Doubt about database encryption

I'm trying to encrypt a database by using the signing key. I followed the .key file generation process date of signature of the key tool of bb and created a GWL. Key file and I tried to help in my project, but I m get Excelption, but it is the creation of database with success... Here is my code to encrypt the .db file:

DatabaseSecurityOptions dbso = new DatabaseSecurityOptions (false);
cardDetails = DatabaseFactory.create (uri, dbso);

CodeSigningKey codeSigningKey = CodeSigningKey.get(CodeModuleManager.getModuleHandle( "SQLite" ), "GWL");

                    // Encrypt and protect the database.  If the database is already
                    // encrypted, the method will exit gracefully.
                    DatabaseFactory.encrypt(uri, new DatabaseSecurityOptions(codeSigningKey));
                catch(DatabaseException dbe)
                    Dialog.inform("Encryption failed - " + dbe.toString());         

CodeModuleManager.getModuleHandle( "SQLite" )

the above line is return '0' and I m get IllegalArgumentexception on the threshold:

CodeSigningKey codeSigningKey = CodeSigningKey.get(CodeModuleManager.getModuleHandle( "SQLite" ), "GWL");

I solved the problem... It was with the name of the module... Thanks anyway...

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    My understanding is that whenever a will be archived online redo log, same redo log is transported or even Redo that generated in the primary also will be generated in the standby database online redo log, which is true

    What is real-time applies

    I don't ask the size, Consider physical standby basis will have to redo log files online (when the role is passed, it can be used).
    My question is in fact the same files will be used as log restore pending files by progression or a set is necessary.

    No. , you must create additional log files Eve again. However online redo custom log files used when data bases in the State, these serve again when you perform the switchover. Until the redo transport will be made in the log restore pending files forward.

    Thanks for the clarification about the logic of sleep

    Thank you.

  • Doubts about RAC infrastructure with a disk array

    Hello everyone,

    I am writing because we have a doubt about the correct infrastructure to implement RAC.

    Please, let me first explain the current design we use for storage Oracle DB. Currently, we are conducting multiple instances in multiple servers, all connected to a SAN disk storage array. As we know that it is a single point of failure so we have redundant controlfiles, archiveds and Orde in the table and in the internal drive of each server, in which case table has completely failed us 'just' need to recover cold backup nightly, applied hoops and Oder and everything is ok. This is possible because we have autonomous bodies and we can assume that this downtime of 1 hour.

    Now, we want to use these servers and implementing this table to a RAC solution and we know that this table is our only point of failure and wonder if it is possible to have a RAC multi-user solution (not AS a node) with controlfiles/archs/oder redundant internal drives. Is it possible to have each written full node RAC controlfiles/archs/oder in drives internal and applies these files systematically when the ASM filesystem used for CARS is restorations (i.e. with a softlink in an internal drive and using a single node)? Maybe the recommended solution is to have a second table to avoid this single point of failure?

    Thank you very much!

    CSSL wrote:

    Maybe the recommended solution is to have a second table to avoid this single point of failure?

    Fix. It is the right solution.

    In this case, you can also decide to simply use the distribution on both tables and mirror of the array1 array2 on table data using the ASM redundancy options.

    Keep in mind that the redundancy is also necessary for connectivity. If you need at least 2 switches to connect on two tables and two HBA ports on each server, 2 fibers running, one to each switch. You will need driver multichannel s/w on the server to deal with the multiple I/O paths for storing same lun.

    Similarly, you will need to repeat this step for your Interconnect. 2 private switches, 2 cards on each server which are pasted. Connect then these 2 network cards on the 2 switches, one NETWORK card per switch.

    Also, don't forget to spare parts. Spare switches (one for the storage and interconnection). Spare cables - fiber and everything that is used for the interconnection.

    Bottom line - not a cheap to have a redundancy solution. What we can do is to combine the layer of Protocol/connection of storage with the interconnection layer and run both on the same architecture. Oracle database machine and Exadata storage to servers. You can run your storage Protocol (e.g. PRSS) and your Protocol (TCP or RDS) interconnection on the same 40 GB Infiniband infrastructure.

    As well as 2 switches Infiniband are needed for redundancy, plus 1 spare. With each server running a dual port HCA and one cable for each of these 2 switches.

  • Doubts about licenses

    Hi all

    I have a few doubts about the price of licenses.

    I understand, I can deploy an APEX Server 11g XE free of charge, but what happens, if I want to install, a version no XE?

    Imagine a billing application, for 10 users, and I will assume that a Standard is sufficient. With the help of [this price list |], how much exactly will cost?

    I understand I can get a license by user or server, or I have to license user and server too?

    Kind regards.

    metric license is named plu user or license CPU (see the table of the core).

    for a quote, you can take a look in the oracle store or ask your dealer for an exact price oracle.


  • I have a doubt about the file .folio and publications

    Hello, I m new here.

    I want to start working with DPS, but I have a doubt about which version to buy.

    At the moment I have one customer just wants to publish a magazine, but my intention is to have more customers and publish more magazines.

    If I buy the unique edition of DPS, I read that I can publish a single file .folio. What it means? Each folio file represents a publication?

    Please, I need help to understand this before you purchase the software.

    Thank you very much


    Here's a quick blog I wrote to compare the simple edition and

    multifolio apps:


  • Doubts about event handlers


    I had some doubts about the event handlers in the IOM

    (1) I want to use the same event handler for the message insert and update Post task... Can I use the same handler for this... If Yes, then how can I make...

    (2) can I create the single class of Plugin.xml and add all the jar files in IE single lib folder and zip them all together... If yes then what changes I need to do? Need only add that the plugin tags for different class in the plugin.xml file files? OR need to do something extra too...?

    (3) if I need to change something in any class handler... Is it need to unregister the plugin and register again...?
    If Yes... Is it need to delete the event handler using the weblogicDeleteMetadata command?

    (4) that we import the event handler of the path as event manager/db /... If we add all the evetn handler.xml files in this folder... As when importing weblogicImportMetadata called recursively all files in this folder... Now, if I need to change anything in one of the event handler class... so if import us from the same event manager/db folder... What to do... Create the copy of the eventhandlers? OR should I not add Eventhandler.xml files to class files, I made the changes...

    (5) given that I need to create emails on the creation of the user while recon and identification of email updated as a first name or surname updates... I had to use in the event handler.xml (entity-type = 'User' operation = "CRΘER") or something else...

    Help me clarify my doubts...

    Yes, on the update post you need to be check first if the first and last name change to update the mail electronic id, rather then calculation always email identification. So, you can check the path name are updated through the previous code.


  • Doubt about in R12

    Hi all
    I have doubts about the application of rapid Clone on 12.1.3.I the latest patches have applied the fix using adpatch. After that, it must synchronize directories appsutil
    in RDBMS oracle home. I created in the application layer and copied in the RDBMS oracle home. If I move the old appsutil to appsutil.old and extract, the new appsutil directory should not constituted by the context file (I think). So, I have to run the automatic configuration based on the old cotextfile. Below, I have summarized the steps that I follow. Please check and correct me if I'm wrong.

    Copy to $INST_TOP/admin/out of RDBMS oracle home
    CP $CONTEXT_FILE /tmp/mytest_vis.xml
    MV appsutil appsutil.orig
    Run autoconfig based on/tmp/mytest_vis.xml.

    Thank you


    Is there a reason why do not use the old file context? What is the difference between the context file that will be generated by and the old file context?

    If there are updates in the application, it will be updated in the new xml file generated by, but he's not in the old file.

    So it is always best to run and autoconfig.



    I'm trying to encrypt a database by using the as3corelib.  Libraries document Adobe Actionscript 3.0 points to the value of the third /classes to run the encrypted database. 

    > > > > > Animate them Adobe documentation >  (See " (" Finish the code example for production and using an encryption key" Section)

    > > > > > The GitHub downloads it point to > GitHub - mikechambers/as3corelib: year ActionScript 3 library that contains a number of classes and utilities for work...

    The class uses a class that points to import non-existent mx.utils in CC to animate.  ("import mx.utils.Base64Encoder;")   The mx.utils is a set of Flex 3 utility vs animate CC/Flash Professional

    * Here is the compile error:

    \FLASH TESTING\DATABASE ACCESS and PASSWORD\com\adobe\crypto\, line 120, column 16 1046: Type was not found or is not a constant of compilation: Base64Encoder.

    \FLASH TESTING\DATABASE ACCESS and PASSWORD\com\adobe\crypto\, line 120, column 36 1180: call to a method maybe not defined Base64Encoder.

    \FLASH TESTING\DATABASE ACCESS and PASSWORD\com\adobe\crypto\, line 37, column 17 1172: definition mx.utils:Base64Encoder could not be found.


    Someone at - there a work around for this?

    OK I think I myself have fixed.

    If you have been searching high and low for an answer like I did then, you probably are upset right now because you think the following as I did.

    "Hey WTF? exclaim In addition to the $600 dollars I paid for this shit, I also bought the book of crap that they recommended that only tells me how to generate a quiz game!  Why did I have search everywhere on the internet, so come here to read the nonsense of this guy to get my answer? »

    Well boys and girls, to get your answer and if you're as crazy as me when I started to look for it then, I ask you to do something before using my answer.  Send a message or post a new message on this forum, ask ADOBE to improve their horribly awful documentation at ADOBE.  His tragic how such a good set of programs is hindered by a bad maintenance of documentation.

    This particular case is the worst example of many that I lived.  There are mislabeled subjects that are old and new mixed versions. It has exceeded links to files that have not been updated over the years.  There are references to third-party developers who are quite nice to help ADOBE, but if I have to pay ADOBE $600 / year for a product, then, I wouldn't go looking for forums, Google and third parties to OBSOLETE support to solve problems or just learn how to use the product.  I should at least get the * book worthless telling me that basic stuff on the use of the program as well as the quiz game stupid with my purchase of $600 / year.

    Anyway, off my soapbox, for help.

    THE NEEDLE IN THE INTERNET HAYSTACK > I had to find an old apache forum: Re: Base64Encoder mx.util can not be found Flash CS5

    THE CLASS YOU MUST > who directed me to a site Github for Flex.  flex-sdk/ to develop apache/flex-sdk · GitHub

    There you can download the class file just to get the compiler errors to stop.  But your problems are not if you have used the full font and omissions in the direction of encryption of database ADOBE gives us boys and girls.  Noooope... More problems for you.  Laughing out loud!! So if you are a beginner and still confused about what to do then I'm sorry.  Because now I'll deliberately not tell you how to get all of this race.  I really want to use your anger me to steer towards ADOBE.  I shouldn't be the one to tell you how to use a basic function in their product.  They should be. They make billions of dollars on people like you and me pay for a poorly documented product.  Its time for this to stop and no one but we will get there.

    If you're angry now then I agree and feel for you, but let them do, not me.

    Good luck!!!

  • Database encryption

    Hi I have a requirement where I need to pass data from one database to another db... on a daily basis.

    my plan is to create a dblink on my db and push the data into another database

    but are there security issues?

    some esp dba members of arousing doubts that I can give them a flat file.

    But for that I need

    1. to install client oracle on appserver
    2. install control for planning m
    3. set up a ssh between servers

    Why can't do with a dblink... cant, we encrypt the data using a dblink to be sure... It can be done simply through a dblink right why put up all this?

    Create a VPN should not require any additional software. Your operating system and/or network equipment should already have this kind of thing built in or you should be able to find a suitable open source package to be implemented.


  • SQLite database encryption


    I'm trying to protect/encrypt an existing database with the app.

    They work well together but I do not understand the signing process described in

    I received and used 3 files sent by the authority of BB on the .cod.

    Do I have to create another application to encrypt/protect existing my DB?

    What is the "code signing key file?

    ... Well, I'm lost, I need help ^^
    Thank you


    The link below should help.  This is for persistent objects instead of SQLite, but the concepts and the General steps for installing are the same.

    Persistent objects to protect against access by unauthorized applications

  • Some doubts about Oracle DBA...

    Respected, professionals

    I am new to Oracle RAC DBA. Knew just CARS and have some doubts, associated with Oracle RAC databases and a few other s/n basic questions.

    (1) client connected to one of the rac node in the database of node three cars by scan listener. The node to which it is connected was dead. My question is - is that its connection automatically goes to the next available node

    without using TAF? Or he needs to connect again? I have to configure TAF as in 10g RAC? or the configuration of TAF to perform a SCAN is completely misconceptual?

    (2) a database connection request will be going to one of the node system of three-node rac (shooting technology in return for load balancing). How can I connect remotely to PuTTY tru particular node?

    Do I need to enter particular node (virtual host as IP) TNS in tnsnames.ora in my system oracle client?

    (3) we have a listener to scan with three IP for RAC 3-node addresses. If you add a new node, I need to create another listener with a single IP address scan? or do I need to add another IP existing scan listener? What should I do to connect again with existing scan listener node?

    My sincere apologies over the three questions are completely misleading or false.

    (4) incremental 11 g rman are speed, compared with 10 g rman. WHY?

    (5) how connect us using sqlplus. (No high level architectural decoration). I mean what happens when connect us to the database using SQL * more (SQLPLUS scott/tiger)?

    My sincere apologies if any inconvenience caused... I know this isn't a chat BOX... Please forgive me If my way of questioning is insulting and rude.

    Thank you


    (1) client connected to one of the rac node in the database of node three cars by scan listener. The node to which it is connected was dead. My question is - is that its connection automatically goes to the next available node

    without using TAF? Or he needs to connect again? I have to configure TAF as in 10g RAC? or the configuration of TAF to perform a SCAN is completely misconceptual?

    If there is no TAF not configured you will have to reconnect.

    TAF can be configured on the side client (tnsnames.ora) or side (srvctl) server.

    (2) a database connection request will be going to one of the node system of three-node rac (shooting technology in return for load balancing). How can I connect remotely to PuTTY tru particular node?

    Do I need to enter particular node (virtual host as IP) TNS in tnsnames.ora in my system oracle client?

    You can connect to one of the nodes via PuTTY using the public IP node.

    To connect to a particular instance through SQLPLU, then you must specify the IP node-vip in tnsnames.ora.

    (3) we have a listener to scan with three IP for RAC 3-node addresses. If you add a new node, I need to create another listener with a single IP address scan? or do I need to add another IP existing scan listener? What should I do to connect again with existing scan listener node?

    You don't need to create another auditor SCAN.

    For your new node, you must assign the listener SCAN and LOCAL_LISTENER REMOTE_LISTENER must be defined on node-VIP.


    Post edited by: Ivica Arsov

  • Some doubts about the navigation in unifying

    Hi all

    I had a few questions about unifying navigation.

    Is it possible to move the admin mode user mode access level?

    I mean, if a particular feature as Manager of the shell I can only access from admin mode is it possible to provide access even in user mode?

    If so, how?

    My 2nd question of doubt is, currently, we can access company BPs level "Journal of society" or "Resource Manager" under shell 'Company Workspace'.

    Is it possible to move the "journal of the society" or "Resource Manager" in the folder? If yes how?

    I tried in "navigation user mode" to move the company BPs level at shell of the House, but I can't do it.

    To answer your questions:

    (1) User-Mode browser can have the user feature included. You cannot change the view mode Admin or move functions admin for user mode.

    (2) you cannot move these on the Home tab.

  • Confused about databases.

    A few days ago, I was told to look at using a database to receive information from my e-commerce site. That's what I was doing. Although I have a little trouble. I'm extremely new basically everything that's involved in my sql and wamp server, phpmyadmin. Basically, I don't know what I'm doing. I did search tons of tutorials online on this topic and it seems that I do no progress. Although I was able to set up a sql server even if I have no idea what it does. I just want to know if there is an easier way to go about it. I want to include online registration, papal, add to cart ect. on my site, but I have not found a way to accomplish this task for someone who has only a local root folder on their computer. Should I learn php? SQL? principles of database? As you can see I'm very lost a very frustrated on this subject. Any help will be much appreciated.

    I think I remember Nancy mentioning Adobe Business Catalyst can give you ecommerce without having to learn to code yourself. You can consider the issue.

    Otherwise, what you describe is an advanced project. And Yes, you would need to learn PHP, SQL and a little on the other. Of course, learn the tools and do the work yourself, if you want, but do not expect to be completed within a year.

  • Doubt about the Index

    Hi all

    Oracle Database 11 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    "CORE Production."
    AMT for Linux: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production

    I have a question about the index. Is - this required that the index will be useful if we have a "WHERE" clause I tried to find myself there but do not.
    In this example I haven't used where clause used but group. But it gives a comprehensive analysis. Is it possible to get the scan interval or something else using Group by?
    SELECT tag_id FROM taggen.tag_master GROUP by tag_id 
    Explain Plan:
    Plan hash value: 1688408656
    | Id  | Operation             | Name          | Rows  | Bytes | Cost (%CPU)| Time     |
    |   0 | SELECT STATEMENT      |               |  4045 | 20225 |     6  (17)| 00:00:01 |
    |   1 |  HASH GROUP BY        |               |  4045 | 20225 |     6  (17)| 00:00:01 |
    |   2 |   INDEX FAST FULL SCAN| TAG_MASTER_PK |  4045 | 20225 |     5   (0)| 00:00:01 |


    SamFisher wrote:
    Since I was on what they do full scan. Is it possible to restrict of fullscan without using where clause?
    I guess having limit clause but not quite know.

    If this query is producing good results, then you need a full analysis.
    If fool you somehow the optimizer by doing a scan of interval, it will be slower.

  • Some doubts about 11g R2 Policy Based/Scan


    I went through several documents, including the help of Oracle to understand oracle new feature Policy Based management/Scan, I also explored a few RACSIG Webinar by Markus which were useful, but still not able to understand the concept. I will be grateful if someone can help me understand the concept if you please.

    Written document - the advantage of the creation of a pool of servers (policy) is to manage the workload automatically. I do not understand how it will manage the workload automatically. I understand according to importance and setting min/max, the servers will allocate/deallocate pools as a result.

    For example - is a server pool: high_priority pool with min 2 servers. first and foremost, he is serving 2 instance of database on payroll
    another pool of servers: low_priority pool with min 2 servers with low priority, he is serving 2 HR database instance

    In this case, any expelled obtained high_priority server, it should take only one low_priority server. (That's what expression I so far after going through the documentation. Please correction if I'm mistaken).

    1st question: doest which means that he's going to stop a case of HR running on low_priority pool and will allocate for this server at high_priority
    and as a result instance payroll goes up.

    2nd question: can still reach TAF feature using server pools. That is, I read that I can have a uniform service that runs on all instances
    (I guess that means favorite)... or the service can run on any single server (singletone)

    question 3: feature with SCAN, where we put remote_listener = SCAN_LISTENER, and clients will connect first to the SCAN and then had diversion to local listener.
    What is the advantage to have VIP for each node. SCAN listener knows which instance is in place, which is the less loaded can connections directly to the front
    local listener. (we can start using public ip for listener)

    my doubt is: 10 g, we only used vip to get quick notification or avoid tcp timeout... and then we got to redirect to some other listener/node to connect
    now SCAN can do the same features...

    Thank you in advance, I thank your time.

    Kind regards


    In this case, any expelled obtained high_priority server, it should take only one low_priority server. (That's what expression I so far after going through the documentation. Please correction if I'm mistaken).

    Yes, that is the correct hypothesis.

    1.) Yes. The instance of database that HR will be stopped and a third instance of payroll will start.
    2 TAF.) will work for uniform and singleton services. However if you don't have 1 server in the serverpool (or have a singleton service) that there is no sense to work with preconnect.
    Note: TAF time varies based on uniform/singleton service and needs if service failover will need time so that it starts an instance. If you must configure TAF for such services with new higher attempts.
    (3.) the SCAN will redirect the customer to use the VIP for the final sign in the local listener. If it would use the public IP address and the server fails in exactly this moment, the client would wait for the TCP/IP timeout (which may take some time).
    With the VIP, he will tell him immediately, report that its connect has been unsuccessful and rerun the ANALYSIS to get a new connection.

    While the SCAN done the same thing in case of a change of itinerary as the VIP there 2 advantages:
    a.) no matter what your cluster, you must always 3 SCANs.
    (b) and they stay the same, no matter if the cluster has changed. (The VIPs are).


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