driver for win 7 64 bit HP Envy 17 t 3000 USB bus controller

I had problems with my drawing tablet so I uninstalled my USB Drivers and accidentally deleted files as well as the pilot. When I rebooted my computer I went to the HP site and downloaded and installed the USB 3.0 driver.

As you can see in the other devices the USB controller has a problem. None of the USB drivers now work.

How can I fix it?

Thank you very much for your answer! However I found the solution to my problem here:

While he told me on the hp site where you search your computer and reinstall the drivers, reinstall the driver 'Renseas USB 3.0. My computer actually uses the driver "Intel 3.0.

SUCCESS. I was going to cry if I had to restore, or worse, if there is a problem with the motherboard.

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  • Satellite A300D-15B PSAKCE - cannot install the audio driver for Win XP 64 bit

    Hi all

    This is my first post here after hidden during the last week or so, my hope is that somewhere it helps and hope so!

    I have a wonderful Toshiba A300D-15B PSAKCE with RAM 4 GB/O, but I suffer from some problems RESEARCH Holy function cannot resolve. I use this laptop as a box of development for uni/work unfortunately...

    After a complete nightmare and Vista32, Vista64, I decided to go back to windows XP32, however this custom install, continues to claim a failure of a CRC file after (and Yes, that's with SATA in IDE mode and a disc of XPSP2)

    I decided that I really DON'T want to goback to Vista, so installed Windows XP64. Now the first installation is very easy, I have the basic configuration, the chipset, graphic, network, CPU, usb, fine... except basic... and that's where I lost most of my hair... SOUND!

    First try to install the results of the pilot of his failure, claiming the mmdriver.inf cannot be found or corrupted, obviously I checked, and yes there it is, downloaded pleasure the MMDRIVER. INF and placed it system32 and the installation always fails.

    I also tried a "manual installation", in .inf files... which includes pilots XP32/64 and Vista 32/64 bit drivers, still the same
    problem, the driver continues to not install. I am going bald. Exceptional drivers who moved there

    * - Audio device on High Audio Defninition Bus *.
    * - Mass Storage Controller *.
    * - Modem Device on High Audio Defninition Bus *.
    * - USB device *.

    If what follows is any help, (Sandra 2008)

    * - Disk controller *.
    (AMD (ATI) SB700 SATA Controller [IDE Mode])

    * - Disk controller *.
    (Toshiba SB700 IDE)

    * - Audio device *.
    (Toshiba IXP High Definition Audio Controller)

    * - Audio Codec *.
    (Conexant Systems 5051 hours)

    * - Audio device *.
    (AMD (ATI) [Radeon HD 3600 Series] RV635 Audio device

    Now, as I write this, I heard the rumor that the A305D uses the same
    audio/graphics drivers... Well well... off to try something I guess...

    If there is no help or ideas, I'd appreciate it.


    The laptop seems to use the Conexant audio chip. So, you will need the right sound driver for Win XP 64 bit.
    Unfortunately, the European driver Toshiba page provides the drivers for Win XP but I don't know if the pilots would cover the OS 64 bit as well m.

    Anyway, what you need to know, is that you will need to first install the patches Ms.
    The fix KB835221 and KB888111MS must be installed before installing the audio driver.
    If you have tried to install the driver, then remove it from the Device Manager and update Windows XP first!

    AFAIK that SP3 already contains these patches then perhaps you should install SP3 first before starting with the installation of the audio driver.

  • Photosmart D5460 driver for win 7 64 bit moved

    Photosmart D5460 driver for win 7 64 bit moved

    I tried to install this printer on windows 7 Home premium 64 - bit operating system with all the updates.

    So today I went on my drive spare and installed the operating system of windows 7 professional 64-bit. I turned off immediately automatic updates, then I was able to install the printer.

    I don't know about you, but my guess is that it has something to do with all these updates.

    I really appreciate your help, many thanks!

  • Satellite L300-01:00 - touchpad driver for Win 7 64 bit necessary


    I can't find the above mentioned driver for win7 64 bit.
    Touchpad had worked normally, with a Win7 driver and after a msg of error just stopped working (I can't scroll with the touchpad).

    Enyone have model L300 with 64 bit OS or know model that have the same touchpad driver for win7 64 bit on support downloads?

    Help, please...


    Touchpad driver is not in the laptop model.
    You can choose the touchpad drivers released for other series of satellites as well.
    I can recommend the Satellite L500. There you can download the Synaptics and Alps touchpad driver. Both are released for Win 7 64 bit.

    Please note that scrolling touchpad can be changed/turned on in the control panel-> mouse-> device settings.

    I think it must be enabled.

  • 251. 023 l Desktop (M1R50AA): 251 - 023 l Desktop (M1R50AA) driver for win 7 32 bit

    Hello support team,

    I just buy 251 - 023l Desktop (M1R50AA) and I install win 7 32 bit. I'm dealing with boredom when I try to know win 7 32 bit driver for this model. Driver Download Center I don't see that pilot to win 8.1 & win 10.

    How to find the driver for my OS? Thanks for supporting me in this case!

    When running utility CPU - Z, I know Mainboard is model 2B2C but the site Web cannot find driver for this motherboard?


    You will not be able to get everything to work on W7 32 bit.

    You can see if these drivers work...

    Chipset installation utility.  Download and install the 2nd driver on the left side of the Web page.

    Graphics: 1st on the list.

    Audio: Accept the agreement.  Download and install the driver from the 1st on the list.

    Ethernet: 3rd driver on the list.

    USB3: Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file.

  • display driver for win 7 32 bit

    Hi Please give me link for id PCI\VEN_1002 & DEV_6840 & SUBSYS_1842103C & REV_00 win 7 display driver laptop is hp Pavilion g7

    I mean if your laptop is the AMD/Intel switchable graphics, there's no W7 32-bit driver for this configuration.

    The 64-bit driver will not work on a 32-bit system.

    You must install Windows 7 x 64 bit if you want to run W7 on a laptop with the graphical configuration above.

    AMD/Intel did not write a 32-bit video driver for the GPU configuration,.

  • HP Pavilion 15-n240ee NVIDIA Graphics Driver for win 7 (64-bit)


    I need a driver for my n240ee 15 - NVIDIA Graphics Driver Geforce740 M for windows 7 (64-bit); I downloaded here who was not compactable with win 7 (64-bit)

    Help, please


    First, you need to install the Intel HD graphics driver first, reboot and then install the graphics driver nvidia. * & DownloadType = 0a % 09% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09Drivers % 0 a 09 09% 09% 09% 09% 09

    If the W7 x 64 nvidia graphics support page driver and the driver of your laptop still does not work, then try this one...

  • HP Pavilion 15-n240ee Ethernet controller Driver for win 7 (64-bit)


    I installed the new win 7 (64 bit) for my 15 - 240ee, windows could not intsaller a driver for the ethernet controller, I tried to download many pilots here to install it, but it did not work.

    help please


    You can use this one.

    But first, make sure that you install the chipset driver and restart the computer before attempting to install the ethernet driver.

  • Bluetooth Peripheral Device not found Driver for win 7 32 bit Hp laptop, G62

    Trying to connect a peripheral device such as a mobile phone or tablet, it becomes discovered by the laptop but system (win 7 32 bits) says he needs troubleshooting.

    To troubleshoot, the system attempts to update the driver one finally says:

    "Bluetooth Peripheral Device not found Driver"

    What is the solution?

    Please try this:

    To work around this problem, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Services snap-in. To do this in Windows Vista/W7, click Start typeservices.msc in the box to start the search , and then click Services in the list of programs .
      If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click continue.
      To open the snap-in Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for Services in Windows XP, click Start, click run, typeservices.msc, and then click OK.
    2. Double-click the Bluetooth Support service.
    3. If the Bluetooth Support service is stopped, click Start.
    4. In the list of Startup type , click Automatic.
    5. Click the log .
    6. Click Local System account.
    7. Click OK.
    8. If you are prompted to restart the computer, click Yes.
  • Missing satellite C870 - 11G - "SM BUS controller driver" for Win 7 64 bit

    Good afternoon

    After extensive research of the forums, I was unable to find a solution so far.

    A few months ago, after the demise of his previous Satellite, my friend has acquired a Satellite C870 - 11G on Windows 7 (64-bit).

    She acquire the machine online from PC World, and after that make the updates of windows put in place using the Zonealarm free firewall & 2013 AVG antivirus free. We have installed the Microsoft Office 365 and the bundled drivers for HP Deskjet F4180 sound.

    Initially, everything went very well, but a month ago, the machine does not recognize the printer.

    After the troubleshooting thing, the machine has reported a "SM BUS controller driver" as being missing.

    "Search etc, after much net more faffing autour with the restoration of the system", I could not yet set and so went to the "nuclear" option i.e. I backed up all its data and doing a complete reset of the recovery partition.

    We have gradually been put back together, reload its data, re-installing of ZoneAlarm and AVG, Picassa & Office 365. Yesterday I went to re - install printer drivers, but before doing so checked Device Manager to see that the error "SM BUS controller driver is missing" was. Grrrrr...

    I tried to use system restore to return point of restoration of a restore point but that too now fails every time with error (0x80070005).

    Before we go again nuclear, anyone has any ideas please...?

    Best regards & thanks in advance.


    Try please reinstall the chipset driver. I found this for your machine and you can download it here.

    Test it please and post comments.

  • Satellite L555-10N: driver for WIN 7 64 bit SATA AHCI controller


    can someone help me find a driver SATA AHCI controller for a fresh install of Win7 64 bit.
    Win7 OS installer asks drivers to storage before installation of operating system start. Normally he accepts driver .inf and .sys, but not such drivers in the driver package StorageManager, found on the driver Toshiba download page.

    We can I find this driver for the installation of the OS?

    I installed Win7 on several machines, but I've never used driver SATA. The HARD drive was recognized by the system each time.
    Visit the Intel download page. I'm sure you can download the SATA driver it.

  • Re: Satellite U500-115: need touchpad driver for Win 7 64 bit


    I have a small question, or rather a problem.

    Is there a newer driver for the touchpad alps on Windows 7 64-bit than the 7.5.303.117?
    The driver made for Windows Vista not Windows 7, so it does not work well on my laptop!

    It is very slow startup and the first few seconds, I can't move my mouse pointer.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thank you

    Also sorry for my bad English ;) to


    You can check here:

  • HP laptop 15-f004wm graphic driver for win 7 64 bit

    Hello! I lowered my windows f004wm 15 8.1 for windows 7 64 bit and installed all the drivers in the order, but not the graphics driver because I can not find it. The laptop works well but lacks the control button and the sleep light.

    Standard VGA graphics card:

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & SUBSYS_21DE103C & REV_0E
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & SUBSYS_21DE103C
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & CC_030000
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0F31 & CC_0300

    Non-Plug-and-Play monitor generic:


    any help would be appreciated


    This driver should work...

  • Satellite C850D - 11 c PSCC2E - CHIPSET driver for Win 7 64 bit necessary


    I have been stuck in a long convo the techsupportforum courses and was finally told to try here.

    So, I own a C850D PSCC2E - 11 c Satellite with Windows 7 x 64.

    I can't find the driver of my laptop chipset in the list of drivers.
    I first tried to install all the drivers available, but it is obvious without a chipset, I'm having problems, and I do it.
    USB ports do not work as they should etc.

    Where is the driver for chipset for the C850D PSCC2E - 11 c?

    Thank you!


    Your laptop is equipped with a graphics chip Ati (AMD).
    This means that the chipset too AMD.
    According to some information that I found on internet, AMD A68M chipset should be built in Notepad.

    Furthermore AFAIK ATI chipset driver is part of the ATI/AMD graphics card driver and that's why you should install the GPU driver for the installed chipset driver

  • Cannot find the driver for Win 7 32 bit for TOS6205 Satellite L series camera


    After that I have SEVERAL tests can not find a driver for my pc consist of: TOS6205,.

    Can you help me.

    Thanks guillaume


    TOS6205 is the Bluetooth device.
    You must install the battery Toshiba BT

    Can I ask you what model of laptop you have exactly?

Maybe you are looking for