Equium A200 - 1VO hangs intermittently

I bought a brand-new Equium A200 - 1VO and it crashes intermittently. When it crashes near the top, nothing does. Laptop must be switched off / get it on.

No one knows why this happens? Nobody knows how to solve this problem permanently? Your help will be appreciated.


You must understand that no one can give you an answer why this happens. Nobody we exact configuration for laptop and software pre-installed. I imagine that some background activity forced CPU to 100% of the blocks of its use and laptop.

Try to open the Task Manager and try to find out what process force CPU 100% usage.

I noticed the similar problem by running IE7 on my Satellite P200.

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  • How to install Windows 2000 on Equium A200-1VO?


    Can someone help me?

    I would like to install Windows 2000 on the Toshiba Equium A200-1VO laptop, but I need the drivers to do this.
    I have tried the Toshiba web page but cannot find the drivers.

    Can someone please?

    Thank you

    You will not be the drivers because this Vista designed for laptop is not supported by this old operating system. Maybe you can find the drivers for Windows XP Home edition, but not for W2000.

    All you can do is search for the drivers on the net and hope you have success with it.
    I don't know why you would do this, but perhaps you should accept that at some point Toshiba must say stop and don't waste time with the support of the older operating system. I also believe that 0.01% people want to use this old operating system on new generation laptops.

    There is no sense to make support for W2000. What do you think about this?

  • Initialize the trouble on Equium A200-1VO

    I have an Equium A200 - 1VO, starts in Windows Vista and works ok until I connect the power cable and then it freezes and won't do anything. Also if it's on the socket to switch on it will do nothing, nothing comes on the screen.

    Can anyone help please?

    Hmm, sounds like a hardware problem.

    Maybe it's just a problem of AC adapter that provides an abnormal power to the laptop. Then you should try to plug another compatible adapter for the laptop just to check if this is the case otherwise, it could be a motherboard related problem and it would be the worst case buddy in this case, you have to replace the motherboard and it is a very costly affair

  • Equium A200-1VO - "a disk read error has occurred."


    I had my Equium A200-1VO since December 2007 and has never really had any problems with it atall.

    However, last night after a Windows Vista update and restart, my laptop won't start upward. I get a black screen announcing:

    "A disk read error has occurred.

    Please press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart»

    I've had no BSOD, and no other suggestion that something was wrong, everything worked perfectly. I checked the HARD drive to see if it had come off his link and reinserted it. But I get the same message.

    I am presented with the only possibility to use the recovery disk, but this means wiping everything out there and start again. I'd rather try to recover my documents before taking radical measures, if it is possible atall.

    If anyone has any suggestions I would be very appreciate.

    Thank you very much


    Equium A200-1VO
    -Numtxpackets® Pentiuma® Dual - Core Processor T2310 - genuine Windows® Vista® Home Premium Edition - DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) in car-2 048 (1 024 + 1 024) MB of RAM (667 MHz) - 15.4 "WXGA TFT screen 1 280 x 800


    In my view, the error message says a lot: theoretically, your HARD drive may be defective and must be replaced but before that I would test using fitness to drive or another program. Just use Google to find such programs.

    Maybe something was tangled up in your Windows installation. About reinstalling Windows?

    You didn't back up your data to a second drive? I m wondering about this, because the backup should always be made.
    However, if you use an external HARD drive box you can save it on another computer.

    Good luck! :)

  • Equium A200-1VO - what could be done to improve the situation of power supply?

    I recently bought an Equium A200 1VO as one second laptop - my other (an Aspire) is excellent, but a bit heavy in the basket to autour. Anyway, it seemed fabulous value and has worked very well so far - but I just discovered a catch today, the low battery life. I understand that this gap is shared with most of the other laptops of a comparable weight.

    In any case, I wonder what could possibly be done about (I often use my laptop while on the move, in locations without power outlet available, and less than 1 hour of power is very restrictive (I know powersave and others)-especially compared to my other laptop which is about 3 hours on battery)?

    Is there a portable power charger (the type with which you can load to the top of their rechargeable batteries on the sector, then take them and be able to charge mobile phones, iPods, etc. several times without needing an external power supply), as the Proporta one, who could charge a laptop as well (well, this laptop)? And how about the 9 cell Li-ion battery that sell Toshiba (or for that matter, one 6 cells)?

    How long will pretty much those give me? Are there other types of batteries that can be purchased for an extra life?

    Any suggestions on how I could get more autonomy would be most appreciated.

    Hi guys

    > what could be done to improve the situation of power supply
    You could buy a stronger battery which delivers more power for a long time
    You should take a look at the value of mA; more better ;)

    Also please don t forget that the Vista operating system needs more power as an early OS like XP.
    Vista needs more power because it wastes more computing resources.
    I read that a same notebook would run 2 times longer on battery with preinstalled W2K or XP.

  • Equium A200-1VO - screen not working no-lines out of feint

    Equium A200-1VO.
    Just got this about 2 months ago and only used it twice and the screen no longer works!
    It looks like its covered in lines of feint. From what I can do on the computer seems to be running ok.

    Any ideas?

    Have you tested the display to the external monitor?

    It might help to know if it s a graphics card or a matter of FL-inverter DC-AC/display.
    If the image appears correctly on the screen so I guess one of the FL-ups parties or internal TFT display of defects and must be replaced.

    But a question;
    Have you tried to update the display driver and BIOS? Check it!

  • Re: Equium A200-1VO - maximum RAM capacity

    I have an Equium A200-1VO with 2 GB of memory.

    What is the maximum amount of memory that I can install?

    I checked the Web from Toshiba for the Equium A200-1VO site and it can be upgraded to 2 GB of RAM.
    Therefore, you must RAM DDR2 667 MHz.

    So in your case, it s an upgrade is not necessary, because you have already 2 GB installed.

  • Can not burn blank CD on Equium A200-1VO - unknown error occurred (2131)

    Hi all

    I have never been able to burn a blank CD using the rewritable CD drive on my Equium A200 1VO.
    I am using TDK CD - R80 700 MB ', 'up to 52 x speed"blank CD

    This is the error I get when I try to burn a disc in iTunes:
    The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (2131).

    Any suggestions?



    AFAIK this peacekeepers of error message by using the CD - R disc.
    Check if you can burn the CD - RW? On my laptop I can burn files on CD - RW iTunes correctly.

    By the way:
    If your laptop has the reader of the TS-L632 CD/DVD then you need to update the firmware as suggested here in this article from Toshiba

    [Unable to burn songs on iTunes to some CD media. An unknown error occurred (2131)"is displayed. http://askiris.Toshiba.com/ToshibaSupportSite/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=2024 958xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 56438599 & stateId = 0% 200% 20 54771650]


  • Equium A200-1VO - lost internet WIFI connection


    Just joined to help my wife - she has a Toshiba Equium A200-1VO and lost WIFI connection internet.
    This is the laptop that I am sending this through my laptop.

    Tried to find our home network but the laptop shows not all internet connections at all.

    A screen said that the Internet had been extinguished-

    can someone help please turn it back on?

    If the WLAN switch is available please set it in position ONE. After doing this using FN + F8 key combination to activate the wireless network card.

    It work?
    WLAN is ON?

  • Equium A200-1VO isue - white screen start new

    I got a new laptop Equium A200-1VO Friday as a Christmas present very very end and last night (Monday), I played football coach, play with ITunes and deleting files on an old mp3 player. Everything was fine when all of a sudden there was this click / the sound muffled and the screen went black.

    The laptop is connected to the time and so connected them to clear a/c was, so was the power and charge light, but he just stayed empty.

    I then unplugged the charger and it appeared with the orange light mean low battery. I then removed the computer game disc thinking that it is possible that and turned off the phone manually. Now if I just push the power button it stands theres a click, just about where is the hard drive and it stops, if I hold it in theres a click, but it stays on, all the time the screen remains blank.

    I then turned off and it rebooted I was wondering if it was just low on battery and still nothing.
    I left the place cell phone off during the night but in the morning, the problems are still there. I even blocked the "product recovery" disk, but still no sign of life.

    I'll try to plug this moniter screen and see if this is the problem then he hopes to be able to tell you soon. Oh, one thing I can think is that I used it on my bed, is there a way it could have overheated? If Yes, then would not be leaving off all night helped / solved this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    Have you tried to remove the battery and disconnect the AC for a while?
    I would recommend doing this!

    Remove the battery and the power adapter for about 20-30 min. After this short period of time to connect all the parts again and try to start Notepad.

    Maybe it helps

  • Equium A200-1VO - detects Ethernet cable not


    I have an Equium A200-1VO. It is equipped with a fast Marvell Yukon Ethernet controller.

    When I plug the cable to connect to the internet, nothing happens. It says network cable is unplugged and no light no flash where the cable plugs. It is configured to automatically detect the internet settings (Vista) and the pilot is the last and the work. I also uninstalled the driver and rebooted to reinstall.
    Any ideas what could be wrong... is the broken card? If so where can I get a new one (uk).


    Have you checked the Device Manager?
    Are you sure network adapter is not disabled it?

  • Equium A200-1VO does not start and makes weird noises

    My Toshiba Equium A200-1VO don't load on Windows entirely, which means I can't use it. When you turn everything goes well until the Welcome screen in Windows Vista. From there, it starts to get weird creaking and it beeps from time to time. It won't start here and these sounds do not stop.

    Help please


    Is it possible to know where the noise comes from?
    As suggested by above user, it could be a HARD disk, but in this case, it would mean that HARD drive failures and he could die in the next time

    You said it s begin properly until appears the window Vista would be
    So maybe it s only a problem of software but I m still don t know what part of the software would create such sound however, I think that if would not be bad to reinstall the operating system in order to check the notebook with factory settings.

    If this strange question would persist or if you would not be able to reinstall the operating system using the recovery disc then a hardware problem could cause this strange things and I think it means that you will need to contact the ASP in your country for a material test

  • Re: Equium A200-1VO hard drive upgrade

    Hello there, I am hoping that there is someone out there who could give me a little advice!

    I have a laptop Equium A200-1VO, but unfortunately I need to replace the hard drive. He currently holds a 120 GB drive, but I wonder if the laptop could face if I replaced it with a capacity of 500 GB? Otherwise, 350GB?

    I hope you can help!

    Sincere greetings,


    I agree with Akuma. Satellite A200 can manage with drives of 250 GB and more.

  • Equium A200-1VO displays a CD drive (d) and a dvd player (e :))


    I have a little problem. My A200-1VO shows 2 discs. When I click on the D: drive, it says please insert disc always and if I click on eject said drive in use, even if the drive does not exist.

    Drive F is the real player and works properly.
    Anyone know why this is happening?


    Very strange problem you plug external as a USB HDD or similar devices?
    Are you sure it s not a second partition?

    However, I recommend to check the Device Manager. You could delete/remove the CD/DVD drive.

    Then restart the laptop and check again the topic of my computer.

    Number of drives listed in the "disk management"?

  • Re: Equium A200-1VO - Windows XP can't see hard drive

    I just replaced the hard drive on my toshiba satellite A200-1VO and trying to load XP but I get a message saying there is no hard drive.
    Can someone help me?


    Have you used the SATA HDD?
    A200 series supports the SATA controller and you need SATA HDD (not the IDE).

    In addition the SATA HDD needs SATA drivers. Win XP does not provide such driver, and therefore you must include this.

    Search here in the forum A200 SATA drivers to get more details and info.

    Good luck

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