easy way to change the English Narrator voice usa in windows 7

help the elderly to find an easy way to change the voice Narrator English usa in windows 7 to the male voice


I suggest refer you to the section 'Change of the narrator's voice' at the following link.

Also refer to this link: Narrator does not read what I expect him


For Windows related question or which related to the Windows operating system, do not hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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    Thank you


    On top of your LabVIEW façade, there is a button that looks like two arrows going in a circle.
    Select the control, and then press "Send backward".

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    Thank you.

    Also for your information you can use sensitive as well focus both and then using an iframe to the size you want and it will be this size.

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    You want what is called the Media Queries using CSS.

    Basically, you create a separate style sheet for the small screen resolutions that supports when a viewer uses one of these devices.

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    Nope, search and replace is the way to do it. You can do this easily by assigning the class research specific [any tag] tag with the attribute = class to set the attribute oldname to newname. Set this Site current Local, then click on replace all.

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    There is a way to quickly change the color of the highlighter, without changing it every time "right click-> properties"

    Hi giulioqc,

    I'm sorry that is how Acrobat/Reader is designed. However, I'll forward your comments to the relevant team.

    Kind regards

  • Quick and easy way to change the SID of ORACLE EBS


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    981553 wrote:

    I was wondering if there anyway quick and fast change SID of Oracle EBS on two layer of database & Application?

    9i database
    EBS 11.5.x
    OS = Unix flavor (Redhat Linux / AIX)

    Thank you

    The way simplest would be using quick Clone - run preclone on the database/application, stop the application/database, run post clone on demand database and change the SID.

    Documentation fund quick Clone version 11i and 12 [799735.1 ID]
    Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with rapid Clone [ID 230672.1]

    Thank you

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    You cannot use an alpha that is greater than 0 and less than 1 for only part of the text in a textfield.

  • Easy way to change the color of an image in levels of grayscale or bitmap?

    Well, I tried this search here and on the web in general, and all I can find are of the ridiculously long workarounds. It seems to be the only thing that was incredibly simple to Quark and yet is almost impossible to do in InDesign.

    Well, I hope I'm wrong on this issue.

    So, is there an easy way to do this? Import an image into grayscale, click a shade and apply it to the image, inheriting the percentage of the gray-scale values? Or even a bitmap, with none of the percentages to inheret?

    Thanks in advacnce, people. Fingers crossed!

    Select the image with the direct Selection (white arrow) tool and select the shade. Or... just drag the shade on the chart.


  • Is there an easy way to change the border color in CS4 image?

    This is probably a ridiculously simple question, but I have scoured my book resources and can't seem to find the answer, although I find the topic. (And I'm new to Dreamweaver but by my question, which is no doubt already apparent). So, on my index page (oamasters.com), when I added a border to the image on top, the border was blue. However, on the page pictures, when I added a border to the border color was black. I know not how/if/when I put one of those, but now I need to change and don't know where to go. Looks like it was an easy fix and it's probably, I just can't understand it. In particular, the pictures on the photo page. Thanks in advance for any help, you can suggest.

    See you soon,.


    Use CSS.  Add this to your embedded CSS or external style sheet.

    IMG {border: 4px solid #0062C 8 ;}}

    It is a light blue border around all the images in your site.  Change the color and width (px) to be agreed.

    Nancy O.
    ALT-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

  • Is there an easy way to change the color of my font in Premiere Pro titles?

    Hello, first pro help search produces no result.

    Is this possible?

    I just want to change the color of my registration as a police.

    Matt Dubuque


    You are missing a Panel in the part of the module of titration. Go to the window > properties of title and opens. There, you will see the Fill, Stroke and oh, so much more.

    Good luck


  • Easy way to change the label of the field for all user interfaces?

    How a client would change a label field for all user interfaces that use this field or attribute, which is not really a translation?

    What I have found seems to be that we would need to edit Resource Bundles and it will be much easier in version 8:

    1. the information on Resource Bundles in https://blogs.oracle.com/fadevrel/entry/translating_your_customizations section has this key passage:

    It is a standard open sector (OASIS) XML file with the extension .xliff format and store translated values for strings used by the ADF running. The general process is that these values are exported from the MDS, modified manually and then imported into the new repository. This must be done by an administrator, either via Enterprise Manager or WLST orders according to the screenshot below. It is detailed on the merger application Extensibility Guide.

    2. this blog announcement also says that it will be easier in version 8:

    Currently planned for version 8 is what we call the UI (UI) text editor. This tool will allow the mounting of all the text on the pages and merge request forms. This will provide a search based on an expression or a Word, say 'Worker' and will allow it to be adjusted, tell 'Employee', which then updates all the resource bundles that contain.

    3. I found video, How to customize field labels , but it seems that it is a label of the user interface at the same time...

    WIlliam, Yes, and we have a documentation and/or videos on this feature when R8 is available.

  • Is there an easy way to change the color of the Glyphish icons?


    If you go to http://www.glyphish.com/download/, you can download a PSD that contains a group of icons, each in its own layer. All the icons are gray, however.


    Is it possible to apply a color overlay to all layers and then create a PNG file by icon, with the new color applied?


    I found a way to do it by getting rid of unnecessary layers, select all the layers icon, grouping, apply color overlay to the group, and layer creation based slices out of them.

    Then save for Web did the trick.

    Thank you.

  • HP OFFICEJET PRO 6230: Best way to change the settings WIFI on HP OFFICEJET PRO 6230

    Hi all

    Just after some advice about this printer. It's the printer be mobile , so it can be taken with the Member of staff, connected to wifi where they are and then the group they present to can do impressions of him through their ipads (via AirPrint).

    This all works well 'in House' connected to our wireless network. Have set up the printer wireless via the software installed on their laptop computer (with a USB cable to transfer the settings of the printer), but y at - it an EASY way to change the SSID and password wifi when they are there in the area? I know you can hold down the button "wifi" on the printer for three seconds (until the wireless flashes) then hold down the button "WPS" about to access/reuter and they have a link but it's only if WPS is available and that the staff member can access the reuter/access point.

    They will have their laptops with them and USB cable in order to re - set the SSID and password, but seems a bit lengthy to go by "connect a new printer" for each site they visit. Is the right way to do it or there at - it another way 'over easy' I forgot. I guess also here the printer remembers SSID/passwords so that there be set up a time for a given location and then will be "auto-connect" if they come back? Is this correct?

    Any help on this is much appreciated.

    See you soon,.


    Not the printer that you want to do.  Here is the Guide of the user for you to read on your wireless options.


    You will need to run the configuration each time to connect software.  You could try Direct another wireless to connect to the printer.  You need a printer with a Panel for configuration complete front so you can easily change the SSID.

    Whatever it is, everyone will have to load the software in order to use the printer.  It can automatically connect, but do not count on it.

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    For example, as I see on this site:


    I would like to be able to change the background colors for something else then the default value is black.  I need to create a new skin for this?


    You can set the ActionBar chromeColor.

Maybe you are looking for

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