Hard drive not found - installing WXP on Equium P200

Dear all

I have an Equium P200 with Vista. I decided to remove vista and install windows XP. I put the XP and it goes through a verification process, I guess. At the end of the audit and after I pressed the button to install XP, I get the message "hard drive not found on this computer. Help me with as I want to install XP, my laptop?


The XP operating system could not find the HARD drive because you have not installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
It is a SATA driver is needed t install the XP.

During the operating system installation process, you will need to press the F6 key to include the external USB FDD drive SATA driver.

It you don t have a USB FDD drive then nLite software could be a solution.

PS; Search this forum for similar topics, because this has already been asked several times

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  • Hard drive not found error

    Hey everybody,

    My HP Pavilion G6 - 1164sa is coming up with an error "Hard drive not found" at the start up. It also makes a clicking sound. have you tried another hard drive to an old laptop in its place and the works, but because it is not the correct drivers installed for this model most things do not work. Need a solution to this? can I order a new hard drive for hp with all the drivers installed?

    Your drivers are posted on your support page > HERE

    You can order a hard drive at HP, but it will be a hard drive Virgin, as well as a new hdd retail except at much higher prices. I would like to replace the hard drive with a > hdd retail.

    If you plan to use recovery disks to reinstall Windows & software/drivers have one that is at least as large a capacity than the original, may be larger, but not smaller. If you have not written a set of recovery discs, you can usually order from HP for a small fee.

    If you can read the Windows 25-character license key attached to the bottom of the laptop there is possibility to download an ISO file, burn it to DVD and install Windows. Then you need to download your drivers on the support site. (Any size hard disk could be used with this option)

  • UCS C240 M3 "hard drive not found."

    Hello world.

    I have a UCS C240 M3 for a demo with the following equipment.

    UCS C240 M3 SFF2 1x8GB 1xE5-2609 ROM55 2x650W SD RAILS

    SMARTNET 8X5XNBD UCS C240 M3 S2 Server-SFF

    E5-2609/80W 4 c/10 MB of 2.4 GHz Cache/DDR3 1066 MHz

    Rank of 8 GB DDR3-1600-MHz RDIMMS/PC3-12800/dual / 1.35v

    Power cord 250VAC 10A CEE 7/7 plug EU

    Shutter Panel UCS 2.5 inches HDD

    Heatsink for UCS C240 M3 Rack Server

    Standard height PCIe dispenser for C-series

    Low-profile PCIe dispenser for UCS

    Power 650W for C-series rack servers

    Embedded SW RAID 0, 1, 10, 5 8 ports SAS/SATA

    2U Kit rails for the UCS C-Series servers

    16 GB SD card module for servers C240

    In addition, these HD.

    300 GB, 6 GB SAS 10 K RPM SFF HDD/sled hot plug/mounted disk x 2

    I pluged the HDs to the Bay of 1 and 2, but the system says "Hard Drive not found" so it doesn't allow me all RAID configurations.

    Each LED on the HD and the server is green so aparently all is ok.

    The firmware is 1.4 (6)

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Best regards


    Please check if the cables are connect integrated RAID controller and the appropriate ports on the back plane.


    What happens when you start as an option ROM RAID controller? What is it recognizes hard drives?


  • Help format/reinstall, HARD drive not found

    Dell Dimension 8400 my brother got a horse of Trojan/bot out there and I had to do a thorough cleaning due to not being able to locate the infection and the internet company kept cutting off the Internet.

    I first tried the start of the disc and using disk relocation provided by Dell. He said "this part of the Setup program prepares Microsoft Windows XP on your computer. To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER. To repair a Win XP... Press R."

    I chose the first option and get the message: "Setup has not found hard disk units installed on your computer." And the only option (F3) is to stop smoking.

    I made a diagnosis of HD and it passes. Looking in the BIOS, it is recognised as disk 0 and also in the startup list.

    I decided that maybe there was a lock on there so I used DBAN to run a DoD wipe/format and clean the drive. So now it has to be completely formatted. I also jumped into a boot disk and performed a fdisk, but he doesn't recognize and create a partition of 8 GB to 160 GB. Hmmm, something's not right.

    Again, I'm trying to reinstall with reinstall drive and a full copy of XP that I have and you still get the "hard drive not found" error.

    The FAQ does not seem to cover this issue, but I could easily looking in the wrong places. in any case, I want to just wipe the drive and reinstall. Any suggestions?

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  • Inspiron 1545 - hard drive replacement, new drive SATA not found 'internal hard drive not found ".

    Hi all

    I'm trying to install Win7 in an Inspiron 1545 with a new SATA hard drive that has been purchased. When I insert the disc, I get "Internal hard drive not found." I checked the drive does not appear in the BIOS, I already tried to reinstall the drive several times. In addition, I tried to load the chipset drivers, drivers SATA, etc. of the Dells, the Reader site still does not appear in the installation of the OS when starting on a DVD or in the bios.

    I do not think that there is a problem with the new drive, I plugged the new drive in another Dell laptop model and it recognizes the drive in the BIOS, also I can always start on the previous in this laptop without problem hard drive when I plug it in.

    Is there a specific driver, etc. should I use for the drive to be recognized or have other thoughts?

    It's strange - either the new HDD has a rare compatibility with your embedded controller problem (I use a 500Gbyte in my 1545 no probs)) or it is a mechanical problem. I look at the physical dimensions and compare your original hdd by the new. Watch the video (even if it's on a 1525 (similar to a 1545) and a SSD hard drive)-go to 02:20

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  • Error retrieving Tecra A6 (hard drive not found. Error: F3E1000001)

    I want to recovery my Tecra A6, but when I insert the first (of three) DVD and restart my system to get to the recovery

    Menu (when booting from the recovery DVD) just rebooted my laptop and every time I try this (very simple procedure) this

    happen again.
    That's why I tried to get it back to Win XP > Toshiba Recovery Wizard... in the first DVD in the 'BIN' folder there isn't

    a "RECOVERY.bat" batch file when I run this file will open a CMD window and checks are willing (and then the

    following text is displayed in the CMD window :)
    Verification of DMI
    Verification of RAID
    Failed to initialize the raid class.
    Check the HARD disk
    End of the error
    and a new window opens with the following text:

    an error has occurred.
    Error: F3E1000001
    Hard drive not found.
    Please press [OK] to turn the computer off.
    If I press OK the any immediately goes down (without shut down windows) and I have to restart.
    Also my laptop works properly my recovery DVDs sounds great, I want to just recover my system because of the speed more

    in Win XP.
    Maybe there is a new firmware for my HARD drive or an update of the BIOS so that the laptop could detect my HDD.
    In Device Manager, my HARD drive is: HTS541010G9SA00

    Wait a minute: you try to run recovery as OS installation?

    The recovery procedure must be on path:
    Turn on the laptop and press the F12 key
    When the bootable devices appear put the first media for recovery in the optical disc drive
    Choose CD/DVD media from the list and press ENTER
    Follow the menu on the screen.

  • X 51, internal hard drive not found


    I tried to start my Alienware X 51, but all by starting it keeps freezing and rebooting until it came to this «internal hard drive not found press F1...» Etc.  I don't know what to do someone out there please help me

    Looks like the drive may be failing intermittently. If under warranty, Dell will be replaced. Contact Dell support in your region (Singapore).

  • Alienware x 51 try re-installing drive HARD drive not found

    I have an Alienware x 51 which caused me a few problems. When I turn on my computer, it shows me a black screen with the following text: "drive hard internal not found to fix this problem, try reinstalling the drive. No bootable device. Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 to enter setup Menu, F5 to enter PSA"

    F1 restarts and returns me to this screen

    When I press F2 it sends me to the installation Menu, once if I hit the ESC key and exit without saving my computer starts and allows to connect me, etc.

    I tried reinstalling the drive and finally hit a brick wall. Any thoughts?


    Have you tried to run the PSA test? If this isn't the case, please do so to confirm if you receive errors. Also check in Bios (to access the Bios, the tap button F2 when starting) in order to confirm if the drive is detected it.

  • Alienware X 51 error: internal hard drive not found...


    Since a few days I am getting an error on the screen when I start my computer. This is the error:

    Internal hard disk not found
    to resolve this problem. try to reinstall the drive.
    No bootable device.

    Strike F1 to retry boot. F2 to enter the Setup Menu. F5 enter PSA.

    If I go into the PSA I'll get boot problems. It takes like half an hour. When it's over my computer will restart, and then boot normally I can connect and see bureablad etc. But when I shut down my pc and start it again the next morning it will start with the same error. and it happens every day.

    Many people say that you must change the start Mode of inheritance in the UEFI. But the Boot Mode was already on the UEFI.

    A photo of the boot:

    I hope someone can help me.


    How did you get windows 7 reinstall and make it work?

  • Aurora r4 internal hard drive not found

    I went to turn my computer on Thursday and I received a message that says, internal hard disk not found, to solve this problem try to reset the player. No bootable device. Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 to enter setup menu, F5 to enter the PSA.

    I ran PSA and all the past. I removed the internal battery to see if it would help because it worked for me in the past and it didn't this time. I don't have another hard drive.

    I also had to wipe the disk a few months before what is happening. I kept getting blue screens of death, which I thought that it was caused by a virus, the virus has been removed, reset the bios a few months after the virus has been removed I kept getting the blue screen saying that I would need a new motherboard but did not. It worked fine until it starts to me don't give no boot device.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't want to have to buy a new computer

    Both worse thanks for all the help I got it to someone for repair.

  • Satellite L500 (PSLS0E) - HARD drive not found when installing Win7


    I wanted to install a new Windows 7 (without recovery), but the hard drive was not found during installation. In the start instead menu I can find the drive. So what I need is a driver. But I have no idea where to get one! Can anyone help?

    Version: PSLS0E-06T01KGR


    Now maybe stupid question but are you using the original installation disk Microsoft Win7?

    I installed Win7 on several different Toshiba laptops (old and new) and HARD drive was visible every time. I deleted existing partitions, created a new and correctly installed Win7 on it.

  • No hard drive not found when installing Windows 7

    I have a HP Envy 4 - Ultrabook 1046tx and the operating system Windows 64-bit 8.1. While downgrading to Windows 7 64 bit I was unable to find the hard drives. In the installation screen it showed me "no hard drive found. Click on load a driver to provide a driver for installing mass storage.'.»

    I downloaded all the versions (from most recent to oldest) technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers and I tried install one by one but they do not work and the hard drives are still not visible. But if I use a Windows 8 install disc and install the driver drives are visible.

    I need my computer to display the default hard drives without the need for a SATA driver. How do I do that? My Intel chipset manufacturer and model is Ivy Bridge HM77.

    Can someone help me solve the problem please?

    Thanks in advance!

    I tried a lot of things these steps. But this has not worked for me. Might work for others. I'm sticking with Windows 8.1 for awhile and I will continue to find other ways. If I find the solution will immediately post the solution in this thread. Thanks to Paul_Tikkanen for helping me!

  • ProBook 440 G3: Problem installing Win7 on ProBook 440 G3 - HARD drive not found

    When I install Windows 7 on this PC it does not detect the HARD disk drive. If I choose the most recent version, it can detect.

    I was wondering when I try to install windows 7 it always require driver, I click on browse then it shows my drive on the HARD drive to find the driver, but it does not list in the place we choose to install OS.

    How can I do to install window 7?

    See if it works...

    I discovered that apart Intel chipset USB 2.0 support Skylake chipset.

    This means that windows installs the drivers normal USB will not work.

    The Microsoft Windows DVD ISO not the USB 3.0 drivers natives either.

    Therefore, add USB 3.0 drivers in the Windows ISO file.

    Intel has on it.  They have a utility that does all the work for you.

    ndows-7-USB-3-0-Creator-Utility https://Downloadcenter.Intel.com/download/25476/Wi

    Run this and point to your Installation USB support and, hopefully, W7 will be installed.

  • Satellite P200-1EE - hard drive not found if I try to install XP

    Hi I have a problem.

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite P200-1EE laptop computer series (of all things) running Vista and nothing else problems so im trying to install XP Professional and crush Vista.

    But whenever I try to install it says "disc not found... no access to.
    I heard about such problems before something as a "block of software Protocol.

    Any suggestions?


    Why you n t search forum before starting a new topic?
    I mean you will find hundreds of discussions on this question here in the forum and you will find the solution to your problem in a few minutes.

    Well, the reason for this is because you need the SATA drivers before installing Windows XP. As far as I know that your laptop is equipped with an Intel chipset and so you have the Intel Storage Manager. You can integrate the drivers of external floppy drive or nLite [www.nliteos.com]. In addition, this document could be useful for you:

    If you have any other questions, please use the forum search!

    Good bye

  • Windows 7 - hard drive not found


    I have a problem with the new Windows 7 and it is that it does not find my hard drive.
    I can see the c partition, but my d partition, where all data is unable to find.

    I checked in administrative tools and I found it but I can't even open my d partition.

    Stand by.
    Have you installed Win7 or you want to install it and can not see the D partition on THIS stage?

Maybe you are looking for