 4.1 application that has 4 pages.

    Now, I want to add the background or a background image on my pages.

    Is it possible to do this if so please tell me


    When you change the definition template > header locate the line that looks like


    You put the background / bgclor in the body, before or after the #ONLOAD tag #, don't forget to leave a space before and after your code.

    If you want to put the color/image specific to a page then you the bgcolor or background =... =... in the field attribute Page HTML Body of the Page.

    However, it depends on the model you use as well. You may need to use the CSS Style for this, e.g.


    The above will make the green background color. In addition, your regions can block the color/image of a large part of the page...

    Kind regards

    Published by: Dominique 3 may 2012 10:30

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