esxi free upgrade to VMware vSphere Essentials Kit

Hi we are a small company with a new 1 and 1 old server sent us this question for the Department sales of vmware but have had no response.

We have two questions we hope that someone has had a few experiences with.

Currently we use free on our new server esxi5 if we buy VMware vSphere Essentials Kit

1. is it just a matter of the conclusion of the license in the free version of esxi to give it functionality increase so there is not need to reinstall things?

2 if we have VMware vSphere Essentials Kit it would allow us to use tools such as quest vRanger pro or Acronis vmProtect for backup and replication connection.

It would be much cheaper than the use of VMware vSphere Essentials Kit pro and seems to do the same job.

Thank you

Welcome to the community!

Is it just a matter of the conclusion of the license in the free version of esxi to give it functionality increase so there is not need to reinstall things?

Yes enter vSphere Essentials Kit License keys will unlock the applicable for this Kit features, re - install ESXi will be not be held

If we have VMware vSphere Essentials Kit it would allow us to use tools such as quest vRanger pro or Acronis vmProtect for backup and replication connection.

vSphere Essentials Kit inclused vStorage APIs for Data Protection so you should be good to use the third-party data protection software

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  • What exactly is in the VMware vSphere Essentials Kit

    Yes I looked on the page and there seems to be a lot of xyz, but no definitive list of what is in the kit of essestials or even the pro kit.

    Ideally, this as the backup software, but would be nice to know all inclusive.

    VBackup Thinware said he needs of VMware Consolidated Backup, but Google takes me to the page on this point and when I go to buy, send me info about versions of VM, but nothing in the Kits except data backup API - tis more confusing for a new user.

    Kits Essentials is a set of licenses. The kit includes the licenses processor vSphere and vCenter Server for Essentials for an environment of maximum 3 guests (up to 2 CPUs) and capacity maximum vRAM grouped 192 GB. Kits scalability limits Essentials are applied to the product and may not be extended except by upgrading the complete kit to a top-range package. Cannot be decoupled or combined with other editions of VMware vSphere Essentials Kits are stand-alone solutions

    1. You can download and run up to 3 ESXi 5 guests with 2 processors
    2. You can download vCenter server and run one instance of vCenter
    3. You can download VMware Data Recovery to be able to backup your virtual machines without affecting the performance of the virtual machine

    Hope this helps

  • VSphere API is available in VMware vSphere Essentials Kit?


    TL; DR: I would like to know if the vSphere API is available in VMware vSphere Essentials Kit.

    We evaluated VMware vSphere to build an environment very small test & dev to work. Since vSphere worked well during our assessment, we will buy vSphere licenses.

    We only need to operate a single ESXi host and we don't much care our virtual machines because they are used for testing only. Thus, we don't need features such as vMotion.

    However, take us pictures and we depend on the vSphere API, because we use pyVmomi to administer our virtual machines.

    Because we only run an ESXi host, need for API vSphere vCenter but did not need features such as vMotion, I think that the Kit Essentials fits our needs. But I'm not sure it provides the vSphere API. If anyone can confirm?

    Kind regards

    Yes, vSphere API are available in the Essentials kit.

    Please see KB

    Ref: KB VMware: vSphere 6.x products offer

  • feature of vSphere API licensed on vSphere Essentials kit

    I have a few doubts about the level of licesement to apply to our laboratory. We do snapshots via API against our stand-alone ESXi, so we need the "vSphere API' active feature. Is this feature included on the license "vSphere Essentials kit '?

    Thank you.


    all editions of vSphere paid has full access to vSphere API only vSphere Hypervizor free edition is limited to only read the API.

    If you need backups through third-party solutions 3rd you will need API vStorage for the Protection of data which is also included

    overall paid kits and vSphere editions.

    Detailed Essentials see features:



  • Newbie question: ESXi 6.0 free vs vSphere Essentials Kit

    I currently have a server host running ESXi 5.5 (free version), accommodation mainly a lab with SQL servers and workstations Windows infrastructure.

    I plan to upgrade the vSphere Essentials Kit and I was wondering what are the additional benefits I would get paid Kit essentials ESXi free 6.0 vs.

    So far, I can think of the following:

    -Possibility to install on two additional host servers (however I don't really have this requirement for the moment)

    -Compatibility with VMWare as ALTARO and VEEAM backup software. (This would be beneficial)

    What are the other benefits Essentials Kit would offer a server environment unique host which would be sufficiently attractive to force one to go compared to the free version?

    Thank you for any comments.


    Another great advantage will be the Server vCenter which adds lots of features and will help you manage all three hosts. Have a look here some of the additional benefits:

  • VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit Upgrade


    We are currently running VMware vCenter Server 5.1.0 and VMware ESXi VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit license 5.1 with 5.1.0. I think the move to VMware ESXi and VMware vCenter Server 6.0 6.0

    I already had a host with ESXi 6.0 and I tried to use my existing on this host 6.0 Essentials Plus Kit License, but it does not work. I have to upgrade my license key? What are my options?

    VMware vSphere license key update

    You must obtain new licenses to deploy VMware vSphere 6.0. VMware vSphere 4.x and 5.x existing licenses vSphere will not work on vSphere 6.0.

    Please see after the URL and you'll get more info on what you are looking for

    VMware vSphere 6 prices and licenses. United States

  • features of vSphere 4.1 vSphere Essentials Kit 5.1 vs esxi


    I'm new here and I have my vSphere server knowledge is limited.

    Our company is currently leading a free version of the server esxi 4.1 vSphere.

    Now, we have reached a point where we intend to implement some automation of test for our software products. To do this, we need to be able to programmatically control the virtual test machines (power on / power off, go back to the snapshot, copy files, etc.). VSphere free version does not offer that, and it seems that we have to upgrade to a paid version.

    The question:

    Is this the version licensed vSphere 5.1 Kit Essentials offers at least the same features that the free version of vSphere 4.1 offers? I could imagine, the very basic paid the 5.1 version of vSphere Essentials Kit has done some limitations compared to the 4.1 vSpehre esxi, same if vSphere 5.1 Kit Essentials has the feature of writing available to the "remote command line interface" (which we would need to manage the test program by computers).

    Tounsiiaa you!


    I can't think of all the features of the free version that are not available in the edition of Essentials 5.1, except for the number of sockets/CPUs per host, which is limited to 2 with the Essentials Kits.


  • VMware vSphere Essentials 5 - Dell Build

    We bought a kit "VMware vSphere Essentials. We would like to install the latest version of VMware (5.5.0 update 2) on our Dell PowerEdge 630. Is there an .iso of generation custom Dell we can use?

    Thanks for your help.


    It is available on the DELL Web site:

  • A new doubt on the license - VMware vSphere Essential Kit

    Hi guys,.

    I play virtualize physical servers in the company I work (about 10 smaller servers).

    To start some tests, I bought a Dell r.620 server with two processors and 64 GB of RAM.

    I think buy just one license of VMware vSphere Essential Kit, just to test some features, management, and support provided by VMware.

    My doubt is: to support all the RAM (64 GB), I have purchase a license of the vSphere Essential Kit, or I need TWO?

    I'm a little confused on how much physical RAM memory on a single server, the vShpere Essential Kit can handle.

    OK, I know I can use a free version. But this test server will be transformed into a production server, and that the price of the vSphere Essential Kit is very good, I would buy it and start my test as a test of "production"...

    Guys, sorry for my bad English, it is not my mother tongue. =(

    Thanks much for any help.

    Hi Alex,

    Since you are doing a test on a single server so a Kit should be good at this point. In addition to Essential Kit do not fully support 64 GB of RAM so no need to buy two. Only the free versions have limits in support of only 32 GB of RAM.

    Diagram below will give you a good idea on the different Kits.

    Also, you can read about licensing and prices here:

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • 5 of VSphere and VMware vSphere Essentials Licensing

    I just the unit of vCenter installed and put my license keys in for VMware vSphere Essentials Bundle - (version 5.0) - license - 3 guests - up to 2 processors by host

    However, when I connect via vSphere client of web it says I have a key that expires in 60 days (the assessment key). I can't delete this key. I'll find myself unable to manage my VM with vSphere Web Client in 60 days?

    Man, this approval is confusing!


    Thank you!

    Post edited by: a.p. - in gray license keys!

    Looks like that you always use your evaluation key for your instance of vCenter instead of your purchased key.  If you click on the tab of systems vCenter server you should be able to pass the eval on a key your purchased key.  That should solve your problem.

  • How to get the free license for VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5?

    Please show me the link where I can get the free license for VMware vSphere key 5?

    Connect the link with the register username and password below.

    Click on licenses and download tab... you will see the license key.

  • VMware vsphere essentials more and Dell MD3000i iSCSI - virtual disk not on preferred path

    Hello world

    I am trying to set up our new vmware vsphere essentials plus the facility. We have 2 x Dell R710 servers running vmware esx4 and have a md3000i SAN.

    Each server has a network cable to connect to a network SAN controller.

    vmserver1 a vmnic6 IP the IP controller connection 0

    vmserver1 has IP vmnic4 connection to controller 1 IP

    vmserver2 a vmnic 6 IP the IP controller connection 0

    vmserver2 has IP vmnic4 connection to controller 1 IP

    Whenever I start a virtual server it causes the dell md3000i start flashes orange, and management tool says disc not on favorite virtual path.

    After entering the tool configuration and affecting the path preferred, from the commencement to vmware, even with a single connected server it causes the error.

    I tried to configure vmware to use direct fixed and alternate paths.

    I did a quick search on Google and found these sites: ESX4.0andPowerVault MD3000i

    Strange configuration.

    Looks like you are using some cross cable?

    Each host must have 2 vSwitches, each with a port vmkernel on one of the two iSCSI network.

    Each host must reach all 4 of the MD3000i (test with the vmkping command) interface.

    See also: ESX4.0andPowerVault MD3000i


  • VMWare vSphere Essentials Plus Kit

    My apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong place - I'm going round and round, trying to find answers and appropriate to place.

    I have reflected on vSphere Essentials Plus Kit for 3 guests and just have a few questions.

    (1) the limitation specified 2 CPUs.  Does mean physical cores?  For example, I currently have a small number of virtual machines running on a HP DL360 G5 which has processor Xeon.  ESXi is reported as 2, but 8 cores.  So in this example VMWare will consider this 2 CPU or 8 CPU? (I realize that this material is not compatible with vSphere V5, but I'd be curious to understand the principle of limitation)

    (2) is in any way to migrate to ESXi 4.1 vSphere Essentials Plus Kit (which I suppose is 5.1?) because it would take me a hardware and software upgrade.  Or am I better implementation of a new system and use something like vCenter Converter to move virtual machines?

    (3) is there such a thing as a vSphere Essentials Plus Kit evaluation?  If this is not the case, how can I do for my test environment.  I don't want to invest in a new hardware/software, if for some reason any that does not work for me

    I'm looking to move to ESXi for reasons of redundancy and reslience.  I have only 1 ESXi box run currently with about 6 VM I'm not a major user and I think that more Kit Essentials fits the Bill on all the rest.

    Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.


    vSphere supports different types of storage systems (NAS, iSCSI, FC,...). For a complete list of what is supported, please look at


  • Upgrade to VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.0 (free) to support clients of Windows 8

    How can I free upgradethe VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.0 (build 469512) in support of Windows 8 comments VM?



    Hi, you can evolve into the final level of patch by CLI

    Click here for a How - to:

  • Updated information on vSphere Essentials Kit

    Hi all, I have a few questions about the upgrade of an ESXi host (and soon two) free license in an essentials Kit 4.1 vSphere paid one.

    First question: do I need to reformat the machine (s) to upgrade or simply I can change the license key with the vSphere client?

    Second question: the statement "... means of solution for small offices to virtualize... three physical servers. "who, with the essentials kit I can use the same license with up to three physical hosts with no restriction on the number of virtual machines, I put on them?

    I ask because my plan is to divide my servers on two physical hosts and use a third as a machine of relief and emergency in the event of hardware failure, so a license kit unique essentials is integrate perfectly, but only if the included Storage API I would make backups while VMS are running and there is no restrictions on the number of physical host.

    Thanks in advance for any kind reply.

    The underlying OS is the same - the licesnse allows different features.

    No need to refpormat or re - install, you simply apply your new license and it's done.

    Good luck

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