get the symbol to read the symbol animation

I create an interactive project. I try to get a symbol to read an animation which, within a symbol. Does anyone know what script should I use.

I tried:

sym.getComposition () .getStage ().getSymbol("frame1").play ("rev");

This does not work, and now I'm stuck. I want pretty much the symbol/button to trigger an animation that is in the symbol which will be a transition to the next page.

I can load the files if it can help let me know.

IM using Edge animate 2015

Thank you

OK, move the paperplane2 above the badge symbol, in order to be first, so you can click on the plane.

then click on replace by:

sym.getComposition () .getStage ().getSymbol("frame1").play ("rev");

Also, I guess the trigger under the rev you want to stop, so change to sym.stop ();

and move little before that the rev label, otherwise you will need two clicks to be able to play.

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    In After Effects, choose file/open Adobe character animation

    It is installed with Ae.

  • Get the location of the image within symbol

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    How can I get the position of a moving image within a symbol - in a manner similar to the foregoing.

    Thank you.

    The image will be set as a background to a div or element of the image

    Now, to read his use of the position

    Var top = Math.round (mysym.$('__').position () .top);

  • Symbol animation does not play on the main timeline

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    It is expected your wash / play timeline in the ide.  If you test, you should see the animation of your movieclip.

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    Start > all programs > Accessories > system tools > character map

    You can drag the key and drop it in your report or use the code indicated in the bottom right of the application

    Key codes Alt Windows

  • Why do I get a symbol of Premiere Pro CS4 in the project folder, when I save a project CC?

    When I save a project edited with first Pro CC in the project folder I get a symbol for Premiere Pro CS4 rather ot getting the CC symbol. I can't open the CC project by clicking on the symbol of CS4. Why?

    I discovered myself that you can choose in the project folder if you want to save the project in CS4 or CC. Sorry I took your time with my problem.

  • Get the right coordinates or bottom of a symbol

    Is it possible to get the position right and at the bottom of a symbol (without adding from left to top height or width)?


    Sorry, a bit confused. Here's the correction. position() is identical to


    var sHeight = sym.$('Rectangle').height ();

    var sWidth = sym.$('Rectangle').width ();

    var sPos = sym.$('Rectangle').offset ();

    var rightPos = sPos.left + sWidth;

    var bottomPos = + sHeight;

    SYM.$('info').html (rightPos);

  • Get the ID of a dynamically created symbol library, inside another symbol.

    Hello world

    I'm trying to get the id of a dynamic created symbol library.

    When you dynamically create the symbol directly on the stage (or the level of the composition), there is no problem.

    But I can not function when you create the symbol inside another symbol.

    A few examples using 'getChildSymbols()' and 'aSymbolInstances '.

    // USING "getChildSymbols()" /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


    var m_item = sym.createChildSymbol ("m_item", "Stage");

    var symbolChildren = sym.getChildSymbols ();

    console.log (symbolChildren [0] .getSymbolElement () .attr ('id')); / / ok eid_1391853893203

    / / Inside a SYMBOL OTHER

    var m_item = sym.createChildSymbol ("m_item", sym.getSymbol("holder").getSymbolElement ());

    var symbolChildren = sym.getSymbol("holder").getChildSymbols (); / / I use this maybe wrong?

    console.log (symbolChildren.Length) / / returns 0 if can't ID is

    ' USE 'aSymbolInstances "".


    var m_item = sym.createChildSymbol ("m_item", "Stage");

    console.log(sym.aSymbolInstances[0]); / / ok (I guess) x.fn.x.init [1] 0: #eid_1391854141436 div

    / / Inside a SYMBOL OTHER

    var m_item = sym.createChildSymbol ("m_item", sym.getSymbol("holder").getSymbolElement ());

    console.log (sym.getSymbol("holder").aSymbolInstances [0]); / / Error Javascript in the event handler. Type of event = element

    In this post is written: "mySym.aSymbolInstances will give you a table containing all the 'names' when you create symbols"

    Would be - this only works on the scene / composition level only and not inside a symbol?

    The following methods to obtain the same are indeed possible, but I do not simply want to use them in this case:

    (1) storing a reference to the symbol created in a table and call it later by index.

    (2) giving the elements an ID manually on the creation and use of document.getElementById () thereafter.

    I can't believe that this is not possible. I am probably missing something here.

    Forgive me that I am a newbie using Adobe Edge!
    I really hope that someone can help me here.

    Anyway, thnx in advance people!

    Kind regards


    OK, I solved my problem by using the (simple) code below.
    I guess that 'getChildSymbols()' and 'aSymbolInstances' only works on stage / level of the composition.

    Just thought I'd share this to everyone. Peace!

    var m_item = sym.createChildSymbol ("m_item", sym.getSymbol("holder").getSymbolElement ());

    $.each (sym.$("holder").children (), function (index, obj) {}

    Console.log ($(sym.$("holder").) ([Index] Children()) .attr ('id'));


  • Get the ID of the clicked symbol

    Problem: When you click on the buttons of the Menu I want to get the ID of the Clicked symbol (by ID, I mean the name that I entered in the title area on angle for each symbol top left).

    The attempt failed:

    Find buttons by their class "btn".

    $('.btn').click (function () {}

    Window.Location = "http:/"+ (this) sym.lookupSelector + ".html"



    I tried this.getSymbolElement (.attr('id'))

    Eception TypeError: Object # < HTMLDivElement > has no method 'getSymbolElement '.

    Confusion: What confuses me here, it's that () refers to a div element while I was expecting a symbol object. I think it's hard for me to understand the relationship between DIV & symbol coming from flash where the symbols are the only creatures of the object to process. In other areas, I have a problem scaling and etc., targeting the div instead of the symbol I want.

    Example: Like [] in ActionScript, I want to detect the name of the symbol who listened to the Click event.

    The problem is that the ID is actually defined depending on where you are in your structure. Thus on the level of the scene is always "Stage_xxxxxx".

    I use usually just a substring method to extract out:

    $('.btn').click (function () {}

    If it is in a symbol called "buttons" on the stage the ID will be like Stage_buttons_xxxxx

    ID var = $(this).attr('id').substring (14); 14 = "Stage_buttons_."

    Window.Location ="http://" + id + ".html";


    The other (better) option is to assign a parameter on the button object, so you don't need to make any kind of magic, then you can just call $(this) .attr ('whatever_you_want');

  • How to get a symbol to follow the mouse?

    I have a cross as a lightgun to an arcade style game. What is the code would use to get the symbol follow the mouse, and if possible, origin of the coast could be in the middle of the coast and not in the upper left corner of the symbol?

    HI, thatoneguy545-

    UME - san of our preview had this great project that you might want to check:

    It is coded in a previous version of edge animate.  To operate, click and drag on the stage.  It included its project files in the page.

    Hope that helps!


  • How to get the ID of symbol on the edge

    I have a few codes like this:

    function myFunc (name) {}

    var $symbol = sym. $(name);

    I want to do something with $symbol according to their ID card, for example

    $item.appendTo ($symbol);

    then $item will add on the corresponding symbol


    for (var i = 0; i < 10; i ++) {}

    symbol var = sym.createChildSymbol ("MySymbol", sym.$(Stage"));

    myFunc (symbol.getSymbolElement () .attr ('id')); <-does not


    I tried .attr ('id') and it does not appear the id I want. Thanks for help.

    EDIT: actually I want to get the selector inside myFunc

    I think I found the solution:

    function myFunc ($symbol) {}

    I want to do something with $symbol according to their ID card, for example

    $item.appendTo ($symbol);

    then $item will add on the corresponding symbol


    for (var i = 0; i)<10; i++)="">

    symbol var = sym.createChildSymbol ("MySymbol", sym.$(Stage"));

    myFunc (symbol.getSymbolElement ());


  • How can I get the name of a symbol and move to a variable?

    Hello! Is posible to get the name of a symbol and move to a variable?

    Thank you


    sym.getSymbolTypeName () returns the name of the current symbol. I mean the name of the current symbol.

  • sVery strange question randomely took place, getting strange symbols in the code.

    When I'm writing a class file or in the action panel I getting the symbols of the pi in every sense, it is like the | as you move around when typing became a symbol for pi. I don't know how it happened and how to fix it, Im using Flash cs5 daily, and programming is important to me. I searched all over google, no luck at all: (someon have something good ?) I bet it's easy if someon have seen this problem before.

    Thanks a lot!

    Who does not resemble the IP for me. To me, it looks like the paragraph symbol. Which would indicate where you press return to start a new line. Double > indicates where a tab was inserted (either automatically or by pressing tab). You'll also notice that all of your spaces have a point. This is similar to light the Minimoys in Microsoft Word.

    In the Panel menu, there is an entry for "Hidden characters", which is also shift-command-8. I didn't know that you can do in Flash. Thanks for showing me.

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