Envy 17-j020us, cannot cut/copy and paste in the file Explorer

I can cut/copy and paste the url and the text to speech, etc, but I am unable to cut/copy and paste files in Windows File Explorer. I tried malwarebytes and virus programs running. HP support has tried to access remotely to identify the problem without success. Y at - it another option in addition to a factory reset or restore point? Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi jdavis33811,

Have you tried the three methods of cutting and pasting? Using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL-X CTRL-V, right click on the file and selecting cut, then using the tape from the file Explorer / File menu.

If you have tried all three, the next thing to try is a boot minimum to see if something is in the background to block the order. A clean boot loads Windows with the drivers and the minimal software. This link of Support technique Microsoft will show you how do it.

Once you have made the clean boot try three methods of cutting and pasting. If it works the next step is to go back to msconfig (see Microsoft link above) and enable half the services you shut-off valve to the clean boot. Then try to cut and paste again. Keep half of the remaining services that allows until you cannot cut and paste, then disable half of the services that you just active. This, until what specify you what service has problem.

If after all that you still have a problem then the next step would be to backup your files on an external hard drive or a USB flash drive and then doing a complete System Recovery.

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    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community.

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    Kavita M
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    Visit the Microsoft Answers Feedback Forum site
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    Hi karenbills, in fact, the fox icon is part of the title bar. To display the title bar, you can use customize and click the button at the bottom left of the title bar. However, it adds another line of height to the toolbar area, which I think is the reason for which it does not appear by default.

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    Visit VMware developers at http://www.vi-toolkit.com wiki

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    Great answer. You just saved my HP to learn to go through walls.



    I am new to Win7 and Lenovo technology.  I don't know if this post belongs here or if my problem has to do with the management of password of Lenovo, which I have not yet put in place on my new ThinkPad W700.

    I'm unable to copy information from a text file and paste it in a dialog of Win 7.  I am in a process of loading software from my old machine in the new.  I have all relevant information about the keys, etc. in text files in my archives of software installed.  Manual retyping is a pain!  The function copy / paste works fine outside of the dialog boxes.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do to allow pasting information into possible dialog boxes?


    Copy and paste it in the dialog boxes works very well.  I think my problem earlier was due to not being familiar with the keyboard of the computer again.  I'm used to the CTRL being located at the bottom left of the keyboard.  The new keyboard was the Fn key in this position.  I have pressed Fn instead of CTRL.  Old habits have life tough.  I want to for not noticing it sooner.

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    Hi Robin,

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    Kind regards


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