HDR5010KB-digital recorder - signal does not always come through the use of HDMI


I bought the product above in October. Since then, I have had intermittent problems. When switching on the channel AV on my TV (a Panasonic TX-P42S20B) signal is not always crossed when you use the HDMI channel (I also connected via a SCART, and who works so always seems to be a problem HDMI.) It is particularly obvious when the recorder has been used for a while (be it for recording or playback.) It is not overheating (or if this is the case, not to the degree I get a warning message) and turn off the power to the electric network seems to correct the problem, but it's a pain.

I tried to change the hdmi cable, as well as to try different channels AV on my TV and it did not help. Is this a common problem or make me a defective unit?

Any suggestion would be appreciated


Have you noticed the same problem using other devices connected to your TV (using the same cable)?

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