Downgrading from Vista to Windows XP Home in Satellite P200-16 b

Hi people!

I wonder if someone has already tried to downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP. I have a Satellite P200-16 b.
I was check in the support Web site and I found most of the pilots it but I think not all.

Please post your comments here.
Thank you



I used the search option and found many threads on the downgrade from Vista to XP on Satellite P200 PSPB0E

All Toshiba drivers are published on the European driver Toshiba page.
Of course, you won't find additional software and programs like WinDVD, etc. insofar as these software are only a part of the Toshiba recovery image and as I guess are not to free them.

An important note; you need to install XP drivers as mentioned in the installation instructions txt file. This doc is also found on the Toshiba driver page!

Then you should not get any trouble of installation.

Best regards and happy new year 2008 :D

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    If your laptop is supported WXP drivers should be available on Toshiba support and download page under

    Check it out!

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    If anyone can help please :) Thank you.


    The problem is that you must install the SATA driver (among others) in the XP operating system!
    You will use the FDD USB external (floppy) drive or you will create a new Win XP CD using the freeware tool called nLite (google for nLite get details).

    In addition, after the installation of the SATA driver you shouldn't t format the HARD drive because it would wipe out the SATA driver and the HARD drive will not be recognized!

    Best regards

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    Run the Advisor to upgrade Windows 7 from here:

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    Hi, I've updated from Vista to Windows 7 Home, and now the CD player is missing and displays an error code "10" DEVICE cannot NOT START, under Device Manager.

    Looked for the drivers updated on the HP Support, there is none for CD player.

    Cannot back driver, grayed out.

    Restore opportunity to go back 2 months and still no progress. Installed software recently withdrawn from the HP (C5280) printer as well.

    Immediately after the upgrade, the CD player worked fine. Same load of music in iTunes.

    I am at a loss. Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Paul, thanks for the quick response!

    Although the tool automated fix - It did not tour, the link you provided, was told in the right direction.

    It seems that it is a well known problem of incompatibility between the TS-L663B with the Windows 7 upgrade.

    I just had to read the Let Me Fix It Myself solution because that relates to Windows7 and change the registry.

    Thanks again,

    Problem SOLVED!

  • HP DV5 - 1235dx Downgrade from Vista to Windows XP start up problem

    Hi, I tried to downgrade from vista to XP and restarting the laptop after copying all the files from the XP CD, appears "Error loading operating system".

    After that I tried to restart my laptop and it freezes at the first screen which appears 'HP, press ESC to load BIOS' and I couldn t be able to access the BIOS.

    I Don t know what I can do! Please I need help.

    I tested my laptop computer with another HD and started normally but when I put my HD didn t do anything. I think the BIOS that my HD had a problem so I can´t use it.

    The specifications of my laptop are:

    Product number NB163UA #ABA

    Microprocessor 2.00 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400

    Microprocessor Cache 2 MB L2 Cache

    Memory 4096 MB

    Memory max 8192 MB

    Video Graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

    Video memory Up to 1759 MB

    Hard drive 320 GB (5400 RPM) Western Digital (I bought a new)

    Multimedia player LightScribe SuperMulti 8 X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support

    Display screen 15.4 "diagonal WXGA high-definition HP BrightView Widescreen (1280 x 800) screen

    Fax/Modem Modem 56 k high speed

    Network card Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN

    Wireless connectivity

    • 802. 11 b / g WLAN

    Sound Altec Lansing speakers

    Keyboard 101-key compatible

    Pointing device Press the button with On / Off button and dedicated vertical scroll up/down pad

    PC Card Slots 1 ExpressCard/54 Card Slot (also supports ExpressCard/34)

    External ports

    • 5-in-1 Integrated Digital Media Reader for cards Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, or xD Picture Card
    • 4 universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0, 4th port shared with eSATA
    • 2 headphone
    • 1 microphone input
    • HDMI
    • 1 VGA (15-pin)
    • eSATA + USB 2.0
    • 1 RJ-11 (modem)
    • 1 RJ - 45 (LAN)
    • expansion port for computer 1 cell 3
    • 1 consumer IR (remote receiver)

    Size 14,05 "(L) x 10.2" (D) x 1.37 "(min H) / 1.65" (maximum H)

    Weight 5.83Ibs


    • Location of Kensington MicroSaver lock
    • Turn on the password
    • Accepts 3rd party locking safety devices
    • 65W AC adapter
    • 12-cell Lithium-Ion battery

    What is in the box of

    HP Mobile remote control

    HP Webcam with integrated microphone

    Hi Daniel,.

    I tested my HARD drive in the other laptop and it starts normally, I did format and then I put in my laptop. I tried to install XP and everything was successful. I could install XP. I am very happy and I did not buy a new HARD drive.

    You are awesome!

    My problem was solved!

  • Can I downgrade my Satellite P300-1GN from Vista to Windows XP Home edition?

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite P300-1GN with preinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium (PL) on this subject.
    Given that some of the th sotware I use only works on XP I have to install XP on my laptop.

    This laptop works with XP?
    Is it necessary to have any special disc or can I install from an ordinary copy XP (boxed version) are all the drivers available?
    Any tips how to perform the downgrade?

    Help, please.

    You can install WXP on your model of laptop. It's Windows XP Home supported and you can find all the necessary drivers WXP, tools and utilities on Toshiba support download page -

    For Windows XP Home edition, you can use disk Microsoft facilities.
    On this forum, you can find hundreds discussions on installing WXP on Satellite A300/P300 with instructions specific to how to proceed. Therefore, use the advanced search option and read a little what others have written about it.

    If you still need assistance please let us know.

  • Update of OS from Vista to Windows 7 Home version

    I have a HP desktop computer using the Vista operating system.  HP does not provide the appropriate drivers for this model of PC to accept 10 Windows.  The PC will accept Windows 7.  Where can I get a copy of Windows 7 Home version?  I prefer not to buy a new PC.   This PC works fine for me with the exception of the intermittents 'freeze' which requires a double close and restart to continue my work.  I guess that the problem has much to do with the obsolete OS.

    How can I be sure that I will receive a product Code for MS if I buy Windows 7 from a site like Amazon?  Is this a good idea or is there a possibility of loading inadvertently a virus on the PC.

    The PC is currently using the 32-bit operating system.  Is it possible to use the operating system 64-bit instead?  If so, what are the benefits of the 64-bit operating system?  I do not use the PC for gaming.


    32-bit or 64-bit depends on the ability of the material that the hydrogen peroxide used to build your machine.

    HP also provides 645 bit drivers too?

    "32-bit and 64-bit Windows: frequently asked questions.

    Depends on hardware configuration required on later operating systems, and also find out if the manufacturer of the laptop computer is supported and provides drivers for operating systems later as to whether it is possible or feasible to upgrade or not.

    There is no free upgrade Vista to 7, 8.1, or 10.

    Follow these steps before you buy Windows 7.

    Microsoft sells more than 7; Try

    Go to your computer / computer laptop manufacturer Web site and see if Windows 7 drivers are available for your make and model computer / laptop) say you that HP provides them).

    If they were not available, Windows 7 will not properly work for you.

    Run the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

    Check if your specifications are compatible for Windows 7:

    "Windows 7 system requirements"

    "Windows 7 Compatibility Center" for software and hardware:

    Windows 7 upgrade paths: (v = ws.10) .aspx

    «Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7»


    Follow these steps before buy you and upgrade (new installation) of Windows 8.1.

    Microsoft sells more than 8/8.1.

    Try, etc.

    Check if the manufacturer of your computer/laptop has Windows 8.1 drivers available for your model.

    If this is not available, Windows 8.1 not install and work properly for you.

    There is a lot of information in this first link from Microsoft:

    Download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant 8.1 of to see if your machine is compatible Windows 8.1 and read the update for Windows 8.1: FAQ here

    "Update to Windows 8.1: FAQ".

    "8.1 for Windows system requirements.


    How to buy Windows 10:

    But first make sure that you have the correct configuration and your computer manufacturer provides the right drivers for 10.

    " System requirements Windows 10"

    Microsoft deploys Windows 10 available as free upgrade to Windows 7 features, Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 8.1 qualified. It will be available from July 29, 2015

    "FAQ Windows 10.

    See you soon.

  • How downgrade from Vista to Windows XP

    Hi, recently buy recon HP pc, works well but has Vista installed. I compose music and found that the thing does not like Midi puts and on-site. I want to downgrade to good old windows XP, as it does not, please what is the process to achieve this? IM no PC illiterate, so please don't advise me to change the registry, etc. Thanks John

    If you don't have your own copy of Windows XP that you do not use on another machine, you will need to find someone who will sell you a. This must be a full retail do not copy the recovery disc that distribute computer with preinstalled Windows systems manufacturers. This will be limited to a particular machine. You will also need to go to drivers and downloads from the HP Web site and check if HP provide XP drivers for your model. If they are not, you will have problems of implementation.

  • Ultimate from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium or professional clean to install the new SSD

    I put my turn to level. It came with Vista Ultimate. I bought an SSD that will become my c drive. I want to do a clean installation in each Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional 64 bit on this player.  My drive/d has a backup of the Vista operating system. My drive is resumed. Do I have to buy a new copy of version single charge? If so, how will I know the source of what I buy sells an authentic copy or download? If not, what are the steps I need to take to upgrade? There is a number on the back of the workstation that would allow me to do it with the new drive installed? I don't want to have non-essential files on the SSD.

    Because Windows 7 is in limited stock because Microsoft ended sales in October 2013, this created demand due to its rarity. This means the retail boxed copies request a bonus, while the OEM System Builder copies remain affordable.

    Full version (retail):

    -Includes the rights of transfer to another computer.

    -Does not require a qualifying earlier version of Windows.


    Upgrade version (detail):

    -Includes the rights of transfer to another computer.

    -require a qualifying earlier version of Windows.

    -Expensive, but less expensive full version

    OEM System Builder version:

    The OEM of Windows 7 versions are identical to the versions commercial full license with the following exception:

    -OEM versions don't offer any free direct support from Microsoft technical support Microsoft

    -OEM Licenses are tied to the computer first you install and activate it on

    -OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard

    -OEM versions does not move directly from an older Windows operating system

    There is nothing wrong to use it too, especially that all future versions of Windows will be full versions.

    If you choose to buy the upgraded version:

    However, the requirements for the media upgrade is that you have an operating system already eligible such as Windows XP or Vista installed to use it. Since the Windows 7 end user license agreement.

    15 UPDATES. To use upgrade software, you must first be licensed for the software that is eligible for the upgrade. After the upgrade, this agreement takes the place of the agreement for the software that you upgraded. After upgrade, you can no longer use the software that you upgraded.

    So, if you are always denied, you will just have to reinstall Windows XP or Vista and let it do the verification of eligibility.

    Possible work around you can try:

  • Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium Enterprise?

    I think my laptop at home has Windows Vista Business edition (I'll have to double check when I get home). I was wondering if I could buy the upgrade from Vista business to Windows 7 Home Premium edition. I don't need all the stuff that comes with Windows 7 Professional, but I don't know if I am limited to just Windows 7 professional since I'm upgrading to Vista professional. Windows 7 Home Edition Premium is a notch down from Windows 7 Professional, so I was wondering if it is possible to do. Or I'm stuck after you buy the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium for the SB $ 199.99 upgrade $ 119.99.

    Then I can buy just the Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium, Version upgrade and just do a custom installation? The instructions are fairly easy to follow? The only upgrade I've ever done is when I got my laptop from XP to Vista, (it came with XP installed and they gave me a CD to upgrade to Vista if I wanted to).

    Yes, its simple, simply start your desktop of Windows Vista professional, insert the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade DVD, click install now. When the menu appears, select custom (advanced option) to a clean install procedure.
    Andre Da Costa

  • can I downgrade from vista to windows 98xp

    can you switch from Windows vista to windows xp


    Install Windows XP to the usual. To activate it, you will need to use the phone-in method and explain that you use your right of demotion. The person will guide you through the activation process. You may not use the Vista operating system whose key you use for the XP install on any computer.

    I suspect it's a typo, but just for clarity: Windows 98 and Windows XP are different operating systems.

    Tom Ferguson

  • Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 home Premiun home

    I've recently updated my PC from Vista to 7, and it doesn't have me let use my Vista key. The key of Vista is always good and active, but don't let me use in the upgrade to 7. What should I do another get a new copy of Windows 7?

    The ability to use a Windows 7 product key to activate Windows 10 is a single device, associated with the activation of Windows 10. Windows 7 never allowed the use of a Vista product key to activate Windows 7.

    I need to know where you bought Windows 7 (not so).

    If you choose to buy an OEM of Windows 7 version, you can only perform a 'custom' / clean install and an upgrade of Vista (where is kept of your applications and your data are not possible0.)

    You could also try as an experience see if Windows 10 is compatible with your PC. You can download and install (activation will not work using your Vista key, so skip activation during the Windows Installer process 10).

    If Windows 10 installed and that you are able to start and use the features of Windows 10 then you might want to consider upgrading to Windows 10 since costs will be substantially the same (and it's a real version of "Retail" Windows 10 and not an OEM version, which means that if you decide to upgrade your PC at a later date you can re - install on the new PC and 'Activate' 10). The only thing you need to consider is if all your Vista applications will run in Windows 10.

    Amazon Windows 10:

    You can download the Windows version of Microsoft Tech bench 1511 10 ISO files, create your own installation media and use it to install and try 10 Windows here:

    How to use Microsoft Tech bench website to download an ISO of Windows 10 file, create installation media and enable Windows 10

    J W Stuart:

  • 'Unknown devices' after downgrad from Vista to Windows XP on Portege R500?

    I recently downgraded my Portege R500 of Vista installed at the factory for WinXP.
    I managed to install without problem, and today I met an "unknown device" which I can't fix.

    The details of this device:
    Location: on Interl 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27 b 9
    Device Instance ID of: ACPI\IFX0102\4 & 38462492 & 0
    Hardware ID: ACPI\IFX0102 * IFX0102
    Compatible ID: * PNP0C31

    If anyone can help, please help!


    Have you installed the XP drivers all available from the European pilot of Toshiba page?
    Please take the look in installation instructions txt file. You will find a list of all the necessary drivers that must be installed. The order of installation is important.
    Please install all drivers as mentioned in the installation instructions.

    PS: On the page there is also an application of Infineon Trusted Platform Module.


  • Downgrade from Vista to Windows XP on Satellite A300

    Join Satellite A300 disc to downgrade to windows XP. However, information for it is almost impossible to follow because it implies that I am a computer Wizard.

    I bak up to Vista as asked and then rebooted computer all holding the key F12. Put in the #1 lower upgrade disc and then it confuses me what to do. This machine is brand new and I have no files to backup, but want to use XP because I'm more familiar with this OS.

    So can someone guide me through this... as I am in Australia and most of you people are probably asleep or just waking up, please put all the instructions I am about to go to sleep because it gives me a headache. If someone had told me that it was not a simple exercise, I would never had bought the laptop in the first place.

    Thanks for any help

    Bye now

    Hi Bushbabe

    Yes, this can be a bit difficult. Here are some easy instructions on how to use XP disks. :)

    1. Insert the xp disk into the disk drive.

    2 hold down the power button on the computer for 10 seconds to turn it off completely.

    3 turn on the computer and start typing on the F12 key. Keep pressing it until it gives you your Start menu. (Don't hold the power button, type only just turn on the machine.)

    4. Select CD/DVD using the arrows on your keyboard, and then press ENTER. Should say 'Loading RAM disk image' or something similar.

    5. Select Yes on the warning screen (make sure you computer is connected to the main power, no battery).

    6. Select following three times.

    After that, it will say Partition initialization... This means that the recovery has begun. :)

    Hope this helps!

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