El Capitan: macbook pro encryption self started after the update to iTunes on 11/12/16.  After restarting the computer open to grey screen asking if I wanted to use ICloud password or logon password updated.  I don't want / need for encryption I do?

After update iTunes on 11/12/16 my computer restarted "grey screen" and required a password for encryption.  He encrypted then my MacBook Pro (10.11.2) in addition, the iTunes update has 'lost' My Playlists, and 90% of my purchases.  Apple Care level 2 could not find them!  They appear in my account, but not in my iTunes.

1 can I fully encrypted computer?  Otherwise how can I UN-encrypt?

2. How can I get my old, entirely organized iTunes back?

Thank you

File Vault encryption is a security feature. Olny you know if you want or need it. I don't use it.

To remove the see of

Use FileVault to encrypt the boot on your Mac - Apple Support disk

You can re-download most of iTunes purchases by:

Download after purchase from the App Store and iTunes Store iBookstore

It appears that there is a problem. This happens a few times. If you have a backup yo can restore from the backup

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