Equium A100-147 replacement hard drive


I got a toshiba Equium A100-147 by a friend. The only problem is that it comes without a hard drive, because he still destroyed his old hdd to protect its personal and professional data.

I saw in a local computer store a disk sata hard very good price for only? Â £38 it's a 160 GB w Digital Scorpio 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache S - ATA HDD laptop someone knows if it will work or this laptop does it work-specific hdd?

Looking forward to any help you guys can give


Of course you need a compatible HARD drive.
There are two different standards of HARD drive. SATA and IDE

You need the HARD drive with the SATA interface. I think the original HARD drive was 100 GB.
So a 120 GB and maybe a 160 GB SATA HDD should also be compatible.

As far as I know the HARD drive slot was placed at the bottom of the unit and a screw secures the plastic cover.
It of really not difficult to replace the HARD drive and I think that the details could be found in the user manual.

Good bye

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  • Equium A100-147: replaced Fan part number


    I have an Equium A100 147 which is now out of warranty.
    I need to be able to find and of course spare part number where I can buy one of these ASAP.

    If someone could help me with this, it would be quite apprieciated.

    Thank you

    You can not ONLY buy the fan. The fan is a part of the cooling module and the entire module cooling must be replaced.

    You need a cooling module that has been designed especially for this series of laptop and I know ASP (certified partner) in your country should be able to help.

    I think guys should be able to order this part compatible directly from the warehouse of Toshiba.

    Then call the guy and ask for help!

  • Equium A200-15I - replacement hard drive

    Hi guys,.

    I was wondering if you could help me, you want to replace the hard drive of my laptop (Toshiba Equium A200-15I). its 3-4 years old and just get some small and old.
    Is it easy to replace, is it just another wack in and load the disc vista reset factory settings or is it more complicated. Also what hard drive actually buy for my laptop are all made for computers laptops set or is the only difference ata / sata and the disc rotation. If those are the only differences, I realize after reading some of the messages that ata and sata can be mixed, but can I use any RPM or any size? also can you recommend me a couple or where to look to buy

    Cheers for any help

    Specifications of base model so I don't waste your time looking for them incase you need

    Processor type: Intel® Pentium® Dual - Core Processor T2080
    Clock speed: 1.73 GHz
    Front Side Bus: 533 MHz
    level 2: 1 MB cache

    Windows® Vista® Edition operating system Home Premium

    Standard system memory: 2 048 (1 024 + 1 024) MB
    maximum scalability: 2 048 MB
    technology: DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)

    Hard disk capacity: 160 GB
    Certification: S.M.A.R.T.
    disc rotation: 5 400 rpm


    Before any replacement disk HARD is quite easy: there's a blanket of HARD drive on the underside of the laptop that you need to remove and then you are able to exchange the HARD drive.

    Theoretically, you can buy each 2.5 HARD drive SATA interface. On SATA interface, there is no limit of capacity for each HARD drive, you can buy. I would recommend a model 5,400 rpm. highest RPM is originally more than heat and need more battery power as well. 5,400 rpm seems to be a good choice.

    You can buy in every shop online, on eBay or at your favorite computer store. :)

  • Satellite A100-795 - replacing hard drive


    I have a Satellite A100-795 (model: PSAANE-02D00JBT).
    HD = Toshiba MK1237GSX

    HD can be read partly with recovery software ([email protected]) and made too many bad noises.
    Wich SATA hard drive are possible and supported by the bios?
    I want to avoid buying a disc that will work in the laptop niet.

    BIOS version is 5.10 (Phoenix TrustedCore)

    Thans in advance for any help.

    Kind regards


    In your Satellite A100 HDD is SATA 1 and it was delivered with 120 GB max.
    I tested my old Satellite M70 260 GB SATA HARD drive and it works perfectly, so I think that you can now pass HDD with up to 300 GB for example.
    Attention to not only Toshiba HDD but high quality product from any other HARD drive manufacturer.

  • Equium A100-147: how to drive to repalce the CD/DVD?

    Hello world

    can someone tell me how to replace my dvd player in my A100?
    It's a massive delicate work or I can do it easily?

    I'm completely lost without it, and it seems a pity to pay a price that is stupid to get the thing repaired.
    I noticed a number of pretty good readers markets on ebay and thought I should try an auto repair.


    CD/DVD drive replacement is not difficult for someone who has done in the past, but if you have never changed this part, then this might be a bit hard for you

    First of all he must know that not all CD/DVD drives are compatible due to different settings master/slace/c-salt
    You need a disk check compatible your user manual should be that an info on supported readers otherwise contact the ASP for a good optical drive

    As far as I know to remove the two screws until you would be able to Exchange on the STRANGE.
    A screw secures the player at the bottom of the unit, the other screws are placed under the keyboard, then you will need to remove the keyboard as well

    I think the best is to contact a technician mobile downtown the technician could remove it for you and should not be expensive and in this case, you are always on the right side

  • Possible replacement of Equium A100 - 147 HDD 250 GB?


    I own an Equium A100-147 with 60 GB HARD drive. I have a recovery disc and have restored the laptop several times.

    I am considering an upgrade to 250 GB HARD drive.

    Couple of questions...

    The motherboard will host a 250 GB drive?

    If I replace the HARD drive recover CD will install a new copy of the fatory software you (inc windows xp MCE)?

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Yes, you can use a 250 GB. The laptop has a SATA interface and there is no limit as to IDE.

    If you use the recovery CD, you will get to factory settings. This means an XP installation with all the drivers and tools.

  • Question on the disk anti-shock HARD on Equium A100-147

    Don't Equium A100 - 147 HDD have the same shock of the A120 series?


    Sorry, but the Equium A120 is unclear to me. Where did you find information on this laptop and HARD shock anti-mecanisme disc?

    I found some info on the new feature called Toshiba EasyGuard.
    Protection of hard drive (HDD) a feature of Toshiba EasyGuard is designed not to damage the hard drive and disks of data caused by the shock, fall or vibration.
    This feature can be found in the device under the section manager system devices as driver of Toshiba HDD protection shock sensor.
    But unfortunately, I don t find anything similar on the Equium A100

  • Equium A100-147 - deleted CD/DVD drive

    I uninstalled the readers of DVD/CD ROM of my Equium A100-147 model PSAABE by mistake. How I can I restore it? I'm not very technical


    It means that your CD/DVD drive is not more?
    Have you already checked the Device Manager if the drive is visible or not?

    Otherwise, you must follow the instructions in this Microsoft KB article:

  • Cannot install driver Equium A100 - 147 LAN (ethernet)


    I have the same problem, as in the http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=17316 section.

    I downloaded and installed all the drivers that I needed on my Equium A100-147, but not working no driver Lan (ethernet).

    I have windows XP, home edition, SP2.

    I tried both types of drivers Toshiba download (and a few others also), that should work... but unfortunately, it does not.

    I'd be happy if someone could help me. Thanks anyway.


    Hello Adam

    Thanks for the feed back, but I must say that I'm really confused why you have problem to facilities with driver on Toshiba download page. In any case, the problem is solved and that's the most important thing! ;)

  • Equium A100-147 - where to find the ethernet LAN driver

    Hi all

    I have problems to find the dirver for my ethernet controller...
    I went to the toshiba Web site and on the LAN driver is not finished, he does that with any application to uninstall, doesn't have to install, missing problably...
    I could find on the web...

    I managed to install the wirelles, so I can use the net over there... but I want to install the LAN as well...

    Anyone know where I can find driver (ethernet LAN) Equium A100-147? *

    Thank you very much...


    Have you tried to update the BIOS?
    Check the Toshiba site for a newer version of the BIOS:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • A100 replacement hard drive

    I saw the other posts on this but no definitive answer.
    My HARD drive is dying and needs to be replaced. I see the posotion from the LHS is under the Palm drive and there seems to be one removable flap - other posts say there is only one screw to remove, but there is no visible screws under the machine.

    I've changed hard disks on other Toshibas with absolutetly no problem - someone at - it ideas?


    Replace HARD drive on this laptop is not simply the procedure. I'm not 100% sure, but the entire Palm rest/Touchpad should be removed first. HARD drive cover is fixed with a screw, but you'll see him only if the Palm is deleted.

    When this screw is removed, hold the HARD drive tab and pull the HARD drive bracket. Next step is to detach the HARD drive from the HARD drive support.
    The device is quite new and first of all, check if the warranty is still valid.

  • Equium A100-147: I get an error during the recovery procedure

    Hi again,

    I had trouble with my equium a100-147.
    I tried a restore, but the disc is scratched so I phoned in ESL and it snet me a new recovery image.

    I tried the new recovery disk and am now errors when I boot the disk.

    error is

    "internal error crc file: \WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB895200$\msdtctm.dl.

    any suggestions are welcome. get really annoyed with my machine as my warranty expired only one month

    Thank you

    Hmm... I studied a bit and it looks a bit like a malfunction of the partition.
    It would be desirable to boot from the original CD of Microsoft XP and to start the repair console.
    Then you could try these various commands which help to repair the boot manager, repair errors, locate bad sectors and recover readable information.

    -bootcfg /rebuild
    -chkdsk /r

    If this does not help, you should erase the entire partitions and must format the HARD drive in NTFS file system. Then access the BIOS and set it to the default value.
    Once this procedure tries to start again on the new recovery CD!

    Good bye

  • Equium A100-147: can not play games becauce slow DVD player


    I have a laptop Equium A100-147. I tried many games on my laptop which should conform to the specifications required for example battlefield 2, however, these games does not work and I didn't know why. I then realized that all the games I tried were all on 4 DVD-ROM drive demanding x, and the specifications I provided with my laptop did not specify what kind of DVD player, I had another super multi layer or something.

    It is while I tried the games that were demanding CD-ROM which all worked fine, I then tried a game that was 2 x DVD ROM demanding that worked apart from a small problem with models of characters not displayed, so I took back defective. Then I tried a 1 x DVD-ROM game that worked perfectly.

    Today, I decided to get my DVD specifications, where I found that my laptop should read 8 x DVD - ROM drives.
    So my question is, is my defective DVD player for not playing more than 1 x DVD - ROM games? And can I contact Toshiba or my provider for repair or replacement or my problem would be something else?

    Thank you, Josh


    As far as I know the laptop was delivered with the drive UJ - 841S and the drive supports 8 x DVD-ROM.
    Of course, there must be something wrong if the drive cannot read DVD-ROM media at full speed. The middle is not supported or the drive malfunctions

    What you can do is search for the update of the firmware. Many laptops come with the same drive. See the categories of driver and, possibly, there is a new update of the firmware.

    You can also try to remove the physical drive from the laptop and reboot the device without the drive. Then turn off the appliance, install the drive again and the boot upward.
    The laptop must initialize the firmware again and maybe this will help

    But it seems you notebook is not very old and the warranty is valid. If you need to contact the ASP in your country for more details and possibly for disc replacement

  • Equium A100-147 has infrared device?

    I'm having Toshiba Equium A100-147 [00800 EAV] PSAABE... is device a infrared?
    What is the corresponding driver for it? How to activate this device?

    Please help me!

    Can you see the infrared sensor on your laptop?
    According to the specifications of the laptop your Equium doesn t have the infrared device.

  • Equium A100-147 doesn't boot up - no display on screen


    I have a Toshiba Equium A100-147. When I turn, I see as the light of the maximum but there is no display on the screen.
    I read on a previous thread on a similar model that this has been fixed by resetting the computer.
    I understand there is a possibility that there is a problem with the motherboard, but I remain optimistic that a manual-reset would work.

    Is someone can you please tell me how this can be done?

    You can try this procedure simple and short;

    -Remove the battery from the laptop
    -disconnect 3rd external devices and adapter
    -leave the laptop for about 20-30 min
    -then reconnect battery and AC adapter

    If the portable fuel after this procedure, then your have a serious hardware problem and only the ASP can help you.

    I don t want to make a statement on the possible faults, because it of always hard to say what's wrong exactly, but it looks a bit like a motherboard problem.

    Good bye

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