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Left Favorites IE 11 for Firefox. Imported, then led to their Internet Explorer folder in "Bookmarks Menu" and deleted the Internet Explorer folder. Some do not work. So, how do I remove these? Right click + Delete does not work. Right click + Properties said only: "properties of"Google" Example: Google is grey without a URL, so I made a cool bookmark and it works, but leaves behind the disabled Google. Tried to attach a screen to this question, but it would not attach.

It's your decision.

What can help a bit;

Copy bookmarks

Open the Manager of bookmarks; Press Alt or F10 , do appear in the toolbar, and then select bookmarks. Access key is (Mac =() B.

Once the window is open, the top of the page, press the button import and backup. Select export bookmarks to HTML and follow the prompts and save it in a HTML file. Copy the file to another computer. Repeat the above instructions, BUT select Import Bookmarks in HTML,

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  • How to view favorite contacts

    My watch is missing the screen list of favorite contacts (for sending messages).  How can I get that back?

    Unfortunately, you can not. The ability to see the list of favorite contacts by pressing the side button on the phone has been removed, with watchOS 3. Now, you need to access it via the Contacts App or Siri.

    Back to Apple's http://www.apple.com/feedback/watch.html , here, if you want to let them know you want to see him back.

  • Phone contacts in stripped since i0S 10 Favorites

    I had some Favorites in my phone since I got it. Some of my favorites have multiple phone numbers. It is used to allow a choice of what number is the first number preferred using the arrow and choose. However, that work is no longer works. I turned off the phone, changed the contact and even then removed re - add to Favorites.

    I think that you are referring to your Favorites in the phone app.

    Click 'Edit' at the top right.  Then, you will see three horizontal lines stacked to the right of each preferred telephone number.  Simply raise or lower by dragging the three horizontal bars at the same time, and you can place phones in any order you like.

    This feature is available since many versions of iOS.

  • Missing Favorites/Top sites button

    There used to be a button on the Top sites page to change to Favorites (and vice versa). This button is gone. In preferences/general, I must choose between the best sites and the favourites for the TWO new tabs and new windows, I see one or the other. What happened to the ability to switch between these two views, I use both. I have also no bookmarks pane in the preferences. [OS X 10.11.6;] Safari 10.0]

    Send feedback to Apple. They will not respond, but at least know that there is a problem or a suggestion for change. If enough people send feedback, it can get change / suggested the problem solved as soon as possible.

    Your comments

  • I recently downloaded my favorite CD music in my I tunes library, how can you transfer this music on a USB Flash drive so that I can play the music through my stereo system H D - Bike. I'm 10 Windows on my PC

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    stereo system.

    I'm 10 Windows on my PC

    Select the songs in iTunes, let them slip into a file Explorer window showing the flash drive, drop.


  • How to display photos marked favorite in the last 24 hours

    Is it possible to selectively display the photos in the last 24 hours (for example)?

    I would like to see the pictures on my computer that I scored so I iCloud active library favorite on the iPhone in the last 24 hours.

    Ideally, I would like to automatically save these pictures in a folder on my mac (for then maybe download these photos on a photo sharing site).

    Thank you!

    You can make a smart album

  • Safari 10 Favorites

    After having upgraded to Safari 10, I find now that when I open Safari, my favorites are displayed instead of a blank tab.   Can any kind person remind me how to stop this?

    Thank you

    Safari/Preferences/general/New tabs open with - the value empty page or whatever it is you want.

  • How can I keep separate favorite Safari on iPhone & Sierra?

    When I downloaded Sierra, all my favorite iPhone showed on Safari. Then when I've retouched on Sierra, they have changed automatically on my iPhone. I don't want to!  I want to separate them.  How can I?

    System Preferences > iCloud > Safari off the COAST.

  • Favorites deleted in maps

    Yesterday, I had several dozen favorite in my maps application (10 IOS on iPhone 5).  This morning I have zero.  Someone has any idea where they could have and if there is a way to recover them?

    Hello John_Berkowitz,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Is my dozens of understanding of your favorites of maps are now gone. I rely on my favorites in many different applications. I can understand your concern. I'm happy to help you.

    I recommend first of all restart. This can solve many unexpected behaviours. Follow these steps to restart

    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Red slider appears.
    2. Drag the slider to turn off your device completely off.
    3. Once the device turns off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If you have a recent backup you can restore from the backup. Please follow the steps below to restore from a backup.
    Restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup

    Have a great day!

  • ADD favorite transit cards

    How to add favorite cards transit subway lines

    Hi lindon,.

    I see that you want to help with one of the new features of the cards in the iOS 10. Here is an article that contains the information you're looking for:

    Add a favorite transit line

    With iOS 10, you can add public transit lines to your Favorites and then see them in your Widget for more timely information. To add a line of transit to your Favorites, follow these steps:

    1. In Maps, press on , and then select the Transit.
    2. Zoom in on the transit line. Then type the name or number of the transit line. You can also see a symbol for the transit line.
    3. When you see the card details, scroll down and tap Add to Favorites.

    You can also enter your destination, then tap the Directions to see if there are other types of public transport you can take.

    Use maps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Hope that helps. Thank you for coming to Apple Support communities and have a great day!

  • How the message to your Favorites

    How to set my watch to be able to text my favorites more quickly


    Under watch OS 3, to send a new message using your Apple Watch Messages:

    • Use Siri: for example "Hey Siri, say Jane I'll be there in 30 minutes" and then lower your wrist to send (No button tap / press is necessary).
    • Open your Messages > firmly press the list of conversations > tap new Message > tap Add a Contact, then either:
      • Tap a contact in the list of recent conversations that appears;
      • Or tap on '+' to select your complete contacts list;
      • Or press the Microphone button to search for a person in your contacts or dictate a phone number.

    More information:


  • Favorite screen went from Apple Watch

    I updated my Apple Watch OS3 and now when I push the button located under the dial, my dock screens go up and my screen is not the case to find.  In addition, in my app to watch on my iPhone, I see is more 'friends' to add contacts to my favorites.  Help, please! Without that, I can't make a call or a text of my watch because there is no contacts in there.


    Under watch OS 3, the friends feature (which was available in previous versions) comes over and there is no direct replacement for it.

    When making calls or sending of new messages, contacts instead can be selected via the phone and Messages applications or using Siri:

  • Can someone tell me where my favorite friends are on the new update?  He used to come to the top by pressing the side button

    Before this upgrade, it was easy to send a message or call your Favorites Apple Watch. Now, I can't find any


    Under watch OS 3, the friends functionality, which was available in previous versions, comes more and there is no direct replacement for it.

    When making calls or sending of new messages, contacts instead can be selected via the phone and Messages applications or using Siri:

  • Why the wheel of favorites to friends has been removed in ios3 in update? How to send a message unless someone has already sent me a message?

    So, I was excited by the new OS3 for Apple Watch update and I have now downloaded and installed. Only to find one of the features I've used a lot seems to have disappeared forever. The wheel of 12 favorite contacts friends went completel, the problem is that I used this a lot to launch messages quickly when I'm stuck in a meeting.

    Workaround for this problem seems to be to open messages and find a message from the person you want to contact, but what happens if they don't have not sent you a message? How would be feasible send their text or digital touch? The only application of contacts part of the phone app and it only allows me to call.

    Maybe that is not something that many people used but I did and I'm upset his party. There is no need to be attached to a button, but you could keep it as an application that I could add to my dock. Now I feel I lost the update functionality to the last update.


    If you want Apple to consider restoring friends to watch OS, you can submit the form here, by choosing "feature request" as a return type:


  • Favorite contacts

    Before I upgraded to os 3, I had the habit of pushing the power button / stop & my favorites come with their photos in circles. It's different now! It was so nice to click on their photo, and he calls them!

    Figure changed in watchOS 3. See this page from the Apple Watch user's Guide. http://help.Apple.com/watch/#/apdc38d7a95e

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