Format analysis of the measurement data of variable length for Newport THP/N

I try to analyse the response of a sensor of zED-THP/N of Newport. The answer is back with ID SEQ TYPE TEMP C HUMD %.

ID = 1, SEQ is constantly changing, TYPE = 15, temperature = nnn.n

I am trying to capture the Temp, and this presented a challenge. (The humidity is easy, I'm reading after the C - 5 has 'C')

The SEQ number starts as n and evolves to nnnn... so using 7x4a does not work due to the changing length of the SS.

When I use '15' 4, because the Type is still 15, and SEQ contains a 15 in the number, which also becomes a problem.

Everything that I have which is constant is that there are spaces between each value and the value of temperature I'm looking begins after the 3rd space.

Any help would be great

David Sandelman

Great... progress is good.

If you use the single command, tol ERDG00A return all my sensors in a given request:

The request channel data that must be completed is channel 0. All other channels should be empty. Not \r, just empty. I should have mentioned that in the original post. Then configure the channels as before, ensure that each channel of moisture is a\r\n. The next channel group must be a\x20.

To explain, just one tells DASYLab to find the number of variable length, and he still needs a delimiter to put end. many devices use a comma, but they use a space. The hexadecimal ASCII for space is 20, so say us DASYLab to find numbers in a string of ASCII and stop when he finds a space, using the notation of DASYLab to hexagonal \x20.  notation for the carriage return character (\r isor hex 15), and \n is the notation for the line break ( or hex 12).

15 84 0 18.5 C 64.5%
1 50 15 C 18.4, 64.2%
2 214 15 18.5 C 64.7%
3 237 15 18.3 C 64.3%

I like the idea of a single data request command for all four channels - less necessary communication protocol. In interpreting the device number, you will be able to ensure that the analysis works correctly.

CH 0: a\x20

CH 1: a\x20

CH 2: a\x20

CH 3: a\x20

CH 4: a\r\n

CH 5: a\x20

CH 6: a\x20

CH 7: a\x20

CH 8: a\x20

CH 9: a\r\n

CH 10: a\x20

CH 11: a\x20

CH 12: a\x20

CH 13: a\x20

CH 14: a\r\n

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    There are several ways to do so, but if you put something weird in the model as XXXXXXXX you can use a search/replace.

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    PS. This is an example (Lufthansa magazine) how I want it to look like:

    GPSP I use Windows 2010 and got the latest versions of Indesign (CS6) and Acrobat...

    When you export the document to PDF, you have the possibility of Pages and spreads. Have you tried to spread?

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    Thanks for your reply,

    Not in my table I wanted just the measured data.
    But I found the generic solution of Recordset.
    Under Types of newspaper, I wrote NI_LimitMeasurement
    and Logging.DatabaseOptions.IncludeOutputValues in the field of the table under condition
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