Error 1720. There is a problem with this windows package install.

Can I uninstall the a toolbar script

Philip black [09:46]: Error 1720. Contact technical support staff or the seller-impossible packaging run vbisff open uninstall script error-not found script path?
There is a problem with this windows package install.
I can't uninstall the toolbar script and program icon I
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Hey Thechiflows,

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Step 1:

To get rid of this error, I suggest you to install the latest version of Windows Installer, which you can download from the link:

Step 2:
Start the Windows Installer service.
1. Click Start, type Services.msc and press [ENTER]

2. double-click on Windows Installer.

3. set the Windows Installer to Manual startup type.

4. Click Start to start the service. Note the error message, if any.

5. click on OK.

Step 3:

The Windows Installer CleanUp utility deletes all files and registry settings associated with the configuration of Windows Installer of a program.

Read the following article which talks about the description of the Windows Installer CleanUp utility:

Let us know if the steps above will help.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Manasa P-Microsoft Support

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