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What equipment I need another for the purposes of the on/off switch, adapt output voltage/current using labview program

This is my first time to use labview, I want to use the program to control the DC power for the start/stop it or set the output to program automatically. Now I had the (supply) instrument, got a computer with labview. I know that I have to buy a GPIB



NOR-DNET parser problem

I use a card PCMCIA-CAN, series 1, first with NOR-DNET 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 now and I monitor traffic between an Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 with a scanner of DeviceNet 1747 - SDN.  The scanner MACID is 62, and the unit is MACID 1.  When I start it, I get norm

Display of information from the data CAN at a gauge table

Hello I'm new to Labview and just know the basics. I use a sample code to send and receive messages CAN. I need to view the data of received messages (only the first two bytes) on two gauges, i.e. the first two values of the data matrix. Is it possib

Clearly waiting for writing

Greetings. Background In my application, I have two devices on the CAN bus: a controller and a USB-8473.  The controller communicates using a query / line protocol: my application sends a request frame or command; the device reacts.  The Protocol req

CAN frame channel Conversion Library - add new channel will not convert on channel

I hit a roadblock with the Conversion CAN frame v1.0.2 channel library.  I don't think I properly use the 'Add New Channel' vi because it always causes the frame on the canal to fail.  The channel to the conversion of image works fine.  I joined the

Looking for pinout - PCI - CAN 18472E-02 d - SUB 9-pin

Hello I have a 2003 PCI - CAN card that I can't seem to find much information on: NOR CAN series 1 card. Connector D - Sub 9 pins - Part Number is: 184726E-02 Someone at - it a pinout or know if this follows the normal output of 9-pin NI CAN?  Nothin

LV: Sending 'sync' to get synchronous acquisition of CDN

Hello @ all First of all: my knowledge on the bus CAN generally is not very good, so excuse a description of the possible problem. My task is to read the devices CAN messages. This works very well for devices that send their messages 'stand alone' wi

Comparing CAN messages

I'm sending a voltage to a node we build and seek to control the message BOX the node spits back, which is converted into a real number of PSI by one of our consoles.  How can I just wait for a single message and CAN have other compaired so that I ca

CAN 985 x and cRIO 9012

I have a cRIO-9012 controller and chassis 9101.  I can't perform the basic examples.  My question revolves around game upward. Background: I have 8.6 with time real/fpga, NIRIO 3.0, NICAN2.6, as well as the 985 x software 1.3.2.  I loaded up the most

Can I send several CAN messages through a table?

I am very new to this, so bear with me.  I am writing for a CAN bus line and we would like to send several messages through the feature of writing through the API.  But when I create the control for data is just a 1-d array.  I'm able to do a multipl

sending of the U8 and SGL to the same message - frame API

Hello I use the frame API and want to send a message that contains the following information Length of the payload - 8 bytes (most likely) byte 0 - cmd ID byte 1 + 2 - ID of the unit Byte 3 - selection byte 4-7 - coefficient I have the first 4 bytes

Starter Kits

Hello This is Harish Chincholi, first thank you for giving me the previous answers to my questions, I checked with PCI - CAN cards... because the cost was a big problem... and my direction does not allow me to go for that price... so I would like to

Linux usb or 8473

To all, Neither usb-8473 can be used on a linux machine? -Cosmica

Use the two CAN API

Hello I develop an application that communicates with a microcontroller.  I would like to use the API to frame for a setup where I can send commands and get the answers and want to use the API channel for a mode where I'm simply followed the messages

PCMCIA-CAN/2 Series 2 works on Vista soundcards?

Hey,. We use the PCMCIA-CAN/2 Series 2 CAN card for our application. We head to Windows Vista very soon. I didn't know if I can use the same CAN map to the vista operating system? I saw some post on DAQ PCMCIA does not not on Vista? did the same thin

CANOpen - sample rate problem

Hello I use the CANOpen toolkit to communicate with a sensor that can be set at a sampling frequency of 1 kHz. Before I used the standard frame API and there I received my PDO objects to each MS because I want to make programming easier I would use C

USB 8451: Is the controllable time-out when you make an I2CWRITE I2CREAD?

Sorry if this isn't in the right advice. I use the NI USB-8451 box make communication I2C to talk to multiple devices.  I would like to put some features in my program to set up a list of devices that are connected to the bus.  It will attempt to com

samples pending does not not with CCP

Hello all together I have a problem with PAC I tried to read samples of property pending, but I get the error that it is not possible with the communication parameters. And the other problem I have with PAC, it's that I'm not any stamp of reading-VI
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