BlackBerry Smartphones enter e-mail address site - limited choice of symbol

I need to enter my email address to connect to a website (BT Openzone) but there is only a single page of symbols instead of the usual two, and it does not include the 'at' sign or a full stop (period). Space bar product - well, a space! This could be a bug? Anyone knows a solution please.


For the symbol @, press ALT (lower left corner of the keyboard) and press the p key.

For the period, press the SPACEBAR TWICE, or press ALT + M

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    I'm sure there must be a way to get theBB to save the address of an e-mail I received, but I push any nbutton, there is no option, save this e-mail address

    I don't think it could form to import my contacts gmail? -I think not - but it would be convenient jolly

    By downloading the app, the phone knows that you want to connect to GMail, but he doesn't know your user and password to actually do.

    The icon looks like somehting like a 'g' in a circle white, more than likely will be in your "Downloads" folder

  • BlackBerry Smartphones deleting e-mail address?

    When I send an email while selecting a previous address emai recipitents appear. I never have them added to my address book. How can I remove them?

    An example of an address is add when I reply to a craigslist by clicking on the link address. I now have several of these links to answer that appear.

    Open your Messages folder > menu key > Options > display messages and Actions.

    Scroll down to see recent Contacts... and uncheck this option.

  • New blackBerry Smartphone creating E-mail address

    I want to add another email address

    But in the Set Up I forgot the password? I click on forgot password but its been 24 hrs & no password sent to My Phone

    What can I do?

    you have EDGE or 1XEV by your signal strength?

    try to pull your battery

    You may need to call your carrier to get them to reset your password

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Lotus Notes mail and BB

    We cannot email from Lotus Notes on the BB. We can get the email from Verizon on the BB. We have set up the e-mail account of Lotus on the sprint.blackberry site. Sent us the notice of Activation. One of the two phones, that we even had a few emails, but only for 1 day, but no more. BB said that our Inbox is full on our server to Notes Domino email for these accounts. We have deleted / moved so everything except 20 emails. It has not solved the problem.

    Has anyone seen this problem?

    OK... now I understand better... in your first post, you had thrown me with the indication of the set up something about sprint but also mentioning something on VZW... It was a little confusing.

    FWIW - In BIS, you have the option to configure an e-mail account, hosted by your operator, it is only for your BB ([email protected] or something like that)... the people who use them in general do when their own messaging system cannot deal with internet (which prevents the BIS into it) - they transmit their internal to that account xyz e-mail so that they can see their email on their BB. It looks like your attempt to workaround (though using your account of the ASBL somehow).

    But, in your case, your email system is somehow in the face of internet, so on behalf of xyz is not necessary... good. Confusion cleared. What you try to do is indeed very frank--done in the face of your e-mail system internet via a POP server that integrates (probably it is back-end) to your internal Domino server. Cool.

    But, in order to dispel a little more - your carrier for your BB is sprint (from what I can tell). Therefore, with BIS, you don't have, as you say, "created the account email on the site" (thus leading to my confusion). Rather, what you've done, it's to create a BIS account on this site, in which you saved the credentials for your POP e-mail account, which is what is needed for the BIS to push emails to your BB. BIS is not a mail-server it is rather an intermediary between your mail server and your BB.

    Oh - another question... What is "quickr?

    Here are a few KB which may come in handy... not knowing what is the POP system, it is difficult to point in another direction. What I would say is remove the conduit BIS and recreate from scratch, using the methodology of integration (for example, via the site BIS of a PC rather than the bis device interface):

    • KB10154 How to integrate a POP or IMAP e-mail via advanced integration account

    BTW - if the Wizard do not configure properly of just put you in your e-mail address and password, then you may have to pretend out to put something wrong... so you will be able to get through the advanced screens and manually enter everything (the names server, the account credentials, ports, etc.).

    BTW2 - Ko above (KB10154) has several links below for troubleshooting steps to take... you might also need those (like these).

    • KB02857 Not able to receive e-mails from a POP3 mail account
      KB02169 Cannot send or receive e-mail messages by using the BlackBerry Internet Service

    You can be sure that your BB is properly registered on your corporate network.

    Registry of HRT:

    • Homescreen > Options > Advanced Options > host Routing Table > BBKey (no matter what line is highlighted) > sign up now

    Return Service BIS directories:

    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service

    I hope that something it will be useful to correct this problem.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones entering a contact in the addresbook

    How and where can I enter a company Web site? I tried it seized by an email address but when I have the entry as an email and then try to access it, it thinks I'm trying to send an email. Of more when I sync with my google contacts it is deleted as an email. Help

    If you open Contacts > Menu > new Contact and scroll to the bottom, you will see, birthday, anniversary, etc., and Web Page, you will have at least according to the latest OS for the BlackBerry.

    What OS are you on?  Look at the Options > about, third line down, starting with a ' '.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones lost "e-mail settings."

    I have a curve 8300 to connect to my mobile account through my former employers BES which worked perfectly.  I have now left the company so he opted for BES bis using the same mobile services provider. Emails are synchronize not correctly between the laptop and the laptop and I am told by mobile service provider that this is probably due to the 'email settings' do not set up correctly on my handheld.  The problem is that most of the fields that should be listed under settings options/email on my handheld is reported missing.  Software of the device has been wiped and reinstalled but the problem remains.  Any ideas on why I'm missing some fields and how can I get them?

    Thank you for a very frustrated bberry user.

    cambridgeed wrote:

    No effect on no emails from my bberry - again, they do not appear in my outlook sent the file.

    They do not go... unless you set an autoBCC on all the emails sent from your BlackBerry (you can do on your site of BIS connection where you configure the e-mail account). Then, in outlook, set a filter that all incoming emails with your e-mail address as sender go into your folder of mail electronics outlook sent.

  • BlackBerry® Smartphones default e-mail doesn't work does not correctly - I think


    I want everyone who receives an email from me since my Blackberry to see just my company email acocunt. So I created this address as the default Service (EMMIC). Three elements/questions:

    1. New email: if I create a new email option works very well - enter by default. OK
    2. Forwarded message: if I send an email I had received, the default account is not chosen, even if this might be the first time that I never received an email from this person (so unprecedented has been set for the other email acocunt). But I am able to change the email acocunt before sending. I think that the default account would be chosen because it is the first time that I ever corresponded with this person. Or better yet, why my blackberry would choose an acocunt rather than another especially when the account he used is not designated in any special way as a default? I would prefer not to have to modify them. Can I do the BB uses default here?
    3. Replying to an e-mail: I understand other assignments than the Blackberry will remember that I said to this person in the past by using a specific account and will continue to do so. It's ok I guess, but I would like to be able to disable this option. But when I go to the top to change the default email acocunt before sending it, it won't let me. The option does not exist - no fall down. How can I get the BB to give me the option?

    I have a curve 8520 running 5.0 - thank you

    I solved this problem and the question that many face when we want to substitute the name of the email account that BlackBerry uses when sending emails.

    As mentioned previously, the default setting for the Services only works for new emails. But it fails even when the person you send the email to a the same e-mail as account name account by default in your blackberry. He then gets changed before sending. Very picky!

    As a summary, I have two email accounts saved in my Blackberry (business and personal). I get emails from my personal account (gmail) because I have all the emails through this service. But I want only sent by my business account, or at least I want as the recipient of the email to think it is sent through my business account. I have this for commercial reasons, so that the recipient will never know I use gmail and always sees my business account. It was easy to do on the server of gmail, but I could never do this works since the Blackberry so far.

    The way I got it to work was to change the settings of email account for my personal account as follows:

    1. Delivery options > answer to > e-mail address, you want all of your answers to say that they are sent to
    2. General options > your name > and then put your name as you want it to appear in front of your e-mail address (I believe that it is optional because it adds your name to the front to send it as an alias)

    Note that the email in the email address can register the address, that you don't want to send, but the recipient will eventually see the address you intend to see. It seemed to work for the wingers, answers and new emails.

    See you soon

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    Contact the Yahoo Support for assistance or see...

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones-box E-mail icon does not appear, but e-mail account is configured in fact

    I have a problem with the icon on a Bold 9790 email box. This is the icon of the envelope with the blue turning the planet.

    I have two email accounts configured in the Options-> e-mail accounts.

    However, only one is displayed on the screen.

    Who does not have the envelope-and-planet icon can receive messages in the global Messages menu, but it's confusing, because this mailbox emails mingle with calls, BBM and electronic messages in the Inbox mailbox on the other.

    How can I solve this?

    Thanks in advance,


    Article ID: KB14105 Electronic messages received on the BlackBerry smartphone via a built-in account also manifest themselves in the Messages folder

    1. Go to the Messages icon
    2. Click on the Menu button
    3. Go to Options
    4. Click the Inbox settings or the Inbox management
    5. Uncheck the accounts you no longer want to have in your list of Messages
    6. Click Menu , then Save
  • BlackBerry smartphones enter the username associated with this smartphone

    When I login with my ID blackberry an apper message telling to enter the user name associated with this smartphone

    Please help me

    In fact, it is not likely to help... to refer:

    • KB28429 "Please enter the username associated with this smartphone" appears by connecting to BlackBerry App World with a BlackBerry ID using a smartphone BlackBerry 7

    To paraphrase, what this means is that there is already a BB ID associated with this BB, and there is only one way to change the association ID BB to BB:

    • KB26694 How to change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

    Whereas a WIPE seems drastic, it is nevertheless the only way to change the ID of BB BB is associated.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones fraudulent E-mail / hack?

    I sometimes send e-mail to myself as reminders - when I compose a message on my Torch 9800 and begin to enter my name in the field 'To', I select my name on the list of contacts, however the e-mail 'behind' the name is [email protected] When I view my details everything seems correct, and when I search the email address of 'bad' it is not found. I also searched my gmail and hotmail contact lists (which synchronize with my flashlight) and the wrong address is not.

    How is compose of [email protected] being injected into my e-mail address on a message? This only happens when you select my name from the options when composing a message.

    Try this...

    Open your Messages folder > press Menu > Options.

    Click the display of the messages and actions.

    Scroll up to "Show recent Contacts when composing Email" and that turn off or clear it.

    This option displays the names of users, you recently received mail from and sent to. Perhaps will erase this address off the coast.

  • BlackBerry® Smartphones sending E-mail from a PC to BBM?

    Is there a simple way to send someone a BBM message by e-mail from a PC or something else? I think perhaps using an e-mail address with the identification number of the user followed by a domain name, something like "[email protected]" or something like that?

    No, this is not possible.

  • Folder/icon blackBerry Smartphones Yahoo! Mail question

    When you add a Yahoo! Mail account on your BlackBerry (that is if you use Yahoo! Mail), it adds a folder in Yahoo! Mail on your BlackBerry screen (the icon is a folder with an icon of 'Y' purple & white).  I could have sworn that whenever you get new e-mail, folder would have some sort of marking icon showing that the mail was sitting inside, mine is not.  I haven't used my BlackBerry a few months that I was using my iPhone but have now retreated to the BlackBerry.  Anyway if anyone can confirm if the Yahoo! Mail folder on the screen is supposed to reflect the new messages (by image) I would appreciate it.  The only icon I've ever seen is at the top of the screen (the area where will your voicemail icon, etc.).

    Thank you.

    I have a yahoo email that I rarely use so I had never even added it to my BB. But I just added so I could see what you see and possibly try to help. When I added the email I got the same icon you described. It's an envelope with the purple Y! This overlap. I myself sent a test email. The phone vibrates and I got a notification at the top of my screen that I get for all emails, but unfortunately, the icon remained unchanged which is quite annoying actually because it distinguishes only the folder that contains the new message. I'm sorry.

  • BlackBerry smartphones RECEIVES the MAILS to FOLDERS other than Inbox

    Hello world

    I have this problem that I'm trying to work around. On my yahoo mail, I've created rules for certain categories of emails coming. These rules to move messages that meet the criteria for folders that I created.

    Now I have yahoo mail configured on my blackbery device but not to receive emails from other folders. All I get is emails that appear in my main Inbox folder.

    Through the settings on my phone and can't find an option or a setting that can help me solve this problem.

    Ideas anyone?

    * I'm using BIS service


    using BIS, it's the processing order:
    1 your Y! mail server receives e-mails
    2 your Y! mail server applies the rules
    3 your Y! mail server sends messages from the Inbox to your server of BIS
    4 your BIS server sends the emails to your BlackBerry smartphone

    Therefore, there is no way to do what you want using Yahoo!.

    I can suggest you see if it is possible to have the rules applied subsequently (I don't think it's possible with the electronic mail of Yahoo!).

    If you want to automatically move messages into folders and have them on your device, you must use an e-mail provider that allows it. To this day, I know Microsoft Exchange can (in a corporate environment) and Google Mail (because the records are considered labels).

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