Enter e-mail address to answer email

When I responded to an email I want to include e-mail, to what I say.


The menu bar, select Tools-account parameter-Composition and addressing

To include the original and where to place them are on this page. Normally people what to put above quote it.

No menu bar? Press the ALT key.

If you have multiple accounts, you will need to set in each of them.

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    Also in the classic copy/paste parts of certain mail received is not quite straightforward it is "BOLD". Can someone elaborate on the functions of copy/paste for the classic. Thank you.

    Tap the name of the email received.

    the right hand popup will give you a choice of "name the copy", copying the name and the e-mail address or the e-mail that if that's all that is there.

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    Hello Aabtmb

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Answers site.

    The question you posted corresponds to the AOL email and would be better suited to the AOL community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will support what ask you:


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    For the symbol @, press ALT (lower left corner of the keyboard) and press the p key.

    For the period, press the SPACEBAR TWICE, or press ALT + M

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    E-mail on the screen as shows are for this e-mail address, but the email is not really there and shows that there is an attached jpg file. How does this email appears and it's not really on my pc more as I deleted it? I also deleted the contact from the address book.

    In the toolbar > help > Troubleshooting Information

    Click on the button show the Troubleshooting Information profile close Thunderbird in the window file opened, remove the global messages file - db.sqlite restart Thunderbird.

    Research will be trash until the file completely regenerates, which could take a whole day if you have 10 or 20 GB of mail. You can monitor the status of this using the activity Manager.

  • A field to retrieve e-mail address several other areas

    I have a form where he asks the user to different places for their e-mail address. 6 to be exact. This form is intended to get their email address with a series of different questions and answers. However, the e-mail address must eventually end up in a field. So if the user enters their email address in any field 1-6, he ends up in field 7. The user may enter their email address in several areas, but the first failure of an entered e-mail address entry, ends up in field 7. I tried a multitude of different snipets code, but nothing seems to work. It was the last code I tried to use, put in each text field in a mouse to the top of the trigger.

    the value of power reactive

    var a = this.getField("501");

    var two = this.getField("502");

    three var = this.getField("503");

    var 4 = this.getField("504");

    five var = this.getField("505");

    six var = this.getField("506");

    seven var = this.getField("507");

    This function which checks if the destination field is empty and if so popluates it.

    function checkAndPopulate (orig, populate) {}

    if(Populate.value==''||) Populate.Value == null) {Populate.Value = orig. Value}


    Copy the value from one to two, three and four

    checkAndPopulate (one, two);

    checkAndPopulate (one, three);

    checkAndPopulate (one, oven);

    checkAndPopulate (one, five);

    checkAndPopulate (one, six);

    checkAndPopulate (one, seven);

    Delete all these scripts you added and instead add it the calculation script customized to the target field:

    var fields = ["501", "502", "503", "504", "505", "506", "507"];
    event.value = "";
    for (var i in fields) {
        if (this.getField(fields[i]).valueAsString!="") {
             event.value = this.getField(fields[i]).valueAsString;
  • What is the best way to inform your contacts of a change of e-mail address?

    I must say my contacts my email address is changing. How can I do that without sending an individual message to each contact? But also I would avoid sending a list of all my contacts to everyone?

    Open a window of writing
    Turn on the sidebar of Contact, if not already on. Press F9 to turn on
    Select a contact group and use the Add button to the BCC at the bottom of the sidebar
    BCC = blind carbon copy = does not reveal the e-mail addresses in the email received

    You may need to do in small groups depending on whether your provider limits how big the group mail, you can send and how big is your address book.

    On the computer standard selection methods allows you to select more than one contact.

    control + a = select all

    Click a contact to select, move lower multiple contacts and hold down the CTRL key while clicking on a second contact = select the two contacts clicked on and everything in between

    Hold down the control key while randomly clicking contacts = SΘlectionner contact clicked

    Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on a selected contact = deselect this contact

  • FaceTime "check E-mail address".

    When signing into my iPod touch for Facetime, he asked me to "' check an e-mail address: a verified email address is required to connect to Facetime." " The latter appears in a pop-up with a button "check". I click it and it takes me to the Apple account site to manage my account, but nothing to do with "check my email." Help, please.

    the apple account configuration pages going basically is inviting you to check here.  There should be a link to send you an email to verify your Apple ID.  After checking, it should work your facetime.  otherwise, refer to apple online giudes

  • Automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing

    How can I automatically complete e-mail addresses when certified email?

    You use Windows Mail? Tools | Options | Send. Check box: automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing.

    Be informed, only the last 29 addresses are stored. To remove all or part, see this.

    How to delete registration completion email in Windows Mail

    Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]

  • Search for invalid e-mail addresses in a function

    I have a process that is dying because the email is not valid. I have even read the code of a function:

    I'm changing a function which is used in many processes, I just want to check with you guys, I add a condition in the service, just to return a valid address
    goremal_email_address LIKE ' % @%. %'; Please let me know if you know a better way to check invalid addresses.
    Thank you

    FUNCTION f_get_email_addr (
          p_pidm   IN   goremal.goremal_pidm%TYPE,
          p_type   IN   goremal.goremal_emal_code%TYPE
          RETURN goremal.goremal_email_address%TYPE
          v_result   goremal.goremal_email_address%TYPE   := NULL;
          SELECT goremal_email_address
            INTO v_result
            FROM goremal
           WHERE goremal_emal_code = p_type
             AND goremal_status_ind <> 'I'
             AND goremal_pidm = p_pidm
             AND ROWNUM = 1
            and goremal_email_address LIKE '%@%.%'; 
          RETURN v_result;
       END f_get_email_addr;

    From the documentation

    Searches a string or substring for a given occurrence of a regular expression pattern (a substring) and returns an integer indicating the position in the string or substring where the match is found. You specify which occurrence you want to find and the start position.
    This function call performs a boolean test for a valid e-mail address in the email column:
    REGEXP_INSTR(email, '\[email protected]\w+(\.\w+)+') > 0

    See http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11882_01/appdev.112/e17125/adfns_regexp.htm#ADFNS9999

    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Why almost all of the site have to Re-enter an e-mail address in a 2nd email registration textbox?

    Why almost all of the site have to Re-enter an e-mail address in a 2nd email registration textbox?

    Saturday, October 13, 2012 03:37:18 + 0000, stuckfree wrote:

    Why almost all of the site have to Re-enter an e-mail address in a 2nd email registration textbox?

    They want to make sure you typed it correctly. If the two are the
    Ditto, it is probably correct, but if they are different, you probably
    made a typo.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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    If you use the outlook server as pop e-mail accounts you do not use its smtp server:
    (I have my own domain name using pop, but have to send using my server BT email address, so I had to add another email address in the account of BT to send)

    There should be a facility to add another email address, using a 'send only '.
    I think the settings are something like this:

    Connect to Outlook.com with your main account - a browser.
    Click the Options icon, and then click Options.
    Click your e-mail accounts.
    Click Add an account send only,.
    Enter the e-mail address and the password for your secondary account - e-mail lakeshoreaikidocleveland.com and then click Next.
    Looking for a verification email that has been transferred to the secondary account.
    Click on the link in the email to verify that you own the account.

  • Whenever I try to enter an address for the email, I get MSN.

    Original title: fall MSN.

    Whenever I try to enter an address for the email, I get MSN. When I use my address book there is no problem


    1 are you facing the issue only when you use an MSN account?

    2. what web browser do you use?

    3. have you made a recent software or hardware changes to the system?

    If you are faced with the question with MSN mail, you can contact support MSN for further assistance.

    How to contact MSN customer service

    If you are an MSN subscriber, you can also publish in the MSN Forums:


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